Arishem let out a howl, and his right half of the body was annihilated in the dark space gap together with the fractured space. Many biomechanical substances were leaking out of his damaged body like cash.

The damage inflicted by this form of space breaking cannot be recovered solely by relying on the strong resilience of the gods. Everyone in the space was surprised by Rorschach’s punch.

They subconsciously stared at the body of Tiamut.

They noticed that Tiamut’s upper body had also been broken, and that the god’s substance was unable to heal such a wound, which was currently causing Arishem’s injury.

“You truly murdered Tiamut?” Arishem stared horrified at Rorschach.

Rorschach is currently displaying power that is absolutely unimaginable to the Celestials. This is no longer accessible to the general public.

“I’ve been clear from the start that I killed Tiamut. Are you being misled by me for asking such a question now?” Rorschach swore, and his figure began to advance once more.

The fact that a mortal killed a god, which is extraordinary in and of itself, is the reason Arishem didn’t trust Rorschach’s statements.

Arishem unconsciously believed that all of this was caused by mortals stealing the power of the gods and killing the gods with the power of the gods, because of the arrival of Tony Stark’s Godkiller Armor.

Arishem no longer had the guts to face Rorschach head-on after sensing his might.

“Exitar, this person is for you!”

Arishem was severely hurt, and facing Rorschach was out of the question. So he asked the strongest Celestials in charge of dealing with Rorschach.

Exitar is at odds with Wanda.

He broke free from Wanda’s magic a long time ago, and his strength was surely shown. Wanda gritted her teeth and strained to support.

Exitar clasped his hands together in the direction of Wanda after hearing Arishem’s words, and an infinite stream of energy rushed there and unleashed its most dreadful power.

Wanda utilized magic to wrap her whole body, blocking the impact of this horrific energy flood. This energy flood has the power to break down all matter. Wanda’s magic can compete, but the two sides’ power levels are very different.

At this point, Exitar disappeared, and appeared in front of Rorschach, and another stream of energy was shot out.

Rorschach is familiar with this. The Celestial is believed to be a strong individual, however their talents are limited to these.

Decomposing matter, generating matter, and some top-notch Celestial technology, that’s all.

The four Infinity Stones on the back of Rorschach’s palm immediately erupted into dazzling light as he punched. Also, it released a large number of colorful beams that slammed into the beams of dissolved materials.

Since ancient ages, the power of Rorschach’s four Infinity Stones has been unlimited, and he has the upper hand in an instant. progressively repressing Exitar’s energy while moving upstream.

Rorschach’s side was still in a stalemate, and there was another wailing sound that resounded over the entire space from behind.

In this conflict, Tony Stark’s armor secured the first victory.

Jemiah’s god-killing cannon proved unsuccessful, but he had already reached the end of his battle and was severely depleted of life force.

Tony Stark took advantage of his weakness to kill him, and directly punched Jemiah in the face. He transformed the god-killing cannon he was holding into a pile driver and smashed furiously on Jemiah’s head.

Before the life machine restored itself, the Celestials Substance on the Godkiller armor penetrated into the body of Jemiah, furiously devouring its life force.

Jemiah was unable to parry after taking this series of blows, and he eventually collapsed into the second god-killing cannon’s flames.

Followed by the earth-shattering explosion, a massive hole was blasted through the chest of Jemiah, and all the life mechanism in his body disappeared out of thin air, and appeared on Tony Stark’s Godkiller Armor at this moment.

“Woohoo! Had you noticed that? This god… I murdered it!” In the Godkiller armor’s cockpit, Tony Stark shouted enthusiastically.

Others in attendance, including Loki, did not have enough time to support Tony. Gammenon the Gatherer, a Celestial with a long, hefty hammer, is in front of him.

The strength of this Celestial is not significantly different from Jemiah, neither of which is a Celestial specialized in battle. But despite not being a warrior, the Gatherer is incredibly strong.

He tried his best to deal with the Gatherer while employing a variety of illusions. Jemiah was killed at this point, and Loki promptly requested assistance.

“Hurry up and come over, I can’t stop him!”

“I’ve arrived!” With great confidence, Tony Stark made the first kill while the propeller behind him spewed out powerful flames as he soared toward Loki and the Gatherer.

In the fissures of the universe.

The Watcher was so excited that he couldn’t recall how long he hadn’t been this joyful.

The patriarch of the Watcher clan also perished in that conflict, which took place countless years ago during a conflict between the Watcher and the Celestials that lasted ten thousand years. At this moment he observed that the Celestials was beaten by Rorschach, and even two persons perished in a row. His heart is really pleased.

“I didn’t expect these folks… low-level gods to have such great power… astonishing!” It is rare for the Watcher to have no thoughts, but to concentrate on monitoring the combat in the solar dimension.

Tony Stark drove the Godkiller Armor and fought the Gatherer.

In a direct conflict with the Gatherer, the Godkiller Armor is outmatched. After all, even if the Godkiller Armor uses the Celestial Substance, which may absorb the life energy of the deity, it is not a real god after all.

Although Loki can’t actually injure the Gatherer, he can constantly interfere with him, and coupled with Tony’s Godkiller Armor, he can hold it back.

Even so, the Godkiller Alliance’s combat prowess is typically inferior to that of the Celestials.

The Calculator, Surveyor, and Executioner are the targets of Odin, Thor, and Zeus respectively.

With the exception that Odin, who was equipped with the Odinsword and the Destroyer armor, was able to duel Nezar. Thor and Zeus were pummeled back and forth.

Wanda dealt with the badly injured Arishem. She would not be able to murder him right away, despite the fact that she could steadily repress it.

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