Rorschach’s punch was precise and controlled, blasting directly through the planet’s outer layer and reaching the planet’s core. In front of Rorschach and Quill, the enormous blue-emitting brain of Ego was completely displayed.

Even though Quill had been told by Ego that his father is a huge brain, Quill was speechless when the huge blue brain appeared in front of him.

“Peter Quill, I will not allow you to go any further. I’ll let you see the real fear because your betrayal is the most foolish decision.” Ego’s voice echoed through the planet.

Innumerable energy limbs grew around the focal point of the planet, puncturing towards Rorschach like a rain.

Dread spread in Quill’s heart, “Rorschach, I know you can explode a starship with one punch. But I will die here today if you don’t act now.”

“You said you wanted to help me become a god, didn’t you? What you’re to do right now is sending me to god!”.

Quill yelled in despair, and within a split second, a slew of blue energy tentacles descended, stabbing Quill right away. Energy tentacles also pierced Rorschach’s body, but those tentacles were unable to penetrate his body because of the Force Field.

How could Ego pass up such a great opportunity? The tentacles of Ego’s energy pierced Quill and began to absorb Quill’s energy. Quill felt the life energy in his body rushing down like a flood as a terrifying suction came.

As of now, Ego additionally started to connect his seeds on different planets, needing to accelerate the satisfaction of his terrific longing to conquer every one of the planets in the universe.

However, Rorschach raised his hand at this very moment, and the five Infinity Stones on the back of his hand shone brilliantly.

“Ego, you’ve let the universe down. I will take away all of your divine power. Peter Quill, you will inherit your father’s power, and you must pay off your father’s sins,”

The voice of Rorschach reached every corner of the planet. Quill, who was about to be drained of all his life energy by Ego, felt a sudden surge of life energy from the tentacle that pierced his body when he snapped his fingers.

This time, Quill let out a scream. Quill’s body was gradually flooded with the immense life force of Ego. Right now, Quill felt as though he was all-powerful.

“No… What did you do, Rorschach?” Ego felt that his life energy was continually scattering, and he let out an anger.

In an effort to prevent Rorschach from assisting Quill and continuing to absorb his power, Ego attacked Rorschach and continued to control everything on the planet.

However, he was unable to fend off Rorschach regardless of how Ego attacked.

After all, Rorschach is a person who basically has maxed out all attributes, including power and defense. Ego’s strength is insufficient to defeat him. It cannot even remotely threaten Rorschach using only Ego’s energy attack strength.

Quill keeps taking in Ego’s energy.

Ego could only remain stationary and furious because he was unable to break Rorschach’s defense. Ego’s enraged voice gradually diminished, the planet’s vibration decreased, and the energy network that looked like a spider web on the ground diminished as well.

Ego appeared to be extremely frail at this point. Quill is still absorbing Egp’s life energy. His body is sparkling with radiant blue energy, and his eyes are likewise blue, emanating dazzling light.

Quill spoke with difficulty, “Rorschach… I can’t hold it anymore… My body is going to explode.”

Additionally, Rorschach had the impression that Quill’s body’s energy had reached its limit. He couldn’t take on too much energy because he had just activated the god gene. He would explode and die instantly if he continued to take in the energy.

He gave Quill’s current strength a rough estimate. He will probably be able to exert a power that surpasses Ego if he can completely control Ego’s life energy.

The gods’ gene has just been activated in Quill, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. You must be aware that Ego evolved into its current planetary form over many years from its initial brain form.

Now, Quill has an unlimited lifespan, and if he grows slowly, he should be able to transform into a universal being in a few years.

With a hand wave, Rorschach then severed the connection between Quill and Ego. Rorschach extended his hand to hold Quill, and he slowly raised his fist toward the core of Ego.

The area where Ego was located violently trembled as Rorschach punched, and Ego’s enormous blue brain was destroyed.

As if it had entered a meat grinder, Ego’s brain and the planet as a whole were destroyed the following instant. It was shattered to pieces and destroyed completely.

There was only a still, empty cosmic vacuum left after Ego’s planet vanished.

Quill was the first person without protective gear to be directly exposed to the vacuum of space of the universe. He appeared to be in great pain and covered his mouth and nose as if attempting to speak.

The edge of Rorschach’s mouth twitched as he watched.

“You are now a god, can’t you use energy to make yourself an energy protector?”

Quill was clearly surprised. Because he discovered that he could actually hear Rorschach speaking in the space’s vacuum. But Quill quickly realized that Rorschach used energy to communicate with him when he spoke, allowing him to hear his words in the space.

After all, Quill is both a god and a human. he made an effort to move his hands telling Rorschach that he was unable to control the god’s energy.

“You don’t understand how to control the energy? Figure it out for yourself, are you awaiting my instruction?” Rorschach could not speak.

Quill nodded.

Rorschach said, “Ugh.”

Quill was thrown directly into the solar dimension when he snapped his fingers. The solar dimension contains an air layer that ordinary people can enter to survive.

“You must to learn how to manage your energy yourself. Just get the most fundamental control. I’ll let you out when you learn it.”

Rorschach didn’t care what Quill thought when he finished speaking, so he opened the portal immediately and went back to Knowhere by himself.

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Published On: May 12, 2023

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