The conflict between Rorschach and Exitar gradually came to an end as the members of the Godkiller Alliance engaged the Celestials.

Despite the strength of both sides, Rorschach has benefited from the strong Kryptonian bloodline and all of its qualities, including strength and protection. In addition to receiving the benefit of four Infinity Stones, his combat efficiency has also been directly improved.

Rorschach threw a punch. The sound of straight hits was followed by countless shadows of fists falling all over Exitar’s body.

Countless purple light rays lighted up Exitar’s entire torso. His armor was destroyed. Exitar’s figure quickly collapsed as the purple light detonated.

The power of the Infinity Stones accumulated on Rorschach’s right hand as he raised it high.

“Stop!” Arishem sensed the accustomed energy alterations. He found it incomprehensible that Exitar wasn’t even on par with Rorschach.

“Too late.” When Rorschach landed a blow, the sky once more developed a space crack.

The space crack suddenly exploded the following instant, revealing a shadowy space vortex. This split spread Exitar’s body, tearing it apart in the process. This power is too strong for even a strong Celestial to handle.

“Exitar…” Arishem clenched his fist.

Exitar’s body was damaged, and the life machine was unable to mend it. The area was filled with a substantial volume of Celestial Substance.

Another Celestial dies.

The loss of Exitar caused the other Celestials to lose their minds. The Ancient One was immediately under more strain. Hargen was able to fight back The Ancient One in this tight time loop, despite the fact that he was unable to escape the time loop’s restrictions like the Arishem could.

Thor wounded the Surveyor, but he was sent flying tens of thousands of meters backward after being struck by the Surveyor’s scepter. Wanda desires to transfer Thor to the battleground once more.

Arishem, the Surveyor, and the Executioner—the three Celestials on the battlefield—all directed a beam toward her. They launched a fierce assault. Wanda must also exert all of her strength in order to create an energy barrier.

Eson suddenly erupted with the gods’ energy all over his body, which oscillated and crushed the undead army that was creeping all over him.

Even Hela is powerless to resurrect a dead person without a soul while countless spirits soar and destroy.

“Small low-level gods, you shouldn’t be the great gods’ enemies!” Eson snatched Hela up. Many ground thorns that resembled mountains surrounded his entire body as she raised his hands gradually and delicately before stabbing at Eson.

The planet-sized gods, however, are too big to be fended off by the mountain-like thorns.

Eson seized the thorns that resembled mountains and broke them with a toothpick. He caught even Hela, who was perched above the thorns.

Thankfully, Asgard has long held a bond with Hela’s soul. Hela is immortal as long as Asgard is not destroyed.

Except for Odin, who triumphed over Nezarr in the battle, everyone else is in terrible condition, even though Hela won’t perish. Perhaps Odin can eliminate Calculating Nezar by himself if given additional time.

Only Odin, in addition to Tony’s assault and the demise of Jemiah, was able to kill a Celestial with only his own strength. Others are unable to endure till that point.

Once more, standing in front of Arishem was Rorschach. His heart was filled with unending horror. His body’s broken half had not yet fully healed from Rorschach’s strike. He turned back to face Rorschach at this point.

“I’ll spare the planet and swear never to punish it for its sins.” Arishem’s face was obviously expressionless, but his six enormous scarlet eyes, which resembled a gaping abyss, revealed a sensation of fear.

“Sins? Tell me, why is the earth guilty?” Rorschach punched once more while he was talking.

Stop, there won’t be any more living planets in this universe if you dare to slay the Celestials, and countless lives will continue to be lost until the entire universe is enveloped in darkness. Arishem retreated, not because he didn’t want to confront Rorschach, but rather because he was too powerful.

Rorschach might only be stopped by The One Above All, who does not exist in this universe. The One Above All is a multiversal entity.

Only they must continue to exist in this universe in order to carry out the first firmament’s wish, breed more Celestial, and develop new habitable worlds.

“I now understand why the Eternals are so haughty. It turns out that you are the source of their arrogance.”

“Life and death, perpetual reincarnation—there is absolutely no need for outside involvement. Self-righteous gods stop interfering with the development of planetary civilization and even cosmic civilization. The Celestials are not necessary for the universe.” Rorschach scoffed.

Not that the Celestials haven’t been wiped out in the comics. Rorschach has nothing to say if the Celestials’ role is to defend the entire universe and uphold harmony.

Yet, this group of gods also makes additional planets and produces additional gods after using the life of one planet to create another god.

You can say that they are creating more life for this universe, but their behavior is more like manufacturing more Celestials. From a microscopic perspective, it is like a reproduction of viruses.

The Watcher couldn’t help but giggle a few times when he heard Rorschach’s comments in the crack between the universe.

The Watcher is similar to Rorschach’s notion, but The Watcher is completely carefree. Rorschach, on the other hand, prefers to create a rule, and as long as everyone follows it, everything is good.

If there is an issue, it will be resolved quickly. There won’t be any extra meddling if there isn’t a problem.

This is also how the earth is today. With the dawn of the new era, nations and regions of the world have developed good relations, and individuals have more work prospects and avenues for expressing their aspirations. Even though the path ahead is still paved with risks and difficulties, if people can find solutions, Rorschach will not interfere.

Rorschach’s punch of obliterating space swung out once more after the voice faded.

The solar dimension created a loud violent sound, and after punching through a number of large gaps, it added another one that made the already shaky dimensional space even more unstable.

But just as Arishem’s body was going to be covered by the fractured space, a gigantic figure slammed into him, sending him flying.

“Arishem, call him to come back from the multiverse.” Eson was the one to speak. Eson’s entire body was instantly destroyed and covered by the fractured space before he could continue his sentence.


Arishem made an effort to keep his utter reasonableness. Eson was right. These are not the foes of Rorschach. The only way to deal with this individual is by seeking The One Above All.

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Published On: May 5, 2023

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