“30 million dollars, am I hearing that correctly?” Darcy felt like she was floating in the air.

The three members of the research team were the only ones with any funding, their equipment was subpar, and they had to transport all of their things in an off-road truck.

The first thing Darcy will do is switch to a bigger, more roomy truck if she can secure a $30 million US investment. Then purchase more fresh steak and vegetables to improve their food consumption.

Jane Foster scowled and hesitantly said, “What then do we have to pay? Are there any restrictions?”

Norman grinned and went on, “The contract has a thorough description of the exact terms and circumstances. It will, in essence, stop your suffering. The Osborn Group also aims to engage you as one of our specialist consultants and scientific consultants. The team of professionals often does not restrict your study, we only seek your assistance when we run into technological dead ends.”

Norman pulled the documents out of his pocket as he talked about funding Jane Foster’s team’s research endeavor as well as the consultancy agreement for hiring the three of them.

With both hands, Jane Foster took the contract from Norman and gave copies to Dr. Selvig and Darcy, who all three carefully reviewed it.

The three frequently reviewed the contract’s conditions. In spite of the fact that there were limitations, they were all sensible. Everything was as Norman had described, and they would not suffer as a result of this investment transaction.

Darcy turned her head after reading the contract and asked Harry in a low voice., “Hey, rich boy, is your Osborn Group interested in charity?”

General capital infusions will be destroyed in this era of capital exploitation. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many limits on transfers. Experiencing such conscientious cooperative conditions is absurd, like believing in the impossible.

Harry gave a shrug as a sign that he was unaware of the situation. Dr. Selvig and Jane Foster exchanged glances as they each noticed the surprise in the other’s eyes.

Jane Foster carefully read the documents, but she failed to spot any pitfalls or issues. She remarked, “Mr. Norman, I still don’t understand. Is there anything in my proposal worthy of your generous investment?”

“In fact, your project is technically invested by the Osborn Group, but the real investor is Mr. Rorschach,” Norman said, giving Rorschach a sly wink.

“Mr. Rorschach?” In shock, the three of them turned to face Rorschach.

Darcy, who has always been an independent thinker, suddenly came up with a million words in her head. “Jane, I guess this person definitely has his sights on you!” she exclaimed as she hurriedly grabbed her closest friend after learning the plot of the tyrannical president falling in love with civilian scientists.

“Don’t say that, Darcy. You’re being rude!”

Jane Foster shot Darcy a sarcastic glance before sneaking a peek at Rorschach. Jane Foster would not want to carry on if someone else did this after viewing Mr. Rorschach’s reputation.

Rorschach was contemplating how to get points from Thor while paying close attention to his steak at the dinner table.

Suddenly, Norman’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. Peter and the others gave Rorschach an understanding glance as they did so.

“It makes sense why Rorschach often avoids speaking with female school administrators. It seems that Teacher Rorschach prefers this kind of person!”

“Since Teacher Rorschach is so gifted, it stands to reason that he would adore a stunning scientist. I think she would be attractive if Dr. Jane Foster could dress up more.”

“You’re not getting it, do you? Dr. Jane Foster’s appearance would differ from the other individuals if she dressed more. Maybe this one will appeal to Mr. Rorschach!”

Rorschach had already begun to regret bringing these three along when Peter and Harry started to slander one another. He attempted to provide an explanation, but some details seemed murkier the more he went into detail.

As for Norman, he was unaware that he had misunderstood Rorschach’s ideas and believed that his disclosures were lovely and would undoubtedly win Rorschach over in many ways.

In the end, Jane Foster, who lacked research money, signed a project cooperation agreement and a consultant agreement thanks to Norman’s persistent nagging and Darcy’s support.

“All right then, how about we head to the bar first when the investment money comes in?” Darcy was ecstatic.

“What nonsense are you talking about? The investors are here,” Jane Foster harshly smacked Darcy.

Darcy’s face was expressionless “Jane. You should make a little more sacrifice for our research endeavor. You won’t endure any pain if it’s for Mr. Rorschach!”

“Daisy, you’re too much!” Jane Foster starts acting out.

Rorschach requested to follow the team to study this research project since he intended to wait for Thor, the God of thunder, so Dr. Selvig drove Rorschach and the others to the hotel in the town and made travel arrangements.


The sky unexpectedly lit up like an aurora that evening in a region of New Mexico close to the border. Jane Foster’s astronomy device began to oscillate drastically all of a sudden, as though it had picked up a very powerful magnetic field signal.

Dr. Selvig and Darcy were alerted right away, and they were prepared to follow the device to find the unusual magnetic field’s source. Peter Parker, who was on the roof with Mary Jane admiring the stars, also appeared to sense something simultaneously, and the hairs on his body briefly stood on edge.

“Teacher Rorschach, I sense something is about to happen.”

Rorschach, Norman, and Harry left the room as soon as they heard Rorschach bring Mary Jane down from the roof. Rorschach went up swiftly and loaded the heavy equipment into the car with one hand as Jane Foster and Daisy strained to do so.

“I appreciate it, Mr. Rorschach.” Jane Foster bent her head, stroked her hair with her hand, and expressed gratitude to Rorschach.

Darcy smirked, put her hand over her mouth, and tapped Jane Foster on the shoulder “Mr. Rorschach is a powerful man. All we need is a coolie to assist with moving the machinery.”

“Ms. Darcy, I’m your investor!” Rorschach gave Darcy a disapproving glance.

Jane Foster, who was not in the mood to play games with Daisy, posed an embarrassing question to Rorschach, saying, “Mr. Rorschach, do you want to come together? There may be a huge finding tonight. After all, you are our investor.”

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Published On: February 6, 2023

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