In front of the Sanctum Sanctorum that has collapsed. The aftermath of violence is all over the streets. The top-tier Terminator force from the area was sent out to confront the surprise emergence of Kaecilius and others.

Kaecilius and the others more easily absorbed the dark dimension’s power after destroying the three Sanctuaries on the earth, and their strength once more improved.

Even if the Terminator army is strong, it is helpless against such a collection of evil sorcerers.

“Are you merely dispatching a bunch of ineffective robots? Why not dispatch more superheroes? Let your earth guardian Rorschach arrive. I’ll show you the power of God today. The dark lord will now rule over the entire planet!”

When Kaecilius personally killed The Ancient One, his self-assurance reached its peak. He even thought he could surpass Rorschach.

After all, neither the precise Rorschach strength statistics nor the kind of potent Celestials that had previously invaded the globe were accurately announced by Earth officials.

Only Rorschach, the Godkiller Alliance, and the Celestials’ immense strength are known to the general population.

Since The Ancient One belonged to the Godkiller Alliance, which opposed the Celestials, Kaecilius believed he could kill Rorschach by himself.

Dormammu, who rules over the dark dimension, is more appealing than any god. Hence, he believed that he would have a significant advantage even if he encountered other Godkiller Alliance members.

Everyone is aware that The Ancient One purposefully allowed him to kill her.

Rorschach smiled as he shook his head in response to Kaecilius’s provocation.

The soul of The Ancient One covered her face with her hands, and said helplessly, “He wasn’t like this before, why don’t you go down and make him regret what he did?”

The Ancient One passed away, yet her spirit is still present in the world.

“Look at Dormammu, dealing with him is just going to be a waste.” Rorschach indicated the earth’s sky.

Those below could view the scene outside the cosmos as a crack appeared in the sky above the Sanctum Sanctorum, piercing both the sky and the ground. It was a dark dimension with black and purple.

“Has the evil come again?”

“Why is there this time such a commotion? Could it be that the gods who arrived this time are stronger than those who came before them?”

“The Godkiller Alliance and Mr. Rorschach are nowhere to be found. Will he arrive and rescue us?”

Several people experience intense panic as the dark dimension begins to crumble.

Rorschach drew all of the Celestials into the solar dimension when they first arrived outside of the earth, keeping their power from influencing the planet.

As a result, humans on earth can only observe the conflict between the Godkiller Alliance and the Celestials.

Of course, the entire world will be destroyed if the populace intuitively feels the Celestials’ oppressive power.

After destroying the three sanctuaries that had been guarding the earth, Kaecilius and his group were able to effectively call Dormammu to earth.

The strength of the dark dimension drove directly in once the space barriers between the earth and the sky were violently torn apart. Everyone was instantaneously overcome by an unfathomable fear.

“It’s time for you to take the stage, God of Destruction and our savior.” The Ancient One made a joke.

Rorschach snorted, “Why? Who said that eliminating gods wouldn’t be able to preserve the world? Do you have a problem with my destroying all injustices in this world?”

“Of course, I’m not against it.” The Ancient One said.

Rorschach remained silent but revealed himself to be dressed in combat gear with five Infinity Stones arranged on the back of his right hand. He took to the air and flew into the gloomy Dormammu dimension.

The crowd cheered as soon as they spotted the mysterious dark shape in the sky.

“Is it a bird, an airplane, or something else?”

“Believe it or not, I will smack you if you dare to regard Mr. Rorschach’s figure as a bird or an airplane.”

The locals were terrified when Rorschach appeared because they firmly thought that the shadowy figure in the sky could repeatedly save the planet.

The force of faith is continuously flowing toward Rorschach in an endless trickle. Rorschach took to the air and flew into the shadowy realm.

The dark dimension is not completely dark. Rather, it resembles a universe of enormous microscopic particles that is rich with dark energy-based molecular linkages that resemble stars. Rorschach touched down on a large orb that was pulsating with dark energy.

Two enormous, brilliant eyes with waves of purple flame appeared in front of him repeatedly. When the eyeballs appeared, the space gradually became concentrated on them, and energy waves continued to appear.

That’s Dormammu’s head. Dormammu’s head is large enough to be a mountain.

Rorschach accidentally blurted, “Dormammu, I’ve come to bargain.”

Dr. Strange didn’t visit Kamar Taj to learn magic because extraterrestrial technology had already cured his hands. The Ancient One has now evolved into a soul. He is now the sole being on this planet who can negotiate with Dormammu.

Wanda is currently employed as a kindergarten teacher and is likely too busy playing with a few kids to stop by.

Dormammu eyes were fixed on Rorschach.

“You are here to die, and I own your dimension. But wait, you’re also a dimension lord, right? I own not only this world but also your dimension.” Dormammu’s expression suddenly became excited.

It was the thrill of traveling to new places.

Dormammu waved his hand like a star passing By when he was done speaking. Endless dark energy poured in and as it neared Rorschach, it transformed into countless spikes and began to fall at him like a downpour.

Rorschach continued to clasp his fists in front of his chest while allowing hundreds of black energies to develop spikes on him.

Rorschach was struck by many dark spikes until his body was entirely destroyed. Rorschach then stood still and even let out a bored yawn while being attacked by them.

Dormammu twisted his lip in indignant reaction.

“I underestimated you. You who can become a dimension lord must not be an ordinary person. The shot just now was just a test. Now, I have to be serious.” Dormammu spoke again.

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Published On: May 8, 2023

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