Another Celestial has fallen. There are currently six gods left from the original group of nine who descended. When Rorschach ran out of time to focus on the other gods, Arishem feverishly attacked the solar dimension’s space barrier in an effort to leave this dimension.

To contact the One Above All, he needs to travel to the multiverse.

Although the recent exchange between Eson and Arishem was conducted in the Celestials’ language rather than the Universal Language. Rorschach continued to examine the information shared between the two using Mind Stone’s analytical capabilities.

The leader of the Celestials is not in this universe. He’s in the multiverse.

Rorschach’s greatest fear while dealing with the Celestials at this time is the One Above All. It is really wonderful news that this multiversal entity is not here.

“You wanted to leave?” Knowing that Arishem was leaving for the multiverse, Rorschach snorted coldly, wondering how he could possibly let him go.

He lifted his hand and snapped his fingers before concluding.

The four Infinity Stones once more glowed brightly instantly as soon as they heard the sound of snapping. The solar dimension’s space barrier was once more strengthened as a powerful upwelling of energy quickly repaired the gap Rorschach had previously broken.

My dimensional space appears to have improved in stability. Rorschach snapped his fingers and noticed a little rise in the level of his solar dimension. He gasped in shock as he noticed the gods’ bodies floating in the void.

Exitar, Jemiah, Eson, and Tiamut.

In the solar dimension of Rorschach, the four gods perished. The solar dimension absorbed the soul and life force of the dead gods, significantly strengthening the dimension.

Arishem’s trembling hands reveal that he appears to be unable to break through the solar dimension’s space barrier quickly.

To breach the Rorschach solar dimension’s space wall, Arishem is utilizing force.

He is unable to freely travel across the multiverses due to his lack of particularly strong strength. Consider Dormammu as an example, for him to visit the earth in this universe, he must rely on the believers there performing some rite.

This rite is akin to sending a signal flare into it in order for Dormammu to locate the signal flare, travel through the enormous hole in the multiverse, and arrive on Earth.

Rorschach settled the area and moved closer to Arishem. The Executioner, on the other side, gave the Arishem more time to leave this reality by stopping Thor and Zeus at the same time, allowing the Surveyor to go, and teleporting to Rorschach.

Rorschach gave the Surveyor not even a glance. In the face of Rorschach, this Celestial has absolutely no chance.

Rorschach struck the enormous body of the Surveyor like a meteor hitting the earth. The Surveyor’s armor suddenly broke.

But he appeared to have anticipated this scenario for a very long time. Instead, as Rorschach struck him, he bowed his body, which caused the vast amount of gods’ life energy to condense and suddenly burst.

The entire solar dimension was affected by the life energy explosion’s force. Space barrier fissures first developed at the epicenter of his explosion and then expanded outward.

Odin, The Ancient One, and the others all looked toward the center of the explosion.

A little figure could be seen in the explosion’s center when the shock wave subsided. The explosion shock wave and space fractures that were expanding outward abruptly came to an end as he raised his right hand high.

They all eventually retraced their steps and went back to their starting points after a brief pause that appeared to be caused by someone pressing the movie’s reverse button.

“I am the ruler in this dimension!”

Rorschach altered the Surveyor’s blast wave using the power of the Space and Reality Stone, then focused the explosion’s full force on Arishem.

Arishem has almost destroyed the solar dimension’s physical space curtain. He needs just two or three more seconds before he can depart from the solar dimension and enter the multiverse.

Nevertheless, the two or three seconds that followed turned into a natural moat between Arithme the Judge and the multiverse. A moat that is impossible to traverse in one lifetime.

The moment a tiny dot of light touched Arishem’s shoulder, a shock wave of the same intensity as the Surveyor’s recent explosion once more swept the entire area.

The dimensional space barriers sent wave-like ripples. The explosion’s focal point shrank back into itself. Like spider webs, cracks were visible.

“Please don’t…” His body was destroyed and crumbled in this earth-shattering explosion, leaving Arishem in an unending state of misery.

Rorschach continued to fix the dimensional space’s crack without pausing at all. True enough, two gods perished simultaneously, and his solar dimension somewhat grew.

Both The Surveyor and Arishem have passed away.

There are still four members of the nine Celestials who descended here today.

“The Celestials, the fight is over. Do you regret doing it?”

The Godkiller Armor and the Gatherer were under Tony Stark’s direct control while engaged in hand-to-hand combat.

Despite the fact that the Gatherer destroyed the right arm, and the armor has been damaged up to this point. Yet after seeing Rorschach slay multiple gods in a succession, Tony is able to foresee how this conflict would turn out.

As a result, his confidence was raised, and he started to attack the Gatherer.

Along with wielding the Odinsword, Odin also released a significant amount of Celestial Material, which shattered Nezarr’s armor. It might be because the remaining four gods lost their will to fight after many other gods perished.

The Ancient One will continue to be slaughtered by Hargen as long as she is trapped in the time loop. The Ancient One removed the spell as soon as Rorschach came near.

I’m sorry, The Ancient One, I kept you waiting.

The Ancient One, relieved but maintained her composure when Rorschach appeared next to her, muttered, “About time.”

The Old One and Hela had the most fatalities in the Godkiller Alliance. Because she created a time loop, her death can be endlessly reset to the living state. As long as Asgard is not destroyed, Hela can be brought back from the dead indefinitely.

The ones left who cannot be raised from the dead dare not pass away carelessly. Rorschach was talking to The Ancient One and punching Hargen.

Rorschach punched and didn’t even look at the gaping area in front of him. He flashed once again before approaching Wanda, Thor, and Zeus.

The Executioner was being fought by these three. He kept hitting the Executioner with punches. Rorschach immediately killed two gods after the solar dimension’s space fractured once more.

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Published On: May 7, 2023

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