“Don’t come here, Roschach, I can kill him!” Tony Stark’s forceful heart took a heavy beating as he witnessed Rorschach killing the Celestials.

Before the words could be said, however, the Gatherer suddenly gave up, opened his enormous hands, and seized Tony’s armor.

“Oh, no, Rorschach! Please save me. He’s about to blow himself up!”

Despite its enormous size, the Godkiller Armor is entirely constructed to a Mothership standard. The Godkiller Armor ultimately falls short by one size when compared to the genuine Celestial.

Tony immediately started the emergency procedure and jumped out of the cockpit as quickly as possible. The Gatherer’s body abruptly exploded the minute he emerged from the Godkiller Armor.

The Godkiller Armor ripped apart simultaneously as the horrific shock wave rapidly expanded. Yet, the shock wave that obliterated everything appeared to be separated by some force when it struck Tony Stark while he was wearing the Mark 50 armor.

Tony’s body appeared in the real world precisely after Rorschach pushed him out of the solar dimension. Tony Stark cannot be harmed by the solar dimension explosion for this reason.

Tony was dragged back to the solar dimension by Rorschach once the explosion completely died down.

“Thank God I’m still alive.” Tony looked at the Godkiller armor that had burned to ashes and murmured with some lingering anxiety.

The Gatherer passed away, leaving Nezarr the Calculator as the sole remaining Celestial in the entire Celestials.

Hela, Loki, Zeus, Odin, and Thor assaulted Nezarr without hesitation. Nezar could only die as a result of Wanda, The Ancient One, and the others.

“This time, it has truly ended.” The Ancient One exhaled deeply with relief.

Zeus and Thor cheered in triumph after killing Nezarr.

Rorschach remained seated while quietly reviewing the system’s reward points. Tiamut received more than two million points for being the first to kill. That is the least strong. The point reward is not big.

Regarding the nine Celestials who arrived in the group. Because the entire Godkiller Alliance functions as a team, the system awarded points to Rorschach in addition to the seven gods he murdered, Jemiah, whom Tony Stark killed, and Nezarr, whom Odin and others killed.

The algorithm awarded a total of more than 50 million points for eliminating nine Celestials. With more than nine million points, the Exitar has the most among them. He is, after all, the most potent of the nine Celestials.

In addition, Arishem has around 8 million reward points.

After all, Arishem also possesses a powerful strength that is worth many points.

Rorschach glanced at the system interface.

Character attributes:

Lineage: Kryptonian Bloodline

Level: LV5

Additional Attribute: Magic Proficiency

Skills: Man of Steel, Bio-Force Field, Super Strength, Super Speed.

Mission Points: 81151056

He has accumulated enough points to reach the next level of Kryptonian blood, but he still needs more than 19 million.

“Unfortunately, more Celestials would be excellent.”

The Celestials’ power ranges from good to bad. The weakest only exists at the planet level, whereas the strongest exists at the multiverse level.

The more powerful gods of this universe are not here. The remainder is likely on the same level as the Tiamut, or perhaps none exist at all.

“Before One Above All realizes that the Celestials were harmed, I must raise the Kryptonian bloodline to a higher level.”

The Kryptonian bloodlines are divided into six levels. Rorschach’s present fifth level is the highest that regular Kryptonians can go, and the only way for him to continue growing indefinitely is to achieve the sixth level, the level of infinite potential.

In actuality, Rorschach is also gravely afraid of having insufficient firepower. He can’t compete with the multiversal entity that is coming, therefore don’t look at him destroying the gods right now.

With just a few motions, the most powerful being in the Marvel world might wipe out a single universe or possibly an infinite number of them. The Celestials can only be viewed as a weaker group in terms of overall strength.

“What’s wrong with you, Rorschach? You should be glad that the Celestials were defeated. Why are you wearing such a serious face?” Thor flew up to Rorschach’s side as though he intended to celebrate today and wouldn’t go back home until he was wasted.

“It’s nothing. I was only thinking how many enemies there are in this universe,” Rorschach spoke informally.

Rorschach doesn’t necessarily object to Thor and One Above All being mentioned together. Yet, Thor has not yet reached his full capacity and still finds it difficult to deal with a less powerful deity. being aware of the existence of numerous stronger gods, including The Living Tribunal, First Firmament, One Above All, etc.

Knowing too much will only bear the pressure that this strength should not bear.

The level of the solar dimension was continuously raised under Rorschach’s control as he absorbed the life force of these deceased gods.

[Ding, congratulating the host, you now possess a new godhood; please specify the conditions and characteristics of the godhood.]


The tone of the system’s notification startled Rorschach. Why did he suddenly become divine? Is it as a result of the 10 Celestials he slaughtered in the sun dimension? The solar dimension then took in the life force of the Celestials.

Rorschach has a glimmer of speculation, but additional study is required to substantiate his speculation.

Determine the rule attributes for your godhood. Plainly speaking, it is to give him a new name, and Rorschach’s godhood will develop in this direction in the future.

“Sun God? No, it’s too plain.”

Rorschach had a lot of thoughts in his mind at this moment—Gods of Creation, Eternity, Infinity, Annihilation, Death, and Devouring Stars.

Since there is a God of creation, there should be a God of destruction. Only in this way can life and death, creation and destruction, be balanced.

“My godhood is…destruction!”

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Published On: May 7, 2023

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