The solar dimension is concealed beneath the physical world with a wave of the hands.

Rorschach came back to the earth. The Ancient One has not been seen in a very long time. Rorschach soon realized.

Dormammu’s invasion of the earth opened the passage to the multiverse, and the Ancient One was waiting for it to happen before she entered the universe in her soul state.

The Ancient One permitted Kaecilius, one of his disciples, to join Dormammu’s followers in the dark dimension, and then he waited for Dormammu to open the space crack that led to Earth.

Channels are bidirectional, as we are all aware. The Ancient One’s spirit just so happened to pass through this fissure as Dormammu entered from the multiverse space.

Kaecilius’ depravity may not have been purposefully encouraged by The Ancient One, according to Rorschach’s knowledge of her, but the Ancient One must have foreseen Casillas’ betrayal and depravity before accepting this student.

“Such a sly person.” Rorschach spoke while casting a gaze down towards the metropolis.

The Terminator Legion has also started to clear the battlefield after subduing Kaecilius and the others. There are no additional casualties except for the deaths of a few Kamar Taj magicians.

The three sanctuaries were completely rebuilt in just one week.

Rorschach reconstructed the magic defense formations of the three sanctuaries. Although this universe is not in danger, if it is placed in a bigger multiverse, it will be at risk again.

The multiverse is full of crises, and many monsters and evil gods devour the universe and destroy the world. It is exceedingly risky to divulge the coordinates of the planet or the current universe at will.

The three sanctuaries’ defensive magic circles must be rebuilt to keep beings like Dormammu from encroaching on and invading the earth.


Kamar Taj.

The Ancient One died, and Rorschach and other Godkiller Alliance members gathered to bid farewell to this Sorcerer Supreme who had guarded the earth for endless years.

“You are the new Sorcerer Supreme as of today.”

Rorschach gazed around the stadium at all the Kamar Taj mages and declared.

Wong was the library’s first administrator. In the original plot, Doctor Strange succeeded her as the Sorcerer Supreme after the death of The Ancient One.

Doctor Strange vanished after Thanos snapped his fingers, and Kamar Taj had no one to carry the torch. Thus, Wong succeeded Doctor Strange and became the third Sorcerer Supreme.

Doctor Strange will no longer need to learn magic in today’s timeline. As a result, Wong inherits the title of Sorcerer Supreme on Earth.

“Mr. Rorschach, my ability is limited, and I am unable to embark on this vital assignment. Please also succeed the Sorcerer Supreme and safeguard global peace.” Wang took a respectful stance in front of Rorschach.

“I have more important duties to do that are connected to the peace of the entire universe, and it is difficult for me to stay on Earth for an extended period of time.”

Rorschach, like Captain Marvel, used the peace of the entire world as a justification to refuse Wong’s plea, saying, “But don’t worry, The Old One has already made plans for you. Ares will stay on Earth and help you protect the Earth together.”

Now that the earth has entered a new era, the proportion of aliens on the planet has gradually increased, as has the population. As a result, the Earth has established highly strict vetting standards for aliens that wish to reside on the planet for an extended period of time.

Before, several of the twelve principal gods of Olympus wished to live on Earth for a long time, but their request was denied.

Ares, the God of War, is Zeus’s son and possesses a high force value, making him suitable for this immigration. In the comics, Ares is a member of the Dark Avengers.

When Ares was spoken, Zeus strode forward, accompanied by a middle-aged man with a determined countenance. Odin and Thor stood in the distance, watching silently. The middle-aged man standing next to Zeus is, of course, Ares, Zeus’ son.

“Meet the God of Destruction, Ares.” Led by Zeus, Ares first saluted Rorschach.

In terms of strength, Rorschach was the strongest. Hence, when Ares encountered Rorschach, he had to follow the protocol of meeting his elders for emotional and rational reasons.

“Well, the young man is good. Work hard. I like your dedication.” Ares was encouraged by Rorschach.

In this manner, Ares arrived on Earth as a non-magician staff of Kamar Taj.

Although, in Rorschach’s opinion, Ares is a very weak god, he does has some strength comparable to that of usual gods. It is still possible to help Kamar Taj’s wizards preserve the planet from influence from other dimensions.

Not long after leaving Kamar Taj, Rorschach received a communication from Knowhere. It was The Collector.

“We discovered Thanos’ traces.”

Rorschach’s face lit up with delight when he heard the news.

“What’s the problem? What exactly makes you so happy?” Wanda gazed curiously at the smiling Rorschach.

Wanda received Rorschach’s message from The Collector.

Wanda grinned as well when she spotted it, “Have you found Thanos? Does this imply you’ve located the final Infinity Stone?”

“That is correct, but you cannot be reckless. Thanos is not your average individual.” Rorschach understood that he was not a typical foe, and he would never believe that he had a chance to win if he always underestimated the opponent.

Wanda still has faith in Rorschach since having known him, he can control the total scenario like a god for every enemy and problem that Rorschach faces.

Rorschach is stronger than the Celestials. What kind of shenanigans can Thanos pull?

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Published On: May 11, 2023

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