Venom is losing his mind. He not only haggled with Rorschach, but he also desperately pleaded with Eddie to join Osborn’s superhero team. Eddie was actually a little giddy. He has long wanted to be a superhero, finally consented to join the Osborn Group superhero team, especially after finding out about the powers that Venom can give him. Venom temporarily saved his life, and his heart immediately swelled with joy for the remainder of his life. “Before you formally become a superhero in your own right, you must follow Peter Parker’s orders. Come meet your senior, Eddie Brock.” Venom and Eddie were told by Rorschach. Eddie had previously targeted Peter, but now he was finally beaming with joy. He followed Eddie while grinning subtly, “Hey, let’s reconnect and get to know one another. I’m Peter Parker.” Eddie was embarrassed as he shook hands with Peter Parker, “Do you have an alias? or just Venom?” “My name is Venom, how about Deadly Guardian for you?” Venom emerged from his back and offered a suggestion. Eddie shrugged, “Deadly Guardian? That’s just absurd. My code name is going to be Venom, because I use your power.” One week after the Boston meteorite incident. Venom, a new superhero, debuted in Massachusetts. A large number of aliens visit Earth daily since it has entered a new era. Aliens who entered Earth through official means are generally well-behaved, but aliens who were smuggled over are one by one are like hidden time bombs. The security operations on earth were greatly hampered as a result of this. Superheroes are now tackling alien smuggling offenses in addition to those committed by them. Spider-Man frequently makes appearances alongside the new superhero Venom. The two sides frequently argue and giggle while working together. Moreover, Venom and Spider-Man’s fame soars as a result of this. The customary tranquil period on Earth has resumed. But many enormous problems are already brewing beneath this tranquil moment. Osborne Group, Celestials Research Center. Tony Stark made many trips to Wakanda and was able to convince the King to purchase the country’s Vibranium with dark matter, Uru metal, and other cutting-edge technology. Wakanda also adopted the use of the universal credit system. Wakanda presently only allows the Osborn Group access to its trading sector. The Celestial Substance can acquire a more reliable ability to absorb life energy with the addition of that. The construction of Tony’s Mark 51 Godkiller Armor has been considerably aided by the success of the research on the Celestials Substance. The Godkiller Armor can’t possibly be built entirely of Vibranium and Uru metal. The rest of the components are formed of the most sophisticated “World Destroyer-class” starships constructed by the Kree Empire, with the exception of a few core sections that can be made of Celestial Substance fused with a specific percentage of Vibranium and Uru metal. That type of metal is more durable and malleable than any other metal found on earth, making it strong enough to support the war between the gods. A group of Osborn Group management members was recently promoted by Rorschach, and the daily job tasks were gradually transferred to this management. Rorschach is not concerned that they will misbehave because Riverie is watching over them. In actuality, the connection between superheroes and power structures might be seen as one of reciprocal control and restriction. Superheroes will stand up to fight corruption and uphold justice whenever there is a predisposition for corruption in the ruling class, and their actions will always be under the authority’s strict control. Any superhero who engages in dangerous behavior while portraying themselves as chivalrous heroes will likewise face appropriate penalties. In such a serene setting, Rorschach gradually distances himself from the monotonous routine, constructs a home with Wanda by the sea, and starts to lead a leisurely vacation life. On a beach by the sea. Rorschach enjoyed his day off. He rarely spent a few days relaxing in this coastal resort before Tony finishing his Godkiller Armor. Rorschach is currently resting on the beach, facing the sea, taking advantage of the warm sun, donning a white shirt and beach pants, donning a pair of slippers, and hugging Wanda, who is also dressed stylishly. “In the front, I wish to create another garden. In the future, we will be able to grow some fruits and vegetables for our own consumption. On the hillside behind me, I intend to construct a playground for kids. When we have kids, we may take them to the mountain’s park and let them play.” Wanda used her fingers to describe her ideal life to Rorschach. She just wants to lead a normal life with her spouse and kids on the bed; she is a woman without ambitions. Wanda, however, is destined to be remarkable in this life because of her extraordinary power. Wanda’s enthusiasm was unaffected by Rorschach’s. He smiled as he touched Wanda’s flushed cheek, “Have you already begun to consider having children? Would you prefer my assistance?” Wanda’s cheeks grew more red at the sound of Rorschach’s comments, and she was forced to bow her head in shame. Wanda is positive that Rorschach is her significant other and that they want to spend the rest of their lives together because they have been through so much together. “Well…” As soon as Rorschach noticed Wanda’s look, his lips were imprinted on Wanda’s tiny mouth. Rorschach hugged Wanda and escorted her to his solar dimension at the same moment. Rorschach and Wanda were instantly transported to the sun realm, where there were only the two of them and ten suns, once the sun dimension appeared. Rorschach and Wanda can finally kiss passionately and unhindered in the solar dimension. —- Half a year later. Rorschach and Wanda are both at the seaside resort, living a happy and leisurely life. Up until this day, word of Tony’s Mark 51 Godkiller Armor’s construction came from the Celestials Research Group. Tony intends to create a few more sets of Godslayer armor. But Wakanda no longer wants to trade in more vibranium, and the consumption of Uru metal is already a lot. Only one set of Godkiller Armor was constructed. However, numerous weapons have been thoroughly researched and are all fitted to Tony Stark’s Godkiller Armor. It is now time to finish with the Celestials because the Godkiller Armor has added to the top-tier combat power that can be put together on the Earth side quickly.  

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Published On: May 2, 2023

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