Rorschach would become angrier the more composed he became. No matter how strong you are on other planets, once you enter a dimensional lord’s dimensional lord, you are essentially doomed.

The Celestials can be readily killed by Rorschach if he draws them to his solar dimension. The Celestials would not be so simple to kill if they were in the real world.

“Die!” A purple energy shock wave was released as Dormammu hissed at Rorschach and extended his lips widely.

Dormammu’s purple energy impact slammed down as Rorschach continued to stand still with his fists clenched in front of his chest. This incredibly horrific energy impact shattered the dark stars beneath Rorschach’s feet.

Rorschach’s feet lost their balance, lifting him into the air, and the energy hit of Dormammu caused him to fall back a few points.

“Has no one ever informed you that you have foul breath, Dormammu?” Rorschach exhibited an abhorrent expression.

Rorschach was suspended in the abyss like a normal human under the impact of Dormammu’s dreadful purple energy, as if what was bombarding him was not the evil energy that might destroy everything, but only an ordinary beam of light without any lethality.

“Impossible, who are you?” This time, Dormammu was finally a little moved, and his tone of voice was no longer as high, but he started to seriously consider Rorschach.

“I, Rorschach, God of Destruction, Protector of the Nine Realms, Emperor of Knowhere and the Kree, Butcher of the Celestials, and Ruler of the Solar Dimension.” Rorschach gave a brief introduction of himself.

Dormammu was undoubtedly surprised. He couldn’t come up with a title longer than Rorschach, so he remained mute for a while.

“All your titles will be mine once I murder you and devour your universe and dimension.”

Dormammu made the decision that he could take away all of Rorschach’s titles as long as he killed the man in front of him and devoured the earth. He will have such a long time each time he emerges when he next invades other earths in the multiverse.

As he spoke, Dormammu once more lifted his hand and gave Rorschach a hard slap. It resembled a giant killing an ant in front of him by slapping it.

The evil dimension shook when Dormammu’s palm touched the ground, and a surge of dark power also descended at the same time, as though wrapping Rorschach’s body in chains.

At this point, Rorschach’s connection to the solar dimension was severely compromised.

“Your dimension’s strength was lost when I severed the link between you and it. You are as vulnerable as a mortal right now!” Rorschach was tightly gripped by Dormammu after his enormous palm collapsed and caught him.

The anticipated sensation of exploding flesh and blood did not materialize. Instead, Dormammu’s hand stung and it appeared that his palm had squeezed something hard.

Inadvertently releasing his grip on Rorschach, Dormammu said angrily as he noticed that the man was still hanging there, “You… I have obviously cut off your link with your dimension, why…”

In spite of being much younger than his dark dimension, which has existed for a very long time, Rorschach’s solar dimension was only created a few years ago.

But at the moment, Dormammu closes the connection between Rorschach and his solar dimension using his dark dimension, preventing the passage of dimensional power from the dimension. It makes sense that Rorschach would become exposed. Yet Dormammu was smacked by the harsh reality.

“Who informed you I use dimensional energy?” Rorschach grinned while shaking his head. Rorschach has long since transferred the five Infinity Stones from the solar dimension to his suit.

The body of a Kryptonian is like a power bank. The qualities of Rorschach’s body are still emitting some power even though there isn’t a sun in the dark dimension because his body cells are currently saturated with solar energy.

It doesn’t matter if the sun isn’t shining. Rorschach received the Eye of Agamotto from the Ancient One. Rorschach can use time to lock his own state and allow himself to be in a state saturated with solar energy because he now possesses the Time stone.

Including power, quickness, physical defense, magic resistance, and blood replenishment.

Dormammu believed he had learnt a lot today, but just as he was beginning to wonder, Rorschach made his initial move and immediately moved forward.

Dormammu sensed an impending danger, which made his heart race. Two tiny stars accelerated on the spot and smashed towards Rorschach from left to right as he leaned back and moved his hands in the air.

Rorschach struck a star with one punch while also striking to the left and right.

While Rorschach was blasting the dark stars, Dormammu kept moving away. At that precise moment, he gathered the might of the dark dimension on his fist peak and punched Rorschach. He was struck by this blow.

“Go to hell!” When Dormammu shouted and lifted his fist, Rorschach raised his hands and violently blocked Dormammu’s blow.

Dark energy is always emitted in waves. A shock wave of dark energy exploded around the apex of Dormammu’s fist as it paused. He punched like he was hitting a wall that wasn’t there. No matter how hard he tried, he was unable to advance.

“You are obviously a mage, so why do you enjoy doing it with yourself?” With his fist, Rorschach fought off the mountain-like blow. He removed his right hand, tightened his fist, charged at the enormous fist in front of him, and delivered a powerful blow.

Dormammu was only a magician. He accidentally stepped into the dark dimension, where he eventually rose to the position of the ruler here.

Dormammu excels in using magic and energy attacks. For whatever reason, every magician in the Marvel universe prefers to engage in melee combat.

The fact that Rorschach punched Dormammu’s enormous fist seemed to be an understatement, yet the Power Stone immediately released a brilliant purple light as soon as his fist made contact with Dormammu.

Like ink dropping into clear water, a circle of destructive purple energy erupted from Rorschach’s fist and immediately corroded and dissolved the dark dimensional energy covering Dormammu’s entire body.

Dormammu’s fist came first, then his arm, and finally his entire body.

Before the opponent could respond, Rorschach waved his fist once more. With the first hit, he dispersed the dark energy bound to Dormammu’s body. The five Infinity Stones on the back of Rorschach’s hand all glowed brightly as he swung his fist this time.

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Published On: May 8, 2023

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