The Godkiller Alliance soldiers stood on Earth and stared up at the sky. The upper part of Tiamut’s body and Rorschach’s punch that fractured space caused them to be destroyed in the horrific space vortex.

Zeus’ mouth began to twitch at the corner. Odin too unconsciously wiped the sweat from his forehead that didn’t exist.

“Thankfully, the conflict between Rorschach and Tiamut did not take place on earth. Otherwise, he will blow up the entire world if he punches down.” The Ancient One still has unresolved anxieties.

Even though the space barrier between Rorschach’s solar dimension and the real universe is a little weaker, the earth would not be able to resist the punch if it were to land on it.

Hela also gulped down some saliva. Rorschach demonstrated the ability to punch through space while in Niflheim. Yet it was clear that Rorschach wasn’t at his best that particular time. It was not as shocking back then, regardless of its size or power.

“Zeus, you ought to be grateful that the Celestials are our enemies, not Rorschach.” Hela said with pride while folding her hands to her chest.

Rorschach is respected as well as powerful. Wanda was unable to understood who was the woman is, but at least what Hela stated was accurate.

The only person to express remorse was Tony Stark, who was watching the war from the moon, “I’ve stated that I desire a full Celestial’s Armor. You must be aware that the Celestial God’s shell is extremely hard and that there is a lot of Celestial Substance in their bodies to be used as a component for an armor.”

“Tony, any battle armor is only false in the face of overwhelming might.” Thor was aware of his own power.

Just like he had before relied excessively on Thor’s Hammer. Thor has advanced to a new level of power as he no longer relies on weapons and works to realize his own potential. Thor may also defeat a deity when used in combination with King’s Armor and Stormbreaker.

A frightening atmosphere suddenly descended throughout the earth as everyone was talking about Rorschach and the Celestials. A crimson behemoth that was half as big as the world suddenly appeared outside of the earth in the area of the universe outside of the clouds in the sky.

There are two rows of six eyes that resemble red abysses on the head of this red behemoth. He simply emerged outside the planet and began to stare icily at it.

The space was immediately distorted once more. They encircled the entire planet in a circle.

Even the most common mortal may see brightly colorful giants the size of planets standing outside when looking up at the sky. They regarded the planet with an uninterested gaze, as if the creator were inspecting the sandbox they had built.

That’s the Celestials.

After slaying Tiamut, Rorschach is examining the system point rewards. It’s possible that Tiamut is too weak, which is why the system only awarded more than two million points—a rather meager amount.

Rorschach sensed the coming of the Celestials at the same time.

He stepped out of the solar dimension, returned, and appeared directly in front of Arishem, the one who served as the ‘Judge’ in the Celestials.

The six enormous pupils of Arishem fixed their attention on Rorschach while sensing the changes in the area in front of him.

“Is Tiamut dead?” he demanded angrily after being startled for a little while.

“Yeah, I got rid of it.” Rorschach admitted.

“How did you slay a god, you little mortal, and why did you kill Tiamut?”

The other gods encircling Arishem were shocked to learn that Rorschach had killed Tiamut, and their tones were filled with rage. They appeared baffled as to how a little mortal could murder an all-powerful god.

Although though this little mortal claims to be the god on this planet, to the Celestials he is no more than a slightly more powerful ant.

“Why did I kill Tiamut? It should go without saying that Tiamut’s existence puts the lives of all living things on the entire planet in danger. Is this enough of a reason?” Rorschach posed a rhyming question.

“You truly use the life on a small planet to measure a magnificent god, an ignorant and humble mortal, you don’t know what a stupid thing you have done.” Arishem heared this, which was the most ridiculous thing in the world.

“The conclusion of one life marks the start of another. The endless cycle of creation and destruction that characterizes our cosmos is one of perpetual energy exchange.”

“The Celestials build the sun, produce gravity, light, and heat to form new galaxies, and do all of this using the life energy of extinct beings. Without us, all life will perish and our cosmos will become completely dark. Do you actually realize what you’re doing?” The voice of heaven, Arishem’s voice rang through the darkness.

Rorschach did not move, “I won’t intervene whether it’s a natural birth, old age, illness, or death. But as soon as Tiamut was born, he would exterminate all life on the planet. Do these people deserve to die?”

“Ten or even one hundred times more lives will be born as a result of their sacrifices. The life of one planet is on one side, while the life of countless planets is on the other. Don’t you realize which is more crucial?” He was asked again by Arishem.

Roschach chuckled. The lives and deaths of people on one or two worlds are unimportant to the gods of the Celestials. They are concerned with the expansion of life throughout the universe.

Some individuals might believe that the Celestials’ ideology is justified, but what if those who will be sacrificed are your loved ones, friends, coworkers, subordinates, and countless others who respect and appreciate you?

Despite the fact that one of the three largest nations in the cosmos, the Kree Empire, was quickly subdued by Rorschach. But the soil is the one thing that can truly make Rorschach feel like he belongs.

When Rorschach fell silent, Arishem assumed he had convinced him and started listing Rorschach’s sins, “You committed a terrible crime by killing Tiamut. In order to atone for the sins that the earth’s inhabitants have committed, I will take away your life and sow a Seed, causing the earth to once again grow a god.”

After completing, he raised his hand slowly and seized Rorschach. When the other eight gods believed the conflict was over, Rorschach waved his hand, and a massive portal materialized next to Arishem.

He is Jemiah, the Celestials’ Analyst. He is a rather weak Celestial compared to the others. The life energy fluctuations released by these Celestials are quite feeble, in accordance with Rorschach’s appraisal of strength.

Rorschach activated the gateway connecting the Tony Stark Mark 51 Godkiller Armor just behind Jemiah as a result.

Before the gods all responded. Behind Jemiah, a massive Iron Man suit emerged through the portal. Before he could respond, he immediately swung his left hand and grasped the opponent’s body.

The Celestial Substance on the Godkiller Armor frantically drains Jemiah’s life force, rendering it less effective in combat and once more exhibiting indications of deterioration.

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Published On: May 5, 2023

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