After all, Rorschach has a “steel body,” so jumping from the Osborn Group’s top floor shouldn’t be an issue. Just that when Rorschach fell, he smashed a sizable hole in the Osborn Group’s concrete floor.

“My God, is this truly something that people are capable of?”

When Norman Osborn viewed this image from the top floor of the Osborn Group, he was once more persuaded that Rorschach was not an average person living on Earth.

God on the planet…

Rorschach had referred to himself in that way, Norman recalled. It’s possible that the person in front of him is a god. Rorschach landed and then, before the Osborn Group security personnel could come, he was gone.

Character attributes:

Strength: SSS

Spirit: SS

Physical resistance: SSS+

Magic resistance: S

Skills: Man of Steel, Super Strength, Super Brain (After obtaining seven Kryptonian abilities, you can upgrade to Kryptonian blood, upgrade progress 3/7, Note: The default Kryptonian bloodline template: El family.)

Mission Points: 66731

Mission Board:

Exclusive mission stage 2 (Overspeed Flight): You must conquer your fear of heights and jump off ten iconic structures, such as the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Stark Tower, and Osborn Group Building, before you can learn to fly. You can acquire the special talents and flying capabilities of a Kryptonian.

Mission progress: 1/10

Exclusive mission stage 2 (Thermal Vision): Learn advanced welding techniques, assemble 10,000 objects by yourself, and acquire the unique Kryptonian ability of thermal vision.

Mission Progress: 0/10000,


“The Osborn Group building was constructed for the purpose of performing a supersonic flight. Which structure shall I leap out of next?

For the time being, He does not wish to go to Stark Industries. Black Widow and Agent Sharon have vanished. If Rorschach can’t get in touch with them, he will try not to.

“Let’s dance around the Statue of Liberty until evening, it has been determined.” Rorschach climbed into his large Benz, hit the gas, and headed for his house.

The next few days, Rorschach attended high school in the metropolis, attending classes during the day and prowling the streets at night in search of the famous buildings he could jump over.

At least in comparison to the first level of the Kryptonian bloodline quest, which has a challenging time requirement, the second stage appears to be very simple. Rorschach has now scaled nine buildings, and he is looking forward to tonight’s chance to leap to the Stark Industrial Building.

Rorschach will be able to activate the ‘Overspeed Flight’ power of Kryptonian blood after clocking in and jumping 10 buildings. Many things will be considerably more practical once the capacity to fly is unlocked.

The Osborn Group, meantime After the mysterious green guy slaughtered the Osborn Group’s stockholders, Norman Osborn was immediately the target of the police and FBI. Following Rorschach’s advice, Norman destroyed everything connected to the Green Goblin costume.

Neither the police nor the FBI were able to discover any possession proof in a short amount of time. In addition, Osborne received a 5 billion infusion from Rorschach and personally engaged a group of attorneys to assist him in dealing with the police and the Osborn Group shares.

As for Norman, he called the group back together to work on creating a physical enhancement medicine with no negative effects.

This time, Rorschach traded the points for the ideal super soldier serum instead of using them immediately. The Green Goblin personality serum had previously been given to Norman by Rorschach, which was akin to giving him a golden finger. That much is too much for physical improvement potions to justify.

The project to buy the Osborn Group can only be put on hold for the time being because the Osborn Group stockholders who supported the selling of shares are all deceased.

Tony Stark has recently stated that he will not be overseeing the business. Rorschach provided him with all the technology and patents for the new element, which he quickly created on his own and incorporated to the Arc reactor.

Palladium toxicity was successfully addressed. Tony invited Rorschach to a large celebration he hosted at Stark Industries as a result.

Exclusive mission stage 2 (Overspeed Flight): You must conquer your fear of heights and jump off ten iconic structures, such as the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Stark Tower, and Osborn Group Building, before you can learn to fly. You can acquire the special talents and flying capabilities of a Kryptonian. Mission progress: 10/10

Rorschach left Tony’s party and quickly made his way to Stark Industries’ roof to relieve himself. He jumped off the roof of Stark Industries while it was dark and nobody was looking, taking advantage of the situation.

The wide lawn lay below, but Rorschach made little noise. He heard the notification sound from the system as he emerged from the mud hole on the lawn.

[Ding! I’d like to congratulate the host for finishing the second part of the unique assignment, “Overspeed Flight.” The host now has the capacity to fly like a Kryptonian and can effortlessly defy gravity and travel at extremely high speeds.]

“Finally, I can fly.”

In addition to raising his head and jumping, Rorschach patted the dirt off of his body.


With the sound of an explosion that was faster than the speed of sound, Rorschach shot into the air. Standing in the sky, Rorschach peered down at the busy metropolis below.

“The wide sky is my love.”

Rorschach’s mobile phone rang at this precise moment. When he pulled it from his pocket, he could see Tony was on the line.

There was a commotion with Tony shouting at the top of the phone after pushing the answer button “Why haven’t you returned yet, Rorschach? Did you fall in the bathroom? Everyone can see how I battle. Would you like to experience the pee purification function of the clothing? The flavor is precisely the same as that of pure water.”

“No, please, drink more of your own, don’t waste it!”

Rorschach firmly refused Tony’s request, hung up the phone, and then took off for Stark Industries’ restroom once more.

One day following a week. Rorschach walked by himself to his car after concluding the daytime teaching with the intention of driving himself home.

“Mister Rorschach.”

A Rolls Royce was parked next to Rorschach’s large vehicle, and a lean middle-aged man wearing a suit and leather shoes got out of it.

“Harry, Peter, and Mary Jane went to the movies on Friday, Norman. Did he not inform you?” Rorschach believed that Norman Osborn had shown up as usual to bring Harry up from school.

Norman grinned and shook his head “But I’m here to find you today. I located everyone you asked me to locate previously. These are their contact details.”

Rorschach was given a file bag by Norman after he pulled it out of his handbag. When Rorschach opened the file bag, he discovered that it contained various people’s information files. Jane Foster, Erik Selvig, and Darcy Lewis are those folks.

Astrophysicist Jane Foster and her group are working in New Mexico on some astronomical study.

Rorschach examined the details Norman had provided. He may fairly infer that Thor, the God of thunder, is soon to arrive on earth based on the plotlines of Iron Man 2 and Thor 1.

S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Coulson found Tony in Iron Man 2 and informed him that he had been moved to New Mexico to carry out a covert operation before Ivan used Hammer Industries to send Tony the ultimate retaliation. The purpose of Coulson’s covert expedition is to look into the Thor’s Hammer that landed on the planet.

Rorschach instructed Norman to use his contacts to locate the most recent Dr. Jane Foster trends after recently observing the news in New Mexico. Finding Jane Foster was similar to surpassing S.H.I.E.L.D. and gaining knowledge about Thor in the first place, however, Rorschach was unable to pinpoint the precise hour of Thor’s entrance.

“Please assist me to reach Dr. Jane Foster, Norman. Her project has my full interest, and I intend to contribute to it.” Rorschach kept perusing the profiles of these individuals.

Suddenly, Norman Osborn’s face exhibited an “I get it” expression.

Norman discovered during the inquiry that Dr. Jane Foster is not only very smart but also a rare beauty. So now the issue arises: Is Rorschach more intrigued by this endeavor or by this stunning doctor?

Norman’s countenance started to turn vulgar, and Rorschach could not see what he had misread. This sort of thing, however, cannot be described. My true motivation for speaking with Jane Foster is for another man.

After a brief period of unsettling stillness, Rorschach coughed lightly and brought up a new topic: “How is the research of the ideal physical enhancement potion going?”

When Norman heard Rorschach inquire about the status of his project, a broad smile spread across his face, “The test on the lab mice is flawless. The medication used to increase physical strength had mania and violence as adverse effects, which we have now resolved. I’ll then start my human experimentation. The military has the most recent information for the trial, which is greatly appreciated. They are even willing to give subjects for human experimentation.”

“Mr. Rorschach, the physical enhancement potion will alter the course of history if we can secure the complete backing of the military for our endeavor! With this initiative, we’ll probably catch up to Stark Industries in ten years!”

When Rorschach overheard Norman Osborn optimistically looking toward the future, he couldn’t help but find it amusing, “Norman, you don’t have to make up Stark Industries as a foe. The sea of stars should be our destination.”

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