“Who are you? Why do you possess divine power?” With his hand up in the air, Arishem came to a stop and glared angrily at his side.

He was aware of the energy fluctuations that this odd steel behemoth, who had suddenly emerged, was likewise emitting.

Tony Stark ignored Arishem’s questions and operated the Godkiller Armor’s left hand while desperately collecting Jemiah’s life force with his right fist, which separated and rebuilt into a cannon.

Currently, the vast amount of life energy that the Jemiah has absorbed is accumulating in the black hole’s barrel and is being directed at the head of the adversary by startlingly potent energy fluctuations.

The steel giant who attacked them wished to harness the gods’ energy and use it against them.

“Did you kill Tiamut in this manner?” Arishem was enraged.

“There’s no need for humans to spy on the might of the gods.” He remarked, pointing to Tony Stark’s Godslayer armor.

The entire earth was given the death sentence by a chilly voice. Exitar the Exterminator, the deity in charge of wiping out civilization, flew towards the direction of the Godkiller armor.

He intends to carry out Arishem’s directive to first kill this blasphemous monster before destroying the entire planet.

At the moment Exitar moved, multiple portals emerged in the space, although this time the portals were countless times smaller than the ones that transported the Godkiller Armor. The scarlet portal by Wanda appeared just in front of Exitar.

“I won’t let you past.” As soon as she was done speaking, she waved her hands and a bright red energy particle immediately appeared. Exitar, the size of a small planet, was the target she was aiming for.

The small chaos magic pales in comparison to the enormous, star-like gods.

Nevertheless, when the torrent of scarlet energy particles impacted Exitar, the scarlet energy particles swiftly blanketed Exitar like a plague.

After being coated by the crimson energy particles, Exitar paused, and unexpectedly suspended in the space uncontrollable. The yellow textured armor all over his body also had fine cracks, which extended a little bit.

Wanda’s production of magic caused the Exitar’s body to develop more and more cracks. Some of his shattered outer armor was even floating on the surface of the body when tremendous crimson energy particles struck it, shattering it instantaneously. Wanda fought Exitar by herself.

The Ancient One arrived in front of Arishem. She opened the Eye of Agamotto with a wave of her hand, then used the Time Stone’s power to control Arishem and Hargen the Measurer standing next to him.

With just one person, she managed to stop the two gods. Odin, riding an eight-legged horse and carrying the Odinsword, stood before a strong deity while donning the Destroyer armor.

Zeus clutched his golden lightning in his hand, Loki held his dagger, and Thor wielded his Stormbreaker. They entered the conflict and each confronted a deity. Even Hela landed on Eson’s body.

“God, experience the fury of the Nine Realms!” Hela screamed and immediately surrounded Eson’s body with her army of the undead.

Eson’s torso was covered in many zombies with ghostly blue eyes that were crammed in close together like ants. The zombie brandishing a sharp blade hacked the armor of Eson with the blade.

The Godkiller Alliance and the Celestials are about to engage in combat.

Rorschach lacked the courage to remain any longer. He once more used the strength of four Infinity Stones to draw all of them into his solar dimension. Although these gods desire to oppose Rorschach, they are occupied with other enemies and cannot be dispersed.

The energy wave beyond the earth halted abruptly and instantly became calm again the next instant the spatial space was cloaked.

The Kamar Taj magicians in the three sanctuaries on earth could not help exhaling with relief.

If Rorschach hadn’t dispatched those gods to his solar dimension in time, the outcome of the battle—even if the earth experienced some minor aftereffects—would have been an unspeakable catastrophe.

Many individuals stared up at the sky. They are all aware that humanity’s fate is being decided in a war somewhere in the universe.

The Godkiller Alliance was established by the Asgardian gods who serve as Earth’s super heroes to battle for the planets’ and Earth’s, peace.

As they entered the solar dimension.

The deceased Tiamut’s body was visible to the Celestials.

Before, they had not seen Thiamu’s body. The gods only know about Tiamut’s death, yet there is some emotion of fury, but this anger will not interfere with their reason. But, watching Tiamu’s awful death at this very moment caused their rage to quickly reach its peak.

“Human civilization on Earth must end.”

“You have to go to hell.”

Rorschach waved his fist, the Power Stone on the back of his hand flickered, he launched a sun towards Jemiah, and detonated it behind him.

Rorschach was in control of the power of the exploding sun in the solar dimension, and he used it to blow Jemiah’s back, causing a sizable section of blue armor to fall off.

The Godkiller Cannon in Tony Stark’s Godkiller Armor, which had at this point changed into the right fist, was completely charged and fired at the same time.

“Help me!” Jemiah experienced his first bout of fear.

Even many years ago, he had never felt such horror in the sight of the monster that slaughtered one of the Celestials with a sword.

The Godkiller Cannon shot towards Jemiah with a brighter flare than the sun, like a shooting star.

When the god-killing cannon was about to strike Jemiah’s body, Arishem bellowed, bursting the Ancient One’s time magic’s seal with a great destructive force.

The Ancient One attempted to stop the adversary, but when he noticed Hagen waving his staff, he crushed it. The Ancient One blocked the two gods by herself but she cannot do handle them all.

One of them in particular is the Arishem, who in the Celestials is only second to The One Above All.

Arishem’s strength is very great, despite the fact that he is not a skilled fighter. Although it may not be on par with Dormammu’s, his battle strength is not significantly different.

The Ancient One’s forehead developed a dark mark. She hurriedly absorbed the power of Dormammu, and at the same time, with the support of the Eye of Agamotto, she could only exert the strength identical to him.

Arishem broke free from The Ancient One’s control over time, destroyed the Godkiller Armor’s god-killing gun with a single blow, and disassembled Tony Stark’s armor while pointing his other hand in its direction.

“You are not worthy to wield this power, it is not yours!” Arishem neglected the person he should pay attention now.

“Arishem, you have failed this universe.” Rorschach read out his trial to Arishem.

Before the words landed, Rorschach’s fist had gathered the strength of four Infinity Stones, and he punched Arishem behind him.

Arishem had no time to turn around as he felt oppressed and on the edge of death. He wanted to get out of here as soon as possible, so he turned his body sideways and began teleporting.

Rorschach has long since sealed the area around him. Even the gods’ teleportation power is useless in this situation.

When Rorschach landed a blow, the entire area erupted once more into a frightening tremor that shook the sky. This blow caused the solar dimension’s space barrier to break once more. It then expanded forward, creating a dark space crack.

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