Mary Jane was unable to comprehend Mr. Rorschach’s query about who won the battle. Shouldn’t we go over now and stop them right away?

Mary Jane, however, continued to state the obvious, “This time Peter won, and he was even taunting Flash.”

He was right in his assumption. The true Spider-Man, Peter Parker, has emerged!

“Let’s go, take me there, and don’t cause any trouble,” Rorschach commanded Mary Jane as he rose up.

Even though Peter Parker has assumed the identity of Spider-Man, it is not something that regular people like Flash can handle. Peter can defeat his foe until he is unable to defend himself as long as he is willing.

Mary Jane was followed by Rorschach the entire way to the stadium. Peter Parker and Flash’s duel was the last to occur. This time, Flash was the one who was let down. Weak chicken, it’s like playing a game to beat him today.

The instructor was a middle-aged man with receding hair who gave Peter Parker a serious look before yelling, “Peter, How could you strike your classmates so forcefully? Along with punishing you for being in detention, I’ll also call your parents over.”

Peter Parker argued, “Mr. David, it was Flash who initially embarrassed me.”

But David, the instructor, paid no attention to what he had to say “Peter Parker, stop talking; if Flash made you feel bad, you can inform me and let the teacher handle it instead of beating him.”

When Rorschach could take no more, he exclaimed, “Mr. David, why didn’t you call Flash’s parents over when Flash bullied Peter?”

David initially appeared a little taken aback. He was unable to say that Flash’s parents were close friends with him or that Flash’s father was friends.

Rorschach waved his palm, “Enough. This is only a tiny quarrel between two boys. There is no need to contact the parents, just stay in the hall and write a review,” while the other side remained silent.

Peter Parker is generally well taken care of by Rorschach, and this time is no different.

However, instructor David was furious due to Rorschach’s actions. He added, “Mr. Rorschach, this young man named Peter has been arriving late a lot lately and is still arguing with his classmates. If I find you doing that again, he will undoubtedly receive punishment.”

David was completely disregarded by Rorschach, but he gave Peter a stroke on the head and said, “Did you hear that? The next time you want to beat someone, don’t do it in school. Instead, go somewhere quiet and kill them with a sack.”

This was a joke; while his character is not awful, it is difficult to truly listen to Rorschach’s instructions and take the chance to do so. Rorschach deliberately stated this to Flash. “Don’t imagine that being surrounded by teachers at school will allow you to break the law. When you leave school, it won’t take long for someone to murder you.”

On the spot, everyone heard petrification. David was also quite upset, and Flash’s jaw twitched.

This teacher is too brutal! Peter Parker wouldn’t really do that, would he?

Flash discovered that he couldn’t defeat Peter Parker, which made him a little nervous. Rorschach was impatient to finish the reading and training assignments from today, so he stopped listening to his instructor David.

At this point, Peter Parker caught up. “Mr. Rorschach, I appreciate it. Without you, Mr. David would most likely contact my Uncle Ben, and I would be reprimanded again.”

“Peter, you’re welcome. I think Uncle Ben also wants you to improve.” Rorschach couldn’t help but feel a touch depressed when he heard Peter Parker mention Uncle Ben.

Peter pondered for a moment before asking, “I read your article on biological genes that was published in a journal of natural sciences, Mr. Rorschach. Do you believe that the technique of cross-species gene transplantation is indeed possible?”

“Shouldn’t you ask the Osborne Group directly who is in charge of research on cross-species genetic technology, Dr. Connor?” Rorschach posed a rhyming question.

“Maybe, but I believe you are the specialist in this sector,” Peter Parker shrugged.

Rorschach is a touch overconfident. Can I declare that I redeemed the two papers from the Journal of Natural Sciences with more than a thousand mission points?

Rorschach lightly coughed and said in order to maintain his tall image in his eyes, “Peter, you are correct; there is a very important prerequisite known as the problem of gene sequence compatibility, which is also the current biggest technical challenge, before cross-species genetic technology can be used to a certain extent. Nobody has a solution for the deterioration issue. Calculate ratings.” Rorschach elucidated.

Peter Parker had found the corresponding calculation formula in his father’s mementos, so he was a little bit ready to act when he heard the decay rate algorithm.

“But I personally feel that even if someone solves the formula of the decay rate test algorithm, it will not be able to solve the fundamental problem of cross-species gene transplantation,” Rorschach continued after observing the small mind of the high school student.

“You should be aware that in addition to reproductive isolation, organisms also have separate genetic sequences. Unless that particular set of genes is derived from your genetic sequence, we cannot just arbitrarily slap the genes of alien species into our genetic sequences. extracted from it, developed organically, and then reintroduced to your body.”

It is merely Rorschach’s speculation. After all, Spider-Man’s history has been told in innumerable ways by Marvel. Peter Parker had no idea that his father had formerly worked alongside Dr. Connor until he heard these comments. If Mr. Rorschach’s theory is accurate, it indicates that his father must have intentionally given him the spider gene.

Peter Parker was a little relieved that he went to see Mr. Rorschach rather than going straight to Dr. Connor, an expert in the Osborne Group’s cross-species gene transplantation technology, using the decay rate algorithm formula.

[Ding! The host deserves praise for successfully performing the assigned daily goal of “altering the path of the planet.” The host’s involvement prevented Dr. Lizard from showing up, resulting in a 0.1% deviation in the world and awarding 10,000 task points.]

Rorschach was startled by the sudden system notification tone. With just a few words, might one mislead Peter Parker and alter the course of history? Has Dr. Lizard vanished?

It’s feasible to stop Dr. Connor from utilizing the flawed limb regeneration potion, which is comparable to stopping Dr. Lizard from emerging if Peter Parker is allowed to let his father’s decay rate algorithm rot in his stomach and made a contribution to the world surreptitiously.

After some reflection, Peter Parker took another look at Rorschach, “Lastly, Mr. Rorschach, I have a question. How many bodily processes would the genes from the foreign species to take over if the trans-species gene transplantation is successful, and what adverse effects can be expected?”

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