New Mexico’s night sky is gloomy tonight. There was a cluster of brilliant lights resembling an aurora far from the town, high in the sky.

“Jane, why is there an aurora since this is not the North Pole?” Darcy yelled while pointing upward.

“The source of the odd magnetic field is in the direction of the aurora. Jane, we may have a significant discovery tonight,” says Dr. Selvig, who is swinging the instrument from the back seat as Jane Foster is operating the vehicle.

“Then remain still as I accelerate!” As soon as Jane Foster pushed on the gas, her car raced quickly and pointed directly in the direction of Aurora.

An off-road vehicle followed in the back. Peter, Rorschach, Norman Osborn, and other passengers are all in the car. From a distance, Norman could see a large sandstorm approaching; nonetheless, Jane Foster’s vehicle sped directly into the storm rather than slowing down.

“Mr. Rorschach, should we continue to follow? There may be danger ahead,” he said, turning to face Rorschach.

“Don’t worry, you won’t be in any danger as long as you follow Dr. Foster’s automobile,” Calmly, Rorschach said.

“Love usually makes people blind, even Mr. Rorschach, Peter, and MJ. Don’t worry. If there is any danger, I will defend you,” Harry, who was hugging tiny Peter in the backseat, murmured helplessly.

Peter sincerely thanked him. Through the rearview mirror, Rorschach gave him a quick glance. A white light erupted in the sky, instantly illuminating the entire night sky and making it appear as though it was noon as the two cars sped into the sandstorm one after the other.

A stranger then abruptly materialized in front of Jane Foster’s car after the two vehicles had been moving for a few hundred meters. She hit the brakes hard immediately but still collided with it.


Jane Foster stood in shock as the figure that materialized out of thin air was knocked into the air with a muted sound.

Darcy stuck her head out in the passenger seat to take a look. She acknowledged that they had struck someone before telling Jane, “From a legal standpoint, this is your duty!”

This woman still has the audacity to say sarcastically. Jane glared sternly at Darcy. “Hurry and get the first aid kit,”

After she finished speaking, Jane jumped out of the car to see how the individual who had been hit was doing. Norman applied the brakes when he noticed Jane Foster’s automobile had stopped behind him.

“I appear to have hit someone up front, Mr. Rorschach.”

“Look down there,” I said. Rorschach was ecstatic and eagerly anticipating Thor.

One by one, they all exited the vehicle. That one has Jane and Darcy gathered around it.

“This guy may require CPR, in my opinion. I am proficient at it. Let me handle it for him.”

Although he was significantly worse than Rorschach in appearance, Darcy noticed that the man she stumbled into was quite attractive. However, she reasoned that since Rorschach had already fallen in love with Jane Foster, she had little chance of succeeding.

Right now, Jane has no desire to speak with Darcy.

“Have you not noticed this man’s continued panting?” Darcy is emotional when she encounters a lovely man.

“Are you okay, sir?” Jane Foster wished to assist the man in some way.

However, this powerful man with blond hair, a goatee, and blue gemstone-like eyes threw Jane’s hand away. He rose to his feet, stumbling and peered around.

“Where am I? Hammer, where is my hammer, and where am I?”

Darcy approached and made an effort to speak with the individual. “Hammer? I can see that the hammer has made you feel lightheaded, but if you need something, I can assist you.”

Jane found the odd spherical markings on the ground as Darcy was speaking with the powerful man.

“Erik, pay attention to the ground!” Rorschach and others hurried over at this point.

“Where did this hippie come from, I wonder?” Peter grumbled subconsciously.

“This person’s mental state doesn’t appear to be very good. Should we take him to the hospital?” Mary Jane wondered.

Harry disagrees with this, saying, “But he is in good condition, and you can see that he can do stage plays!”

Harry’s argument makes sense given that this strange, powerful man has been yelling things like “All-Father,” “Heimdall, I know you can hear me,” “Take me back to Asgard,” etc. while gazing up at the sky.

Norman claimed to be knowledgeable and to understand what the powerful man was saying, “This man really ought to belong to Thor. There are links between Asgard and Heimdall in Norse mythology.”

“You know me?”

When Norman said Thor, the God of thunder, he immediately beamed with glee, “Do you recognize me, old man? Could you tell me if this is an Alfheim or a Niflheim?”

When Norman opened his mouth to respond, he struggled for a moment to find the right words. He was left with little choice but to turn to Dr. Selvig and the others and say, “Why don’t we take him to the hospital?” Norman didn’t anticipate that this individual would actually talk to him.

Rorschach was aware that this individual was the true Thor, the God of Thunder. “This is Midgard, New Mexico, Your Highness Thor,” he said as he approached Thor as Darcy was about to draw his stun gun.

“I’ve finally found someone I can talk to. What’s your name?”

Thor moved forward to give Rorschach a big embrace since he was so excited. This is how an Asgardian greets someone.

“You can address me as Rorschach.”

“Well then, Rorschach. Did you notice my hammer? The handle is roughly this size, square, and has a leather lanyard attached. I’ll be able to fly if I swing it out like this.”

Rorschach listened as Thor gave a detailed description of the appearance of Thor’s Hammer.

Darcy remarked, “Maybe we should take them both to the hospital.”

Rorschach ignored their response because of things that were about to happen that would change their three points of view, and the explanation at this time was insufficient to persuade them. He cut off Thor and pointed at the pitch-black night sky. A bright ray of light that resembled a meteor suddenly flashed away and crashed hard to the ground, creating a loud bang reverberating through the sky and the ground.

“Are you referring to that hammer, Your Highness Thor?” Rorschach questioned while pointing in the general direction of the ‘meteor’s’ fall.

Thor turned to face where Rorschach was pointing. Undoubtedly, something dropped from the sky.

“Thank you very much. That is indeed my hammer.”

Thor subconsciously extended a hand in that direction since he was currently as content as a youngster weighing over two hundred pounds.

Nothing happened.

There was no sign of Thor’s Hammer poised to fly over as he nervously chuckled and altered his posture a couple more times.

“What is he up to?” Darcy questioned softly.

“I’m not sure. Maybe it’s a dance of some sort.” Jane Foster presented her theory.

It was an awkward scene. Even Rorschach couldn’t keep a straight face as he wished he could use the dirt beneath his toes to escape this predicament.

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Published On: February 6, 2023

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