Then Rorschach, Wanda, and Tony Stark surrounded Peter and led him like a prisoner into the VIP section.

Today’s leading scientists, celebrities from different parties, and even alien allies like Asgard, who sent representatives to Steve Rogers’ address, all attended together.

Steve Rogers, who had previously been on stage donning combat gear, was now donning a pricey custom-made suit. His powerful muscles and this outfit give him excellent peripheral vision within the suit.

“Ladies and gentlemen, all fellow human beings, and even all friends from other planets who have formed a peaceful alliance with the Earth.”

“In the upcoming many years, we shall collectively decide the course of the Earth and the entire universe because we are all involved in a significant cosmic cause.”

“…we will face obstacles and challenges, but by working together, we can complete this task and improve the world.”

Steve is currently delivering a speech on stage with impressive eloquence. All the visitors and reporters present were filled with emotion, wishing to instantly follow in the footsteps of him and devote themselves to the road of constructing a wonderful Earth.

To be more precise, the Symbiote living inside Peter Parker’s body was constantly excited by the loud cheering and surrounding noise.

“Peter looks like he’s in anguish, and I worry he’s going to turn into a monster.”

“Don’t worry, Tony. We appear to have identified another weakness of this Symbiote thing, therefore let me first put Peter to sleep.”

Since Knull created symbiotes millions of years ago, it is truly possible to trace the origin of their fear of fire and noise.

It is said that the Celestials illuminated the dark abyss when they opened up the gap of the universe and produced many planets and suns. As a result, Knull, an ancient god who was dozing off in the shadows, was awakened by the Celestials.

The Celestials awoke the newly awakened Knull, who was quite enraged and pulled a long, black sword from the depths of the abyss that was also the first Symbiote, the Necrosword.

A world-shattering conflict started when Knull, wielding the Necrosword, severed the head of a Celestial.

Later, the gods sent Knull back into the abyss. Knull, who had not yet calmed down after standing up, used the blood of the gods to recast the Necrosword after it had been set on fire, giving it a greater degree of strength.

All Symbiotes that afterwards developed are scared of the weaknesses of flames and noise because of Knull’s experience using flames and hammers to forge the All-Black Necrosword.

Tony had an idea in his mind to create a set of Anti-Symbiote armor for Symbiote creatures, who are afraid of fire and noise. Peter was taken inside the mirror dimension and isolated from the sounds of the outside world after Rorschach cast a magical spell that rendered him unconscious.

Peter was immediately transported back to the Osborn Group’s lab by Rorschach.

Just Tony followed Rorschach’s order because Helen Cho and the others were all working hard to examine the Celestial’s Substance.

Peter Parker was tied to the test bench.

Rorschach and Tony were standing to the left and right of Wanda as she prepared to awaken Peter who was fast asleep. Wait a second as I don my fighting suit.

Tony was concerned that Peter’s symbiote might assault or take control of him. Tony touched the Arc reactor on his chest for extra security, and the nanosuit opened. Tony told Wanda that everything was fine and then replied, “Alright, wake him up.”

The scarlet energy struck Peter Parker’s temple, Peter opened his eyes instantaneously, and he gazed left and right.

“What are you guys doing? why are you tying me up?”

“We need to assist you in expelling the alien symbiote that has parasitized you, so listen up.” Tony explained.

The Symbiote’s weakness suggests that it should potentially be feasible to remove it from Peter’s body using noise and flames. Yet using sonic noise would be more secure for Peter’s security.

Peter was instantly furious when he heard Tony’s statement, “Screw you, you were parasitized by an alien thing. I’m doing great. I have never felt better. Please put me down right away, Mr. Rorschach. Trust me.”

Peter’s head was lovingly caressed by Rorschach, “We’re only doing a quick examination for you, don’t pay attention to Tony’s words. Tony, let’s get things going.”

After finishing his sentence, Rorschach told Tony to immediately turn on the high-frequency sound waves while ignoring Peter’s screams.

Tony offered everyone of the attendees a set of noise-canceling headphones. Rorschach wore noise-canceling headphones despite the fact that he had no need for them and that they were unnecessary for the situation.

Peter Parker, who was tethered to the operation table, battled wildly in agony for a brief moment as a piercing noise was made.

Pepper Potts, who was standing outside the lab, peered through the glass wall at the action inside and immediately displayed an agonizing expression on her face.

But after Peter fought for a time, a black spider costume suddenly encased his entire body. The Osborn Group did not supply that kind of spider suit. He didn’t even use the spider suit today.

The Symbiote is represented by the suit that is currently on Peter Parker.


The chains holding Peter Parker’s hands captive were readily broken by him with a wave of his palms. As the Symbiote took control of Peter, his power multiplied several times over.

He raised his hand and fired a black spider silk at the glass wall after escaping the chains. Quickly approaching Peter, Tony attempted to control him.

“Get out of my way!” Tony was struck by Peter with a punch that severely damaged the armor’s exterior.

Peter poked the armor’s shell after hearing a distinct click. Peter withdrew the black spider silk from his body after hitting Tony and crashed against the glass wall in front of him.

Rorschach lifted his hand and snapped his fingers as soon as he realized Peter was going to smash through the glass barrier.

There was a sound like a broken glass mirror, but Peter failed to break through the glass of the laboratory and escaped to the corridor outside, since what he smashed through was merely the barrier of the mirror dimension, and he is in Rorschach’s mirror dimension.

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Published On: May 1, 2023

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