Rorschach had the general impression that Dormammu’s dimension may engulf his own dimension in one swift motion if he did nothing. What action should he take if the enemy’s dimension is more powerful than his own?

Just beat the ruler of that dimension, it’s that easy. When the weak one can’t even swallow his dimension, it’s time for his dimension to devour the enemy’s dark dimension.

“Dormammu, prepare yourself for agony.”

When Dormammu hurried madly towards his dimension, Rorschach took advantage of the situation. He shouted, unleashing the power of the five Infinity Stones, which increased the strength of Rorschach’s entire body to a new level.

He struck Dormammu once again.

Rorschach has long caused Dormammu to be cautious. His dimension can be completely absorbed by the dark dimension. In order to split the dark dimension in half, Dormammu activated its full strength.

Rorschach was struck by hundreds of stars from the dark dimension, all of which detonated as they got close to him. Like a raging sea, the dark dimensional energy rushed toward Rorschach.

When Rorschach punched out, the energy from the black realm that had been maintaining the area abruptly exploded as a cyclone rushed across the dark dimension.

Since his sinister tentacles had already contacted the solar dimension, Dormammu didn’t care.

In the dark dimension, Rorschach persisted in his indiscriminate attack, shattering the place he struck. While Dormammu faced the agony of pulling his soul apart, he gradually spread his dark tentacles over the solar dimension, turning the nine suns into black.

“I’m about to succeed!”

Rorschach observed that the dark dimension was about to engulf his solar dimension. He raised his hands, cast a magic spell, and cast a quick glance at the shattered dark dimension around him. Greenlight emanated from the Time Stone on the hand’s back.

In order to prevent Dormammu from invading his solar dimension, Rorschach closed it and turned back time to that point.

The solar dimension’s nine dark suns gradually changed back to brilliant yellow suns.

“You have a rather weak dimension… huh? What happened?”

With a look of great greed on his face, Dormammu went back to the time when he first observed Rorschach’s dimension. But he quickly noticed that something was awry.

Dormammu paused in place as he cast a glance in his direction.

Words cannot express the horror Dormammu is feeling right now. He could see his own dark dimension, which at one point revealed itself to be covered in pits and fractures and seemed as though it had been gnawed by a pack of wolves who had been starving for a long time.

“Now, your dimension lacks my dimension’s might.”

Currently, the solar dimension resembles a young child wielding a dagger, while the dark dimension is comparable to a dying adult who is severely injured. Despite its small size, a child has the potential to cause great harm, especially to an already dying adult.

When Rorschach waved his hand, the sun dimension transformed into a scorching sun and the flaming light started infiltrating the dark dimension. Rorschach grinned at Dormammu.

Despite Dormammu’s best efforts, Rorschach was able to close off this place by using the Space Stone.

“Please don’t kill me, let me go. I will submit to you.” As the solar dimension’s brilliance enveloped Dormammu, he could clearly feel how his might was like a flood that opened the gate and rushed millions of miles.

Rorschach’s solar reality is devouring the dark dimension like it’s nothing at all.

Rorschach requested Domammu in a manner, “Let you go now? Would you let me go if you won?”

“Definitely, yes!” Dormammu lied without batting an eye.

Rorschach was momentarily silent. “The Ancient One asked me to kill you, even though I genuinely want to let you go.”

Rorschach tightened his hand and punched Dormammu once more once he finished speaking. The body of Dormammu is swiftly contracting and the dark dimension is continuously being eroded. Many fissures instantly emerged on Dormammu’s torso when Rorschach hit him.

Dormammu’s body, which is a being made of black energy, abruptly broke apart. Rorschach punched Dormammu, shattering his body, but Dormammu was still alive and his soul was still in the dark dimension.

Both the dark dimension and Dormammu’s soul are eternal.

The solar realm is currently on the verge of devouring the dark dimension. Without the dark dimension, Dormammu’s soul has turned into a weed that can be instantly destroyed by energy particles in the nothingness of the cosmos.

A power that transcended dimensions manifested in front of a white translucent human soul as Rorschach. The human soul of Dormammu started to shake violently.

“What kind of power is this?”

“The power of destruction.”

Rorschach stretched out his hand, extended his palm toward Domammu’s human soul, and spit out a word, “Die.”

The power of destruction erupted, instantly shattering Dormammu’s soul completely.

Dormammu is a formidable magician after all. His soul is far more powerful than an average person, even in the state of the soul. Once Dormammu could abandon his body to become the lord of the dark dimension. Rorschach naturally wanted to completely crush his soul to keep him from being resurrected.

The ability to destroy God extends beyond the soul. Everything in the universe is capable of being destroyed as long as the power is strong enough. The solar dimension absorbed Dormammu’s dark dimension in addition to annihilating Dormammu’s soul.

Rorschach carefully felt the state of the solar dimension. It seemed that he was full and needed to digest it. Rorschach’s solar dimension will directly rise several levels once the dark dimension’s power has been fully assimilated.

Rorschach said to himself, “Go back and digest it carefully. We need to find some more suns to fill it in later.”

The number of suns that can be accommodated depends on the level of the solar dimension. Even if the universe is swallowed, it is not a problem to evolve from the dimension of the universe.

A small multiverse will eventually arise when the solar reality absorbs and merges more other dimensions. Rorschach will be in charge of this small multiverse at that point.

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Published On: May 10, 2023

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