Rorschach opened the earth portal and brought Wanda to Knowhere.

Knowhere at this time, under the construction of The Collector, has changed from the original gathering place of star pirates to the top star warship factory in the universe.

In the center of Knowhere, high-tech buildings tower into the sky, and the outer circle is surrounded by manufacturing factories of star warships, like large steel melting furnaces one after another. Many people or Terminator robots handle small technical airplanes, busy like worker ants.

The large-scale transport ship will transport raw materials for starship manufacturing from one end, and then various types of brand-new interstellar armor will slowly drive out from the other.

Rorschach came to the mansion of The Collector.

“Lord Rorschach, Mistress Wanda,” The Collector said when he saw Rorschach and Wanda while he was silently looking at the star map.

“You said you found the location of Thanos. Give me specifics.” Rorschach was clear and concise.

“Peter Quill discovered it,” The Collector explained, “He came to Gamora a month ago, told her there was a way to find where Thanos was hiding, and invited her to go with him.”

“Gamora left?”

“That’s correct, Quill and Gamora left with Drax.”

“Why didn’t you let us know about it a month ago?” After hearing what The Collector had to say, Wanda asked with a frown.

He replied while dripped cold sweat from his forehead, “Mistress Wanda, Peter Quill just said that there was a way to find Thanos at that time, but he was still investigating and didn’t really find it. Every day, I got thousands of reports. I sent a fleet to assist Thanos at that time, thinking that I would report to Lord Rorschach when I got the precise information. It is naturally impossible to report all the clues about Thanos’ news to Lord Rorschach.”

The Collector’s explanation is justified. To Rorschach, Quill is an ignorant star pirate, even to The Collector.

“At this point, has the location of Thanos been determined?” While Rorschach needed to know where Thanos was, he had no interest in this particular detail.

“Quill and Gamora found Thanos’ Black Order generals on an extrajudicial planet… To be exact, it should be one of the four Obsidian generals.” The Collector said with a nod.

At first, Thanos led the Black Order with five powerful men under his command. However, when the Chitauri army attacked Earth, Rorschach cut off Corvus’s head, leaving the Black Order without a general.

“Extrajudicial planet?”

“Yes, Thanos has a massive spaceship and a large army. His supplies for logistics are enormous. Quill actually discovered some hints while hanging out in various interstellar black markets. The fact that Thanos bought supplies from an extrajudicial planet indicates that his fleet was close to that star field at the time.”

The Collector drew a circle on the star map while he was speaking, indicating that Thanos should be within it.

Rorschach asked, “Where is Peter Quill now?” as he continued to examine the circle on the star map.

“Just a few hours ago, Gamora told Knowhere about the discovery and continued to follow them in an effort to locate Thanos. But just now, the battle was over the moment I sent when the troops got to Gamora’s coordinates.”

The Collector took a moment to reflect on this. From his expression, Rorschach could tell that the battle’s outcome was definitely not promising.

“Quill, Gamora, and the others are gone?”

“The battle is over, so I don’t know. The troops under Thanos cleared the battlefield without leaving any trace. Quill and the others might have been taken or killed.” The Collector was no longer capable of handling situations like these, so he refrained from jumping to conclusions.

“If you can report it earlier, even if you notify me, I won’t let a few bugs slip away.” Wanda was somewhat dissatisfied.

“Forgive me.”

The Collector quickly bowed his head and admitted his error because he was so terrified. In Knowhere, the Scarlet Witch’s reputation is feared.

“It doesn’t matter. Have you arranged for personnel to block the area now that this area has been identified?” Rorschach inquired.

“Of course, I have informed the Galactic Council, Shi’ar Empire, Skrull Empire, and the Kree Empire have all assisted us in the interstellar blockade of this area, a carpet search, and strict monitoring of space jump monitoring and signal tracking. We will locate it for him even if a fly leaves this area.” Added The Collector.

The fleet of Thanos has only two options at this point: either continue to conceal itself until it is discovered by the carpet search conducted by the coalition forces of the three empires. The subsequent choice is to take a hazardous space bounce, yet be followed to the signal.

In the past, no one dared confront Thanos with their power. However, that time has passed, and now Thanos is a street rat who is beaten and mocked at by everyone.

“Leave me at the spot where Quill vanished.” Rorschach stated

Rorschach used “vanished,” not “captured” or “killed,” as the Collector noticed.

In fact, Rorschach is more likely to choose another option. That is, when Quill and Gamora’s spaceship was gone after by them, an individual out of nowhere showed up and saved them.

Ego, Quill’s biological father, was the one who saved him.

Rorschach completed the system’s task of “Bargaining with Dormammu” before killing Dormammu and devouring the dark dimension, earning more than 8 million points.

Now, there are less than 10 million mission points left before the next upgrade to the Kryptonian bloodline.

The leftover 10 million is a lot more straightforward. Getting six Infinity stones, more than six million points from the reward system, and at least a few million points from Ego

Rorschach doesn’t even care about defeating Thanos.

The Collector immediately arranged a small shuttle, picked up Rorschach and Wanda, and jumped to the location where Quill vanished after hearing Rorschach’s instructions.

They only need to jump a few short distances from Knowhere, which is not too far away. Based on the hints of the surrounding and the broken shell of starships, a small scale fight has quite recently occurred here.

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Published On: May 11, 2023

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