“Yet treating the fractures in both hands costs a lot of money, and that guy has plenty of cash.” Rorschach could still evaluate the plot following Strange’s vehicle crash even without the Time Stone.

It simply amounts to selling additional high-profile watches, his opulent cars and homes, or depending on her partner to cover the cost. In conclusion, based on current medical technology, Stephen Strange can undoubtedly treat his hands.

“Strange will still become Doctor Strange if the current timeline is followed.” Said The Ancient One.

“Didn’t you say that you wanted to give Wanda or me the title of Sorcerer Supreme?” The Time Stone in the Eye of Agamotto was what Rorschach primarily desired.

“Sorcerer Supremeā€¦ Even though I can’t see into the future. You won’t exist in this reality once I see it. Within a year, there is a good chance that you will depart from this universe. You don’t want Wanda to be the Sorcerer Supreme, let alone protect any Sanctum Sanctorum on my behalf.”

“I recall that you also possess the capacity to foresee the future, therefore I’m puzzled as to why you left this reality.” The Ancient One added after pausing.

“What? Why do I have to leave this universe when I have a good life?”

Rorschach rubbed his temples. His alleged ability to predict the future was actually merely his comprehension of comic books and movie plots. Who knows where the plot will go next, as the universe has now been diverted from the comic book and film universes by him.

Rorschach believed that he could only leave this universe if he had to face One Above All or a more powerful force. It wouldn’t make sense not to exist in this reality otherwise.

After all, Rorschach hasn’t yet convinced everyone in the universe that the God of Destruction exists.

The Ancient One didn’t answer.

“Why don’t you lend me the Time Stone?” Rorschach inquired in a tentative manner.

“The more you know about the future, the more likely, the larger the variability in the future to come,” the Ancient One said graciously as she removed the Eye of Agamotto from around her neck and generously offered it to Rorschach.

The Eye of Agamotto was pushed back by Rorschach and said, “Forget it, I won’t read it.”

“I gave you the Eye of Agamotto, Rorschach. After all, keeping the Infinity Stone would be too risky. Thanos will eventually find you if you leave this universe.” Once more, the Ancient One pushed Rorschach with the Eye of Agamotto.

Rorschach can kill the Celestials with a single blow, and he has complete control over the Eye of Agamotto.

“Strange was involved in a car accident in a different parallel universe, but his hands remained unharmed. His girlfriend Christine Palmer was involved in the disaster. He lost his beloved. He came upon Kamar Taj by accident and became your student.” Rorschach informed the Ancient One about Doctor Strange’s beginnings in a different universe.

He began to say, but The Ancient One frowned, “I won’t bring this up. Although I sincerely hope Strange will succeed me, it will certainly not be at the cost of a life.”

“Listen to me.”

Rorschach said, “Later, Strange in that reality was preoccupied with the undead magic to his girlfriend, and even sank into the darkness repeatedly, acquiring dark magic, and became an Evil version of Doctor Strange.”

“You’re saying that Strange must never lose his lover?” The Ancient One gave Rorschach a perplexed glance.

Rorschach nodded in agreement, “I’m trying to say that Stephen Strange is a bad magician, and many Stephen Stranges around the multiverse will either fall involuntarily or voluntarily to the dark side.

“Regarding the guardian of the three Sanctum Sanctorum.”

“Aesir and other races are options. Due to the restrictions placed on immigration by the Nine Realms, it is not unusual that many gods desire to immigrate to Earth. Suppose you’re looking for Kamar Taj’s guardians. They will be more than delighted to arrive, so you can be sure to find them.”

Rorschach believed that you must always be willing to change your habits and ways of thinking. There is no reason to cling to the subject of the supposedly predetermined fate. Let Stephen Strange have a few setbacks before realizing the importance of his profession and his love.

A superhero who is capable of saving the world is currently the most necessary thing on the planet.

The Ancient One considered it and decided that Rorschach was correct, “Alright… I will visit Odin. Forget it. He’s about to pass away. I should speak with Zeus. I’ll let you handle Dormammu. Will you try to bargain with Dormammu?”

“I will even smash out his brain for you, if that ruler of the dark dimension dares to come to the earth.”

The Ancient One smiled as she shook her head after hearing this.


Two weeks later.

The Ancient One’s former apprentice, Kaecilius organized a ceremony to call Domamu with the help of other magicians who also fell into darkness. All the magicians who carried out this ceremony had eyes that appeared to have smokey makeup.

They took the initiative to enter London’s Sanctum Sanctorum.

Kaecilius and his team’s combat prowess has significantly grown as a result of their absorption of the Dormammu’s strength. They are by far superior to the common wizards in the London Sanctuary.

The Ancient One, at this point, took action. The Ancient One did not show up at all in the original plot when Kaecilius stormed the London Sanctuary.

She didn’t get there until after New York’s Sanctum Sanctorum collapsed. She actually desired to pass away in front of Doctor Strange so that he could take on the responsibility of defending the planet in exchange for her death.

The Ancient One doesn’t need to think as much just now, though.

She showed in when Kaecilius and his crew first began their raid, and she and Kamar Taj’s magicians fought off Kaecilius’s assault.

The wizards of Kamar Taj fell to Kaecilius, who absorbed the dark power, after the death of The Ancient One. They conquered three of the holiest sites on Earth in a single hour thanks to Kaecilius’ portals and their advantages.

Begin to welcome Dormammu on his arrival. The Ancient One’s spirit did not flee quickly into the void. Instead, it stood beside Rorschach in the last Sanctum Sanctorum sky. Waiting patiently for Dormammu to arrive.

“Why don’t you leave?” Looking at the spirit of The Ancient One next to him, Rorschach questioned.

The Ancient One regarded the sky and the advancing dark dimension, “I’m interested to see how you handle Dormammu. After all, I have utilized his strength for a long time.”

“How do you want me to handle him?” Rorschach enquired.

The Ancient One, however, smiled and said to Rorschach, “Smash out his brain.”

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