A will that seemed to have the power to destroy the planet and the universe came from Rorschach when he confirmed it and named it “destruction.” Tony and other regular folks are unable to see it.

Although they are not gods, The Ancient One and Wanda are both skilled magicians who were able to detect Rorschach’s destructive aura right away.

As the other gods of the Nine Realms, including Zeus and Odin, already possess godhood, Rorschach was also born with it. They were aware of it immediately and terrified by its destructive power.

It seems that Rorschach could demolish their souls with just one glance.

“You…have a godhood, Rorschach?” Thor inhaled. He felt great pressure as Rorschach’s sidekick and Asgard’s monarch.

Rorschach is not purposefully trying to stop Thor with his power. Even though Rorschach is actually as weak as a newborn infant and poses no threat to these strong gods that have existed for countless years, the gods of the Nine Realms nonetheless have a natural aversion to him.

“Yes, I’m rather startled, possibly because I killed so many gods in my solar dimension. Rorschach explained.

“What is yours, Lord Rorschach? I sense a horrifying destructive power coming from you. Is yours a destructive one?” Hela addressed Rorschach with respect.

Rorschach was now able to detect a tiny amount of trust from Hela. The strength of belief is that it may bolster and nurture him.

“Mine is destruction.” Rorschach didn’t conceal it.

“Destruction? Rorschach, are you now known as the God of Destruction?” Thor uttered rashly.

Odin and Zeus exchanged glances as Rorschach grinned indifferently, and they both sensed that his status was higher than theirs.

Meanwhile, on Earth.

Every person who looks up at the sky has an imprint of the conflict between the Godkiller Alliance and the Celestials.

The officials swiftly came forward and let the public know the overall truth as Rorschach beheaded the gods one by one, erasing the earth’s fear of the approaching gods.

Rorschach inspires Asgard and others to fight against the invasion of extraterrestrial gods because “the bad gods in the world want to enslave and destroy the planet.”

Rorschach knew that this information had traveled throughout the world, and he perceived a river-like movement of people’s beliefs toward him.

This is the power of faith of the people.

Although most of these powers of faith come from ordinary people, the accumulation of small amounts adds up over time. Rorschach has repeatedly saved the planet, earning him the title of a god in the eyes of the people. Even many people pause to consider their actions before taking them.

Rorschach escorted Wanda back to the seaside resort, where he retired after temporarily resolving the Celestials’ problems.

One of Rorschach’s final two big tasks before retiring has been accomplished. But he still hasn’t received the Soul Stone Thanos is holding. But given how things are going, Thanos won’t visit Earth for a while.

Of course, Thanos also knew the power of Rorschach.

Even if Thanos receives all the Infinity Stones, he might not be able to snap his fingers and end the universe’s half-life because Rorschach can utterly eliminate Thanos a hundred times faster at his present speed before he snaps his fingers.

It was the same as giving away his head and the stones outright if he come now. This titan has been plotting to take out Odin and The Ancient One for a long time.

Finally realizing that the scheme would work, Rorschach arrived out of nowhere. It truly irritates him.

Thanos won’t visit Earth. In his last ditch effort, Rorschach can only send a message to The Collector and request that he dispatch a fleet to look for signs of Thanos around the universe. Thanos is now hiding in the center of the universe, so if he finds him, let Rorschach know immediately.

Day by day, time goes by.

Wanda, who enjoys kids, disguises herself and enrolls in a welfare kindergarten in New York to work as a teacher to escape her monotonous life and gain experience working with kids.

As for Rorschach himself, he is traveling to other planets in addition to being Wanda’s companion on Earth. This is not Rorschach’s creation; rather, it increases faith among people on other planets and builds up faith’s power in preparation for his future power.

On this day, the Ancient One sent a message warning that her time was drawing near. According to Rorschach’s calculations, it was almost time for the Ancient One to be betrayed by her pupil, Kaeciilius.

In Kamar Taj.

The Ancient One was still sitting in front of the table, preparing tea slowly and methodically while donning a vivid yellow monk robe. After seeing him enter the portal and emerge before her, she also made Rorschach a cup of tea.

“When are you leaving? The Ancient One and Rorschach sat down face to face, took the teacup, and questioned.

“It will most likely occur in the middle of this month.”

“But there might be some changes on Stephen Strange’s side.” the Ancient One said after pausing briefly in her speech.

“What changes?” Rorschach inquired while frowning.

The Ancient One sighed and cast a glance at Rorschach, saying, “Now that the earth has entered the new era, let alone broken hands, he can be fixed instantaneously as long as his head is fine.”

“Broken hands…”

Rorschach suddenly recalled that Stephen Strange visited Kamar Taj after a vehicle accident left him with fractures in both hands.

Strange is an excellent surgeon. He relies on those hands for a living. In the original story, Strange was involved in a car accident and fractured both hands, costing him his job and ruining his career.

Strange asked by coincidence about Kamar Taj to mend his hands. Following a sequence of occurrences, Strange eventually developed into a formidable mage who replaced The Ancient One as the new Supreme Sorcerer.

Strange does not need to study magic with Karma Taj if treating fractures in both hands is no longer a medical problem.

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Published On: May 7, 2023

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