New Mexico, in a restaurant in Old Bridge Town.

Dr. Jane Foster was waiting at the table with two of her friends and coworkers, Eric Selvig and Darcy Lewis.

“This is absurd. How could the Osborn Group decide to fund our initiative out of the blue? I recall that they were looking into biological hospitals. I believe you may have been duped, Darcy!”

The three of them waited for a while, but the alleged leader of the Osborn Group never showed up. Dr. Selvig started to question the legitimacy of the investment. Spend time doing research rather than spending it here.

“Darcy, are you certain it was someone from the Osborn Group who contacted you?” Jane Foster questioned from the side, nodding in accord.

“You must believe me when I say that Norman Osborn, the chairman of the Osborn Group, personally contacted me and expressed confidence in our concept. Because I was unable to reach you two, let me locate you so we can discuss investing.” firmly stated Darcy.

“Norman Osborn directly approached you?” Jane Foster spoke hesitantly while casting a doubtful glance Dr. Selvig’s way.

Dr. Selvig sighed, got to his feet, and tapped Darcy on the shoulder “Darcy, I’m positive Norman Osborn has completely fooled you. It is inconceivable for a rich man like him to ask us to meet in this kind of environment, but he might approach you on his own initiative.”

Before Dr. Selvig’s voice faded, the restaurant once more heard a deep masculine voice. “Why am I not allowed to request that we meet in this location?”

Jane Foster and her three companions turned to face the voice and saw five persons walking into the restaurant one at a time.

“Nice to meet you, Dr. Erik Selvig,” one of them said as he approached the table where Jane Foster and the others were seated. He removed his hat and stood up with a smile.

It took Dr. Selvig some time to come to the realization that the man standing in front of him was actually Norman Osborn. He instinctively knew Norman Osborn. The Osborn Group is well-known, and Norman Osborn frequently attends scientific seminars and other events. He has also interacted with Dr. Selvig.

after checking that the person in front of him was indeed Norman, Dr. Selvig promptly extended his hand and said, “Please accept my apologies for what I just said, Mr. Norman. I didn’t anticipate you coming here. This location is too far away; you wouldn’t expect someone of your standing to visit.”

“We conveyed the message through Miss Darcy since Dr. Selvig and Dr. Foster were extremely difficult to reach.”

Norman grinned and then resigned from his post “Please allow me to introduce Mr. Rorschach, special consultant for the Osborn Group, to Dr. Selvig, Dr. Foster, and Ms. Lewis. For this project investment, Mr. Rorschach will bear complete responsibility.”

Darcy couldn’t help but shout, “Rorschach, you…you are actually Rorschach himself!” when she noticed the young man behind Norman.

Jane Foster couldn’t help but take another few glances at Rorschach after witnessing her friend’s excitement.

She felt better just by looking at it. She questioned Darcy quietly, “Who is this Mr. Rorschach, Darcy? Is he famous?”

If it’s a celebrity, then it makes sense, Darcy likes chasing celebrities.

Darcy, though, shook her head and turned to face her best friend, “Jane, do you ever watch the news? My God. This is Rorschach, the Rorschach who invented new elements, a very rich man who is still single and young as well as the second-largest shareholder of Stark Industries.”

Dr. Selvig and Jane Foster both focused on the first phrase of the text. It appears that this scientist is the one who invented the new element.

“You are the Dr. Rorschach who invented the new element, as I recall. I read your article.” Jane Foster stepped up to take hold of Rorschach.

When Norman noticed this situation, his eyes brightened, and he continued to present Rorschach, “Additionally, Dr. Foster, Mr. Rorschach has two papers in the journal that deals with biological science. The skill of Mr. Rorschach is unthinkable.”

“Really? I better start studying.”

Despite being an astrophysicist, Jane Foster will continue to follow the most recent developments in both science and technology. Suddenly, Rorschach, Norman, Jane Foster, and Dr. Selvig started discussing the new components.

Darcy wanted to step in, but she didn’t know anything about the new element other than the fact that it was a clean, effective source of energy, so she couldn’t participate in the discussion between these leaders in science and technology.

Darcy tried numerous times, but all she could do was look resentfully at the three young guys behind Rorschach.

“Are you with Mr. Rorschach right now?” Peter Parker, Mary Jane, and Harry Osborn are obviously the three individuals behind Rorschach.

Rorschach hadn’t intended to bring them here, but after learning that his father and Rorschach were traveling to New Mexico to discuss a project, Harry wanted to join him since he was worried about how to pass the dull weekend.

Consider it a vacation. Harry simply pulled Mary Jane and Peter Parker along because he couldn’t have arrived here alone. For criminals in Queens, New York, this weekend may be the most relaxing one so far this year.

“In reality, Mr. Norman is my father and Mr. Rorschach is our high school’s science teacher. Mary Jane and Peter Parker are my two closest friends.” Harry is politely introduced to Darcy.

They exchanged greetings and got to know one another as Darcy pointed to the restaurant’s front desk with great familiarity, “Do you want a drink? We can sneak to the cowboy bar in the town tonight if you want to drink because you are already here and want to experience local culture.”

“Good thought!” Harry was the first to signal approval by raising his hands.

At this time, which was already noon, everyone ate lunch in the same restaurant.

Dr. Selvig was the first to speak at lunch, “How much money do you intend to put into our project, Mr. Norman? You might not be very knowledgeable about the topic we are now studying. We’re investigating a peculiar astronomical event right now. You might not see any benefits from it for a while?”

Unconsciously, Norman glanced at the Rorschach. Rorschach ultimately has the final say in this situation.

Additionally, Norman had already asked the Osborn Group’s investment consultants to assess the recent research conducted by Dr. Selvig and Jane Foster, but it was challenging to reap any financial rewards. Additionally, this gave Norman additional assurance that Rorschach hadn’t intended to be intoxicated.

“This is how it’s going to be. The Osborn Group’s initial goal is to make a 30 million US dollar investment. Future breakthroughs will be taken into account as we contemplate more funding.” Jane Foster and Dr. Selvig were told by Norman.

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Published On: February 6, 2023

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