Rorschach carefully scanned the enormous beast in front of him using X-ray vision. Long strips of Falligar’s wounds, evidently from swords, covered his massive body.

“Gorr the God Butcher… Has he entered this star field?” Rorschach thought of this name.

Gorr is just a human being living on a barren planet in the comics. His people believe in gods, but they are unable to obtain their blessing. Particularly after Gorr encountered the demise of his significant other and kids, his faith in the divine beings totally imploded.

Gorr killed gods with the All-Black Necrosword. The Symbiote began with this sword. Gorr, grasping the Necrosword, has unfathomable power.

He used this power to hate the gods and began the tens of thousands of years-long process of slaughtering them.

“The gods of the Nine Realms are in danger if it is Gorr the God Butcher.” With some concern, Rorschach turned to look at the Nine Realms.

Gorr has a lot of power, or, more accurately, the All-Black Necrosword has a lot of power.

Knull cut off a Celestial’s head with the All-Black Necrosword when he emerged from the abyss. The head of this Celestial is now Knowhere, which is also a Rorschach Starfleet manufacturing facility.

Despite the fact that the comics have never explicitly stated the Gorr’s exact strength. On the other hand, Rorschach based his various records of Gorr’s strength on the fact that he was able to kill gods, suggesting that Gorr should be extremely strong.

Simply put, he can kill theĀ  Nine Realms gods all in a matter of seconds.

When Rorschach uses the Time Stone, he travels back in time to see when Gorr killed Falligar. The entire world is turned back as the Time Stone shines. Rorschach finally saw a black shadow coming back from the sky after the time had gone back about a month.

Falligar on the ground was also “resurrected” and engaged in combat with the black shadow, as he observed the shadow in a black cloak. Under the black cloak, Rorschach could clearly see the pale face. Gorr is holding the Necrosword in his hand.

“The Celestials passed away a month ago. Quill found Thanos’ trace, Gorr showed up, and fought Falligar.” In his heart, Rorschach had a vague guess.

Perhaps the demise of the Celestials carried a few unforeseen variables to this universe.

Instead of making random guesses like going back to look, Rorschach shook his head. At that point, Rorschach opened the portal and returned straightforwardly to Asgard.

Rorschach found Heimdall standing guard at the Rainbow Bridge’s gate.

“My lord.”He immediately gave Rorschach a bow and a salute when he saw him.

“Heimdall, have there been any special incidents of mysterious deaths of gods in the Nine Realms recently?” Rorschach asked, waving his hand to show that he didn’t need to be too polite.

“The gods whose deaths were strange? Have enemies entered the Nine Realms, my lord? Heimdall was confused and asked.

“It is obvious that there is a person who specializes in killing gods, and it is possible that they have already targeted the gods of the Nine Realms… Can you assist me in locating him? He is called Gorr the God Butcher, wearing a dark cloak, pale skin, and two tentacles draping down from the head’s sides.”

According to the timeline, Rorschach told Heimdall about the time when he saw Gorr’s appearance at the galaxy’s edge.

He acknowledged his comprehension by nodding his head after hearing this. Then, at that point, he looked at the huge brilliant space.

Although Heimdall’s capacity is set to see a butterfly fluttering its wings 1,000 miles away, a few extraordinary means, like a Higher God’s magic, can totally trick Heimdall’s eyes.

Heimdall gave the universe a long look before shaking his head helplessly.

“My lord, I’m sorry. The Gorr you mentioned has not been found.” With his head held low, Heimdall said.

Rorschach murmured. Gorr holds the Necrosword. The Necrosword has a much higher level of power than Heimdall. Being able to shield Heimdall’s eyes is very normal.

“It makes perfect sense to me, Heimdall. You will now look out for all the gods in the Nine Realms on my behalf. You promise to notify me right away if you discover Gorr or a particular god dies in a strange way.” Rorschach directed to Heimdall.

“This watch is an emergency caller. You can use this to contact me,” Rorschach said to Heimdall as he took a quantum network watch from the solar dimension and used it as a pager.


After giving Rorschach the watch with respect, Heimdall asked Rorschach, “Should I inform Thor first?”

“I’m going to find Thor personally. Keeping an eye on all the gods of the Nine Realms is the most important thing you can do right now.”

Rorschach was skeptical that Thor and the others would be of much assistance. It would be better as long as Thor and the others remain in tranquility within their own territory, do a good job of fortification, do not wander, and immediately notify him when they locate Gorr.

Since Gorr is impossible for them to manage.

Rorschach went to Omnipotence City after meeting Thor and also told Zeus to be careful when dealing with the next crisis. Rorschach came back to Earth after completing everything.

Ares, the god of war who took the place of the Ancient One and resides in Kamar Taj, is the only god on Earth. However, Gorr’s strength will increase with each god he kills. It’s not impossible for him to start with the easiest first.



The Collector has been staring at the star map for almost a week without closing his eyes. In an effort to locate Thanos’ Sanctuary II ship, the Knowhere Fleet set out in force with the three universe-spanning empires.

The Collector was shocked and looked at the star map right away when the gamma-ray energy detector let out a loud alarm. Riverie has already begun tracking and locating as soon as it detects the strange gamma ray energy, so he doesn’t need to operate.

“Thanos used the power of the Soul Stone five minutes ago, and according to the intensity of the gamma ray energy, the use of the Soul Stone has reached star level.” She said after discovering the Soul Stone’s gamma ray energy storm.

The Collector didn’t care why Thanos used the Soul Stone. He told Rorschach immediately and sent the Knowhere Fleet to the gamma ray’s location as quickly as possible.

The Star Destroyer, the mothership of the Knowhere Fleet, received this coordinate data.

On the Star Destroyer’s deck, Gamora, Nebula, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, and other original Guardians of the Galaxy members gathered. Nebula, Gamora, and Drax were immediately fully armed, wishing they could kill him right away.

When it moves to the location of the target, a massive spaceship is afloat in pitch-blackness. Swooping down on the ground-based prey, the mothership resembled an eagle with four legs and wings.

“Riverie, give me an order and hurry up. I want to lead the battle, so give me a vanguard ship!”

“That’s correct, let’s get right to fighting.”

“Thanos is mine, I’ll cut off his head!”

The Star Destroyer’s soldiers’ weapons were already starving and thirsty while Riverie was scanning Sanctuary II.

While observing the Sanctuary II in the display, the virtual character Riverie had transformed said, “There is a problem with Thanos’ spaceship…”

Gamora, Nebula, Drax, and others appeared to be bathed in ice water by these words. Gamora and Nebula calmed down, and they looked at the Sanctuary II in front of them. Drax’s mind was full of anger, so he couldn’t understand what Riverie meant.

“Is it because Thanos did not appear to be fighting or fleeing when we arrived here? Riverie, does the spaceship contain anyone?” Gamora inquired.

“Scanning shows that there are a large number of advanced bioenergy reactants in the Sanctuary II, but there is a large amount of energy waste heat left inside… There was an internal fight inside,” Riverie acknowledged with a nod.

“Internal fight?” Gamora said it again in disbelief.

She was confident in Riverie’s judgment. Riverie’s computing power is almost infallible as the most advanced artificial intelligence in the universe, but Gamora really can’t come up with a good reason for this.

For a long time, Drax has been eager to hear, “What are you talking about? Permit me to send someone right in to take a look. Today, Thanos cannot escape, no matter what he does!”

“Okay, Drax, Gamora, and Nebula. You each command a vanguard fleet that lands on Sanctuary II.” The Collector had already informed Rorschach of Riverie’s immediate combat order.

Regardless of what is the deal with Thanos. Everything will come crashing down if Rorschach arrives. Riverie must stop Thanos’ army and stop them from fleeing before Rorschach arrives.

The three-vanguard fleet immediately launched an assault on Sanctuary II.

Riverie is also in charge of the Knowhere Fleet, which is led by Yondu’s Ravagers and Rocket Raccoon’s long-range fireship and encircles Thanos’ Sanctuary II.

Sanctuary II was gradually approached by the three vanguard ships.

Drax’s vanguard ships drove directly in front of Sanctuary II because none of the interceptor ships appeared during this time to stop the vanguard ship’s advance.

Even without Riverie’s reminder, Drax had been aware of the Sanctuary II ship’s anomaly up until this point. Indeed, even Drax, whose brain was loaded with muscles, became wary.

He was in charge of the vanguard ship that was going to attack Sanctuary II’s outer armor.

Sanctuary II didn’t initiate the energy guard. To put it another way, Sanctuary II’s outer armor suffered a sudden and significant hole as a result of the intense artillery fire from the vanguard ship.

“Thanos, I’m coming!” Drax shouted, pushing the vanguard ship’s engine to its limits. The spaceship suddenly accelerated, and Sanctuary II was hit first.

The vanguard ship brutally stabbed into Thanos’ ship like a dagger.

Drax bravely led the vanguard ship’s soldiers to Sanctuary II after raising the dagger in both hands. The invaders’ sirens blared inside, and signs of fighting were everywhere, but no bodies were visible.

Drax couldn’t help but clench his teeth when he saw this scene. He slowed down, surveyed his surroundings, and incrementally made his way toward the spaceship’s interior.

Gamora and Nebula, on the other hand, also rushed into the Temple II mothership. They were both Thanos’s adopted daughters, so they were familiar with the Sanctuary II’s internal structure. In the wake of arriving on the mothership, they went directly to the deck of the mothership.

However, in contrast to Drax, when Nebula landed on Sanctuary II, he saw a familiar face. It is one of the Black Order’s four generals.

It’s just a little dull at the moment, and the body is wriggling with groups of black liquid substances. He swung the heavy hammer after sensing Nebula’s Terminator robot.

A layer of black slime covered the entire body. Nebula heard a frightful roar from the liquid matter.

“What kind of a monster are you if you are not a member of the Black Order?”

The roar had numbed Nebula’s scalp, so she ordered a large number of Terminator robots to form a vanguard army and fire at it.

On it, energy bullets rained down from the sky. His body’s black liquid substance exploded into ripples, like an underwater bomb.

It roared a few times in pain after receiving intense energy shots, stepped back, and raised the heavy hammer in its hand simultaneously. It jumped up and swung the heavy hammer again at Nebula after resisting the energy blasts in front of it.

The weight of the hammer broke Nebula’s ribs, and the Terminator robots behind her were smashed to pieces like they had been thrown into a hydraulic press.

“Alert! The Sanctuary II is thought to have been invaded by Symbiote creatures, and Nebula is under attack!” Gamora felt her heart pound violently when she received a message from Riverie.

A Symbiote?

Gamora felt her scalp go numb as she suddenly remembered the earthly information about Symbiote.

“Riverie, tell me where Nebula is. I will go to help her.” She felt the ground tremble before Gamora finished speaking.

At the end of the hallway, she could see a group of tightly packed wolves-like creatures roaring and rushing toward her. Thanos’ army is that pack of wolves-like creatures. Startlingly, this gathering of armed force is likewise parasitized by Symbiotes.

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