“Damn, you, why do you have Infinity Stones and are so strong?” Dormammu felt the power fluctuations of the Infinity Stones, and his face became sour.

Dormammu is unafraid of the enemy in the dark dimension and is confident in facing one, even if Rorschach only has one or even two Infinity Stones. But the enemy has five of them.

The six Infinity Stones in the universe have been collected, only the final one is still missing. The power that explodes in this realm when all six Infinity Stones are obtained is unfathomable.

Even destroying the universe and killing Dormammu are not problems as long as the user is able to withstand the backlash power brought on by the six Infinity Stones.

Rorschach delivered a punch with the might of Infinity Stones just as Dormammu was about to faint from fear. Rorschach lashed out, and the dark dimension’s space barrier suddenly broke. The entire dark dimension was quivering.

Circle after circle of fissures, like spider webs, appeared, like shattered glass. The vast body of Dormammu and the surrounding cosmos were abruptly shattered and sent into the ominous cosmic space vortex.

From the depths of his soul, Dormammu wept. Heavy casualties were sustained by the Dark Dimension, and Dormammu endured agonizing suffering.

Dormammu’s corporeal body has long since been abandoned, and his spirit has blended with the entirety of the dark dimension.

Dormammu consequently experienced the agony of tearing his soul as a result of the dark dimension’s breaking.

“Rorschach, right…? Are you not here to bargain? Let’s discuss your bargain…” Dormammu made every effort to barely survive Rorschach’s strike.

As the dimension fractured, his right hand and complete arm vanished into the shadowy space vortex. Trauma of this nature appears to be harm at the ordinary level and cannot be simply restored by dark energy.

In order to stop time, use the dark dimension’s power to buy himself some time to heal from his wounds, and contemplate how to handle the current circumstance, Dormammu had the idea to question Rorschach about his bargain.

“Bargain? Have I ever expressed a desire to bargain with you?” Rorschach gave it some serious thinking.

Dormammu’s mouth twitched at the corner.

“Ah, I forgot…”

He slapped his head, Rorschach. He spent some time playing with Dr. Strange’s words when he initially reached the dark dimension. He intended to do this as a method to remember it.

“So, what terms do you want to bargain with me?” Dormammu questioned cautiously while trying to contain his anger.

“What terms do I want to make deal with you?” Rorschach lost himself in thought.

Dormammu experienced another insult. After he heals from his wounds, he will attempt to sneak the dark dimension into the multiverse’s recesses and transport Rorschach there.

After all, Infinity Stones’ power are only available in this universe. The Infinity Stones’ power will be nullified if you can go to a location that is outside the range of this universal force.

The Time Variant Authority, who made an appearance in the Loki story, is located in a specific region unaffected by the multiverse’s power, where all of the Infinity Stones will cease to have any use and turn into more exquisite regular stones.

Although if Dormammu is unable to get to the world where the TVA is, he can attempt to access certain unique locations outside of this universe.

It could be feasible to kill Rorschach if the Infinity Stones in his palm lose their strength and isolate Rorschach.

He returns to this world after killing Rorschach, invades it, eats Rorschach’s solar dimension, and then continues to grow his own dark dimension.

Dormammu gave a menacing smirk as he considered it. He wasn’t in a rush to intervene as Rorschach deliberated on the circumstances to cover. Rorschach naturally pondered as long as possible since he was postponing time.

Rorschach didn’t give the subject of the negotiation circumstances much thought, though. Rorschach discovered that Dormammu seems to desire to destroy the planet and his solar dimension based on what he had previously said.

Can one dimension devour another and combine with it?

Dormammu appears to have been invading Earth in the multiverse in order to widen the dark dimension field. Will his solar dimension expand quickly if it ingests Dormammu’s dark dimension?

This is comparable to Rorschach taking the sun into his own reality in the real world. But, Rorschach is also aware of a method for boosting the strength of the dimension, and that is through assassinating strong gods in his own dimension.

For instance, the Nine Realms’ gods are undoubtedly useless. You must slay stronger gods unless you kill a lot of them all at once, or the effect won’t be apparent.

“Your soul has fused with the Dark Dimension, Dormammu. Does this imply that the Dark Dimension will revert to its previous state as long as your soul is erased?” Rorschach abruptly questioned.

Dormammu was astonished when he heard this query because he was pondering how to handle Rorschach at the time. But he swiftly recovered, “You want to eat up my dark dimension? You can’t even remotely destroy my soul, what a joke.”

The dark dimension will theoretically revert to an unowned state as long as Dormammu’s soul is destroyed. Rorschach will find it much simpler to use his dimension to ingest the dark dimension.

But Dormammu’s soul was also what fused with the black dimension, and his soul was not something that could be easily destroyed. Rorschach still doesn’t hold a Soul Stone, which is unfortunate. If not, handling the current problem would be lot simpler.

He can only use the powerful Soul Stone because there aren’t any others.

“Well on, Domammu. Punch out your brains, the Ancient One advised. I can only use my fists to reason with you because you are unwilling to collaborate well.” Rorschach finished speaking and put up his hand.

Nine suns appeared over the pitch-black dimension all of a sudden. It is the solar dimension of Rorschach.

There used to be ten suns, but one was destroyed during the battle with the Celestials and was never replaced, leaving only nine suns today.

“Your dimension is too weak!”

The arrival of Rorschach’s solar dimension was anticipated by Dormammu, who was gratified rather than surprised. He was in control of the dark dimension’s strength as he slowly moved toward Rorschach’s solar dimension, oblivious to the earth below.

The Earth’s sky eventually went back to its former state as the dark forces moved toward the solar dimension.

As Kaecilius was on earth, he sensed that the black energy was gradually fading. Then, all of a sudden, he had the impression that the effects had worn off and they were entering a period of weakness, and they were abruptly unable to stand.

A Terminator robot moved in to handcuff Kaecilius’ hands and force him to the ground knowing what happened just now.

“Lock these people’s hands, forbid them from casting spells, give them sedatives, and bring them back to the trial!”


With utter disdain for the life and death of his followers on Earth, Dormammu summoned all the might of the dark dimension to demolish Rorschach’s sun dimension at this very time.

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Published On: May 10, 2023

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