Rorschach wants Eddie Brock to replace Peter Parker as the host of Venom. Pepper took him right away to the Osborn Group’s lab.

There is nothing in this world that Eddie, a little reporter for the Daily Bugle, is afraid to report because he is so determined to succeed in his journalism job. Even when some information is critical and shouldn’t be made public.

Eddie still made the decision to disregard the editor-in-advice chief’s and proceed on his own to inform the public of the truth. Of course, none of this proves how morally upright he is. Eddie may harbor a few justice-minded intentions, but they are likely overshadowed by his professional aspirations and irresponsibility.

Eddie was deeply terrified as he was led to the Osborn Group by several large men wearing suits. Eddie feared that he might be in serious danger this time because he lately revealed a lot of unsavory information about the Osborn Group.

“Do you want to be a superhero, Eddie Brock?”

Eddie was in complete shock when he first encountered Rorschach and was unable to hear anything what Rorschach said to him. Rorschach could only repeat it once more out of desperation.

“Superhero? I have no desire to be a superhero. I’m a hero reporter. Because there is no proverb that states that a hero stands in the light, a true hero is one who has the guts to expose all illegal facts.” When Eddie Brock faced Rorschach, he was so shaken up that he had no idea what he was talking about.

“He’s a fool, let’s pick someone else.”

Yet, these statements made Venom eager to see Eddie even though Peter in the adjacent room still didn’t like him, “Peter, I told you. We were meant to be partners together.”

“Venom, Mr. Rorschach is a better choice than I am. Would you like to attempt to parasitize Mr. Rorschach?” urged Peter.

This time, Venom replied, “Rorschach is too terrifying, therefore no. I merely gave him a quick glance and trembled. He’s going to murder me. It would be best for me to avoid him.”

Venom shook at the strength of Rorschach. The two sides were not at this level of power.

Rorschach explained what it means to be a superhero. Eddie Brock is able to acquire strong power from it, more so than Spider-Man. Naturally, some of it is exaggerated, but Venom and Spider-Man have unique skills, so they cannot simply be compared.

Eddie Brock’s desire to become a superhero was sparked.

In this world, because to the Osborn Group’s promotion of superheroes and cultural production, all young people, even middle-aged and old individuals around the world, have aspirations and wants for superheroes.

Eddie Brock is no exception.

He has been having issues with Peter Parker since, on the one hand, the part-time reporter makes more money than him for snapping pictures and, on the other, Spider-Man.

Yeah, Spider-Man is Eddie Brock’s favorite superhero.

He wants to compete with Peter Parker for the sole privilege to report on Spider-Man for this same basic reason.

“I am willing to be a superhero if there are no negative effects and I don’t have to pay extra expenses.” stated Eddie Brock.

“Really impressive. Come meet your new host, Venom.” Venom was a little reluctant to leave Peter Parker’s body, and he resisted doing so for a while.”

“Don’t make me say it again, Venom. I’ll count to three.”

“Damn, I don’t want to be one with that person. Peter, come on with me!” Peter was urged to get Venom out of this place as he changed into a black spider suit.

He violently tore the black spider suit, “I’m not going with you. Listen, you’d better follow Mr. Rorschach’s orders if you want to live.”

“Peter, you’ve broken my heart. You’ll be sorry about it, for sure!”

Venom was forced to exit Peter’s body, cross the ventilation duct, and enter the next room.

“Mr. Rorschach, what is that thing?!” Eddie struggled instinctively as a glob of black liquid rushed towards him.

Eddie had already been attacked by Venom before Rorschach could give an explanation. Eddie’s body was completely submerged by the black liquid substance. Eddie remained still for a little moment before abruptly changing into the tall, obscene Venom form.

The enormous limbs and razor-sharp claws waved erratically in the air as a mouthful of saliva from the fangs released a roar.

“This body is surprisingly good, and it hasn’t allowed my strength to drop much.” Venom said as he opened his mouth to speak.

“Because there is nowhere for your strength to drop, that’s why.” Rorschach answered casually.

Venom seems to be lost. Even if Eddie is a competent host, Peter Parker still commands a significant advantage.

Both sides have advantages and drawbacks of their own. Venom can only manifest as a black spider suit on Peter, as Spider-Man’s strength has subdued Venom’s might.

But Eddie Brock is different. Although Eddie is only a regular person, in some ways he is very compatible with Venom. Eddie’s body can be entirely controlled by Venom, who then manifests as the towering, repulsive Venom.

“Forget it, after Peter abandoned me, this body hardly qualifies as a replacement.” Venom retreated into Eddie Brock’s body while continuing to say words about Peter leaving him.

After regaining control of his body, Eddie stood still and stared at Rorschach and the room next to him, “Peter Parker is Spider-Man?!”

Eddie and Venom share a portion of the memory, so he is also aware of Peter Parker’s true identity. He also realizes that the two people he dislikes the most and admires the most are the same person.

This is really awkward for him.

Eddie’s back was where Venom poked its head out, “Eddie, you know way too much. You’re going to be killed.”

“Fucking hell…” Eddie muttered a swear.

Venom received a frown from Rorschach as he spoke, “We won’t harm anyone, so don’t pay attention to this parasite. But, since you already know too much, I’d advise you to sign a superhero collaboration agreement with the Osborn Group and join our team.”

“What if I refuse?” Eddie queried.

“I’ll remove every trace of today from your mind, return you to normal life, and exterminate Venom from this planet.” Rorschach elucidated.

“What? I’ll be exterminated? Are you serious? You said you wouldn’t kill anybody, didn’t you?” Venom lost his cool as soon as he realized that he might be dealt with.

Rorschach gave Venom a smirk, “Well, I did promise not to kill anyone. Are you a “human” though? Or Are you a symbiote?”

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Published On: May 2, 2023

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