Yondu and the others examined Quill’s circumstances when he saw them.

“Quill, you just did that, huh?”

Yondu was actually overjoyed when he saw Quill, but when he saw that energy tentacles had penetrated Quill’s chest, his joy turned into a rage right away.

He jumped out of the portal using his Yaka Arrow. He was closely followed by the Ravagers behind him. The blue portal vanished instantly as they all passed through it and arrived at Ego’s planet.

As soon as the deputy behind Yondu realized that he was still holding two wet paper towels, he threw them on Ego’s temple and moved his hands to the side to wipe it.

“Yondu, you lied to me back then and said that the child I left on Earth is dead.” Ego said with a frown as he stared coldly at the group of people who had suddenly appeared on his planet.

“Isn’t that why he is still alive?” Yondu asked in a sarcastic way.

“Is there any difference? Now, not only will Peter Quill die here, but so will you as well.” Ego sneered.

Ego controlled the planet’s energy as he spoke, transformed into several enormous blue energy tentacles, and moved toward Yondu and the others. Yondu and the Ravagers tried to stop it right away.

However, Ego’s energy tentacles could not be seriously threatened by either the Yaka Arrow or the rifle.

Seeing that Yondu and the others were going to be punctured by Ego’s tentacles, Wanda moved forward, raised the energy arms waving towards Ego, and hurled all the way down.

Strong pressure was created in this area by the sudden eruption of the scarlet energy particles. This force knocked Ego’s dozens of enormous energy tentacles to the ground. As if grasses were being trampled by a giant’s foot.

“You are… Scarlet Witch…” Ego reexamined the man and woman next to Yondu immediately after sensing the fluctuation of the scarlet energy.

Ego initially paid no attention to the couple at all, but after carefully identifying them, his eyes sharply contracted. From the information he had just looked at, he knew who the two were.

It is said that now Yondu and the Ravagers have given up to a power in Knowhere, and there is a strong magician in Knowhere called the Scarlet Witch.

Rorschach, the one who defeated the Kree Empire as a whole, was clearly the target of the dark figure next to Wanda.

“I never felt that the Ravagers could welcome presences like the Scarlet Witch and Rorschach.”

Ego gave Rorschach and Wanda a quick glance before suddenly raising his hand, controlling Quill, and asking both Rorschach and Wanda, “Do you want to stop me?”

Ego’s intelligence is not at all impaired, despite the fact that he does not understand the world. If Ego wants to integrate all of the planets in the universe, he will undoubtedly become an enemy to all beings. Ego has been prepared to face those enemies for a considerable amount of time.

But he simply did not anticipate the enemy’s sudden appearance.

“Ego, you claim to be god… Are you a Celestial?” Rorschach waved his hand and slashed, removing the energy tentacles from Quill as he questioned Ego.

Yondu led the people to rush to Quill as soon as he fell from midair. Wanda disregarded Yondu, exploded with chaotic energy, and she resisted the other tentacles of Ego’s energy.

“Celestials? Do you believe that I belong to the Celestials?” Ego asked rhetorically but did not respond to Rorschach’s words.

“Although you call yourself a god. You don’t even possess a divine power in me. You are just one of a kind.” Rorschach said, shaking his head.

Ego’s life form has been studied by Rorschach. To put it simply, Ego lacks the position of a god but possesses the power of a god. Rorschach was also like this in the past.

In terms of power, he is comparable to a god, but he is not a real god.

As a result, when Ego was looking for children, he wanted to find children who inherited his genes rather than his power. Rorschach can use this to support his previous hypothesis.

Quill’s body’s power will not vanish as a result of Ego’s death. After all, the Celestials’ gene is not Ego’s clone but rather an independent individual that Quill and Ego’s mother conceived.

Quill can get powerful power from Ego as long as there is a way to send Ego’s energy to Quill. Therefore, Rorschach desired to inquire about Ego’s about being a Celestial.

Rorschach raised his fist directly as the voice faded. He punched the ground with all his might under his feet rather than attacking Ego’s clone. Ego’s expression changed abruptly when Rorschach’s fist hit the ground.

The ground immediately gave way as the entire planet shook violently. When Yondu and the Ravagers finally managed to save Quill, the ground immediately gave way beneath them, causing everyone to lose their balance and begin to fall to the ground.

A portion of Wanda’s power was used to control Quill and others. Gamora, Drax, and Mantis also screamed and fell to the ground when Ego’s palace collapsed.

Rorschach heard the shouts of a few groups, he was suspended in the air, and told Wanda, “Take the others back, let Quill stay with me.”


Ego’s tentacles were no longer suppressed by Wanda. Instead, he used magic to drag Yondu, Gamora, Drax, and others before opening the portal back to Knowhere.

Yondu continues to be concerned about Quill’s safety, “Why do you not take Quill? if he is there, he will die.”

“Rorschach’s has plans for him.” After giving her response, Wanda threw everyone into the portal and vanished from Ego’s planet.

Ego was completely uninterested in Wanda at this point. Because Rorschach rushed toward the planet’s core while holding Quill in one hand and raising the other hand above his head.

Ego crazily mobilized the power of the planet as a whole in an effort to prevent Rorschach from approaching the planet’s core, believing that Rorschach’s objective was the planet’s core.

“Quill, are you interested in becoming a god?” Quill was asked by Rorschach.

“What? God? Could I be a god?”

Despite his father activating his gene in him, Quill could only stop an energy cluster the size of a baseball. This level of energy control is not even close to being comparable to a “god.”

Rorschach is able to roughly ascertain Quill’s inner thoughts after hearing his response.

“I can assist you with turning into another god, yet the cost is that I want you to work for me for 100 years.” Rorschach punched the planet’s core before he could finish speaking.

The powerful force shattered everything in its path, smashing the Ego’s energy body in front of it with layers of rocks all the way to the planet’s core like a huge earth-drilling machine.

It is the location where all of Ego’s life energy is gathered, that is the planetary brain of Ego.

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Published On: May 12, 2023

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