In an unhabitated desert island. It was in this area that Rorschach discovered the Eternals Mothership.

The head of Tiamut is directly beneath this marine region. The Tiamut will emerge from his shell and finish his manifestation after he has fully awakened.

Here, The Osborn Group has established a research center. specifically keeps an eye on the Tiamut’s vital signs. Tiamut’s life energy has recently peaked, and it might not be long before he completely awakens.

Of course, it’s challenging to predict the exact time of awakening. After all, a few snaps of their fingers to the gods are equivalent to decades of human existence. On the makeshift base on this barren island, Rorschach and other Celestial Research Group members congregated.

“After removing Tiamut from the planet using the Infinity Stones, I’ll gather enough material from other planets to fill up the enormous hole left by Tiamut’s disappearance.” Everyone heard about the first phase of the God Killing Plot from Rorschach.

If Rorschach hurriedly removed the body of Tiamut from the earth, the hole that had suddenly emerged in the core of the world would cause the entire earth to shatter because the body of Tiamut had grown to the size of a small planet.

Rorschach’s action of transferring the Tiamut hastily may result in the annihilation of the earth. At that time, Tiamut will destroy all the species on the earth.

Because of this, before the plan to kill God, he must make complete preparations.

“Only you can control the existence of this entity in an instant, Rorschach.” Tony Stark realized the insignificance of human beings for the first time.

He had proposed countless solutions to Tiamut before, but after Riverie’s calculations, all of his plans were rejected. Tiamut is about to wake up. Any human interference may make it wake up suddenly, and then messes up.

“Tiamut is not at all the hardest thing for me to deal with. The gods that descended after Tiamut was killed presents the biggest challenge.”

Without hesitation, Rorschach added, “Furthermore, removing Tiamut out of the earth can also help avoid the battlefield from occurring as much as possible around the world.”

If the conflict between Rorschach and the Celestials occurred in the Milky Way, it is predicted that just one fight will be enough to destroy the Milky Way as we know it.

Rorschach therefore plans to move the conflict to his solar dimension.

“Can we avert the conflict with the Celestials if we move this Tiamut out without killing him?” Banner has an innate desire to avoid clashing with the influential Celestial Gang.

Rorschach said, “Life on Earth is like a swarm of ants to the Celestials. The Celestials will replant a Celestial seed in the soil if we relocate Tiamut as opposed to destroying him. Who will defend the planet once the next Celestial is planted?”

He wasn’t sure if Rorschach could live for so long, and even if he could, why would Rorschach once again save the earth from the Celestials?

“Actually, as long as One Above All doesn’t make a move, we have a 80% chance of winning this battle against them.” Rorschach said confidently.

“Then what if that one make a move?” Dr. Helen Cho asked back.

Rorschach shrugged, “I don’t know, it is said that he is a multiversal level entity, and he probably won’t show up until the last moment. If he does show up, then be prepared to die.”

In the comics, it is not that the Celestials has never fought against strong Earth defenders. One Above All has several individuals that gave him a hard time to deal with.

Tony also shared his thoughts on the matter, saying, “First of all, the earth is ours and not the Celestials’. None of this has gone through the ground, regardless of whether they utilize humans as test subjects or sow the gods’ seeds there. This is what the law refers to as an unlawful invasion of another person’s life or property. Do you know how this crime should be punished?”

Tony could only think of himself when no one else spoke to him, so he exclaimed, “Death punishment! The safety of the seven billion people who live on Earth and the numerous interplanetary pals who have immigrated here is ultimately what they jeopardize.

“You finally made a decent statement.” Tony Stark and Dr. Pym rarely came to an accord.

“Let’s start.” Wanda dispatched Tony Stark to the moon base, where the Mark 51 Godkiller armor was kept, after Rorschach given the order.

Tony Stark will begin building the Godkiller armor as soon as the Godkiller project is launched. He will then wait on the moon until the Celestials show up.

A portal opened concurrently. The Ancient One appeared here together with Mordo and a number of other Kamar Taj pupils. The next instant, multiple individuals emerged from a bright rainbow light that had just plummeted from the sky.

There was Odin, who was clutching the Odinsword and donning the Destroyer Armor. Thor, Loki, Hela, and even Zeus arrived to provide a hand with his golden lightning.

All of the Godkiller Alliance are present right now.

After all is prepared. Four Infinity Stones appeared on his right hand, and Rorschach’s battle suit appeared all over his body. Without thinking twice, Rorschach snapped his fingers as he sensed the strong deity beneath the earth.

The four Infinity Stones’ combined power detonated at once, instantly engulfing the entire Earth.

Tiamut, who was sleeping soundly inside the dirt, suddenly began to open his eyes. He sensed a frightening force drawing him into an uncharted place.

Tiamut tried to wave his hands like a drowning man looking for a life preserver, but he was unsuccessful in doing so.

Because Rorschach drew Tiamut into his solar dimension as soon as he awoke. Rorschach snapped his fingers once again as a sizable crater developed inside the earth.

The Earth’s stability was improved by the Space Stone and the Power Stone, which also moved the infill that had been prepared in advance to cover the void left by Tiamut’s removal.

Despite Rorschach’s scrupulous supervision, the earth has unavoidably experienced widespread vibrations.

Luckily, authorities have planned ahead for people to evacuate from all over the world in an effort to lessen the impact of this catastrophe.

Rorschach’s figure flashed and reached the solar dimension after the processing was finished on the Earth side. Rorschach observed Tiamut, who was on the rampage, as soon as he walked in.

“Where is this? Why am I here?”

“This is your grave, Tiamut.” Rorschach suddenly materialized in front of Tiamut and Tiamut spent a long time looking for the voice before discovering Rorschach’s figure.

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Published On: May 3, 2023

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