“Should we come over and assist? That young person can handle it, but God alone?” Zeus simply knows that Rorschach is the God of the earth; he knows nothing else about him.

He unconsciously thought that the war had already started because he saw that Rorschach had entered the solar dimension with Tiamut.

“Don’t worry, Zeus. But what I want to tell you is that this god has just been born, and it doesn’t reflect the strength of the gods. Rorschach is telling me to examine the fighting style of the gods and give you some confidence. Do you understand?” Odin spoke to his old friend patiently.

“Okay, I’ll just watch.”

Everyone present gazed up at the shadow in the sky, which was the solar dimension fusing with the physical universe as they talked.

In the solar dimension.

“Who are you, insignificant existence? What is this place?” Tiamut asked Rorschach in a haughty manner.

Instead of talking, Rorschach hit Tiamut with his clenched fists. He distantly observed Rorschach striking him. It seemed as though a person was watching an ant charge straight for him.

It is so feeble and absurd.

“It appears that if you don’t learn a lesson, you will not understand how to revere a god, you stupid mortal.”

Tiamut appeared to be furious by Rorschach’s actions. He sought to attack an all-powerful god because he couldn’t stand a tiny mortal. The biggest insult to him was simply this. Right after, Tiamut slapped Rorschach with his enormous palm, as if swatting a fly.

The next instant, Rorschach’s fist and Tiamut’s enormous hand collided.

There was a sharp sting.

It makes sense that the gods lack pain-detecting nerves. The gods’ thick, armor-like outer shell conceals a mass of biomechanical materials that make up the gods. Almost identical to the Celestial Substance developed by Rorschach’s research team is this biomechanical material.

Tiamut’s palm was split open by Rorschach’s strike. A black biological machine was seen behind the shell of his golden palm, but at this precise instant, the black biological machine returned the palm to its initial state.

“You pissed me, ant!” A golden light that was as brilliant as a few brilliant stars shone in Tiamut’s enormous compound eyes as he shouted once more.

Unexpectedly, a mass of white light erupted from the golden complex eyeballs. One of the powers of the gods was the capacity to destroy any material.

Rorschach is being approached by this ray. The Reality Stone on the back of Rorschach’s right hand suddenly flashed as the light beam passed in front of him as he raised his hand.

Right after, the beam of light that had appeared to be bursting in front of Rorschach was bent and warped, becoming a tiny vortex of beams.

“Back to you!” The beam vortex followed Rorschach’s right hand swing and slammed back into Tiamut as soon as he waved his right hand with the Space Stone.

The light swiftly traversed numerous chasms before touching down on Tiamut’s chest.

The armor covering Tiamut’s chest instantly broke, and a sizable chunk of dark biological machinery scattered forth as a result of an explosion of daylike light. In addition to screaming in anguish, his body stumbled backwards uncontrollably.

Tiamut roared loudly. After gaining some physical stability, he pulled Rorschach out of the air. Rorschach was at the center of this small planet that was rapidly encasing him.

Rorschach, who was in the middle of the planet, managed to release himself with his feet and legs. He tightened his fist once more. The Power Stone’s purple light carried this fragmented little planet as it broke apart and colliding with Tiamut’s head like meteors.

“To be really honest, you let me down a little. Perhaps it’s because you’re still young, but your strength is too weak.”

The only reason Rorschach and Tiamut engaged in combat was to demonstrate the Celestials’ power to Godkiller Alliance members.

However, Tiamut is too weak.

While the black biological machinery in his body feverishly mended the wounds on his chest and head, Tiamut attempted to maintain his balance in the area. The four Infinity Stones’ combined power gathered on Rorschach’s right fist as he lifted his hand once more, refusing to play with him any longer.

When Rorschach faced a god, he gave the god the utmost reverence by exerting 200% of his might.

Rorschach’s body blazed as the four Infinity Stones combined their full power, and ripples in the surrounding universe resembled sonic booms. His fist already hit Tiamut’s head when it hit the ground.

The entire solar dimension erupted in a boom.

The punch’s force was too great for the dimension’s space barrier to endure, and it immediately crumbled. The solar dimension’s space barrier was broken.

A tiny universe positioned in-between two other universes makes up Rorschach’s solar dimension.

The Watcher was still viewing a zombie universe that had been afflicted by a zombie virus in the universe’s fissures. He abruptly turned to gaze behind him after feeling a significant energy fluctuation.

A little dimension abruptly appeared in the space between the universes after more than a dozen others.

“Unbelievable—the feeble dimension lord I last saw managed to murder a deity with a single blow. I must say, well done!” The Celestials and the Watcher have never interacted.

After all, the Watcher’s main goal is to let civilization advance on its own. While the Celestials are the exact opposite, he merely observes and makes no attempts to intervene.

The Celestials frequently find themselves getting involved in the growth of low-level civilizations, and they decide if a given civilization is required to survive or not. If the verdict is negative, Arishem will dispatch eradicators to wipe out that civilization.

The Watcher felt a sense of pride when he saw Rorschach murder a newborn god with a single blow.

“This lord is in trouble. Other gods have taken notice of his murder of a newborn god. Is this weak dimensional lord strong enough to defeat the group of gods?”

The Watcher was drawn to the situation on Rorschach’s side. He hurried to Rorschach’s side and left the zombie universe, waiting for the conflict to continue.

Arishem paused at the abyss of the universe. He quickly turned to face the planet Earth.

In addition to not being present on Earth, Tiamut has passed away.

“Do you feel it, Arishem?” Eson the Searcher approached Arishem and inquired.

Arishem nodded, “Tiamut is no more. Contact the other team member, we need to find out what happened and who killed Tiamut.”


Eson answered and then informed the other Celestials via a spiritual link of theirs.

Soon, one by one, six or seven gods began to teleport around Arishem. Together with Arishem and Eson, there were nine gods present when the final one arrived.

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