The Terminator Legion surrounded Spider-Man as he destroyed the final symbiote. To totally eliminate the black liquid creatures battling in the flames, they carried flamethrowers and sprayed extremely hot flames at them.

“Thank you, Spider-Man, for your assistance. The Encyclopedia of Alien Species does not list this organism, it could be a virus or something else. We’ll broadcast a video of this procedure throughout the universe, and we’ll ask the visiting alien biologists to assist us figure out what it is.”

“Alright, you’re in charge of the rest.”

Peter shook his head helplessly, stared at the black liquid monster that had been totally consumed by the flames, and then leaped up onto the branch of a tree. He vanished into the Terminator fast with the assistance of the tree’s ejection force. in the line of sight of the soldiers.

However, where no one looked. A trickle of liquid black fluid suddenly crept under the spider’s suit as the black spider insignia on Spider-back Man’s twitched.


A week later.

Peter Parker left the rental house early in the morning. In good spirits, he got up to shower and pulled his barely-affordable suit out of the closet from two months of labor. The White House will host Steve Rogers’ victory speech tomorrow.

Peter Parker, as Steve’s friend and superhero comrade-in-arms, naturally received the invitation. He pulled out the new suit he has today for that reason.

Peter doesn’t even need to worry about the economy as long as he is willing to take over as the editor-in-chief of the Osborn Group. Peter, however, was unwilling to accept any assistance from Rorschach or the Osborne Group.

Peter would rather rely on posing for Spider-Man photos, selling them to news agency, or working odd jobs in college. Even if these earnings are little, Peter Parker manages to spend them happily.

Peter Parker stood in front of the mirror after donning his outfit and gave himself a once-over.

He raised the collar of his magnificent suit high, just like a spirited youngster, and stretched out his hand in a mystifying manner before licking his tongue, brushing his hair to make it look like it was done by an adult, and doing it again.

His landlord ran into Peter Parker as he was leaving his apartment. He holds Peter and uttered, “Hey, you postponed your rent for this month by half a month. You must leave the premises if you don’t pay the rent.”

“Keep your filthy hands off my clothes, or I’ll toss you down the stairs.” the landlord was threatened with a stern glare from Peter.

Suddenly shaking, the landlord asked, “Did you take the wrong medication today?”

“You don’t need to remind me. I’m good, and the rent will be paid to you.” Peter gave himself a pat on the shoulder, tugged his collar once more, and then strode out.

At the gate, a black vehicle was already waiting. The Osborn Group set up this specific vehicle for Peter to travel to the nearby airport. The White House is far away from downtown Boston. To arrive on time at that point, we must change to another plane.

Peter slammed the door shut, climbed into the passenger seat, and then elevated his feet to the windscreen.

The driver was a black uncle. He reminded Peter as he cast a quick glance at him. “It’s dangerous for you to do that.”

“Just drive your car.” Peter glared towards the uncle.

Thoughts about the guy who asked him to pick up Peter and offered him a sizable tip prevented the uncle from objecting. Looking at this generous tip, the driver endured it.


The speech by Captain America went forward as planned.

It was organized for Peter Parker to check into a local high-end hotel after arriving in Washington, DC, where the White House is located.

It is noteworthy that Peter, who indulged last night, spent the entire night watching shows on the adult pay channel. Naturally, he was unaware that these costs needed to be covered, and the Osborn Group will cover Peter’s expenses. However, they will keep track of every detail of Peter’s costs, add them to the business’ special entertainment expense list, and submit a report to the senior management of the business for approval.

Peter Parker won’t be aware of any of this as he moves forward to the venue while dancing and taking up cheery steps. Along the way, he ran into a beautiful woman. He stood in front of her and dance clumsily to catch her attention.

If it weren’t for the famous people who accepted the invitation, the security guards would have kicked Peter out long ago for his behavior.

Rorschach and Wanda could be seen walking into the location in the distance.

Peter Parker, the young man dancing clumsily in front of you, is he, Morschach? Wanda also thought she spotted Peter, but she wasn’t sure, so she asked Rorschach to be sure.

Rorschach just returned from Asgard as well. He was unaware of what occurred in the Boston suburbs. There are countless incidents relating to aliens now that the earth has reached the age of the vast universe. The incident involving the meteorite in the Boston suburbs was handled as an all-encompassing extraterrestrial invasion incident.

“Yes, you read that correctly—Peter, but not Peter Parker. It has Bully Maguire’s appearance.” Rorschach dilated his pupils.

Rorschach surveyed him up and down in front of him using his X-ray vision. There is a bizarre alien organism on his body as a result of Rorschach’s scan.


Rorschach removed his phone from his pocket and filmed the priceless footage of Peter Parker being possessed by Venom in its early stages.

“How are you, Rorschach and Wanda?” Peter happened to see Rorschach and Wanda when he turned his head.

Peter flipped his hair and took a few tentative steps toward Rorschach. He indicated Rorschach’s mobile phone, “What are you doing? Are you taking pictures of me?”

“Do you want to give us another dance? I thought the one you just did was fantastic.” Rorschach urged.

“Really? I’ll show you a new move because I think my dancing has much improved since I last showed it to you.” Peter immediately began dancing again as he spoke.

Wanda avoided giving him a straight look, and those around him likewise kept a respectful distance, as though approaching him would be extremely embarrassing.

Several security guards were repeating to one another in whispers. As if confirming that Peter Parker was invited over, not sneaking in to do something.

“What are you doing?” Tony Stark With with Pepper arrived at this location when he found Rorschach photographing Peter Parker dancing on his phone.

“Would you like to dance with me, Mr. Stark?” Tony was given a handshake and an invitation by Peter.

“I don’t want to dance with you, thank you.”

Tony declined outright without giving it a second thought. He walked over to Rorschach and whispered, “Is there something wrong with him?”

“I scanned Peter’s body and discovered an extraterrestrial parasite, perhaps that thing affected him?” Rorschach gave a vague explanation.

“Alien parasites?”

When Tony heard this, he reacted right away, “The day before yesterday, an alien meteorite landed in the Boston suburbs. Some claim that extraterrestrial invaders have arrived. Spider-Man assisted in handling them and the extraterrestrial creatures’ ability to attach themselves to the Terminator robot.”

“That must be it, the extraterrestrial parasite infected him the day before yesterday.” Rorschach immediately deduced that the meteorite that brought the poison to Earth was to blame.

“Do we need to control him? Those strange creatures are supposedly hazardous, I’ve heard.” Unconsciously, Tony reached out to touch the Arc reactor located on his chest.

Wanda also prepared to strike at any time. They will attack and mercilessly subdue Peter Parker, who has been parasitized by alien, as soon as Rorschach gives the command.

“Wait till Steve’s speech is finished today before dealing with him. Nothing will occur as long as I’m here, so don’t worry.” Rorschach made a hand motion.

Although Peter Parker is naturally compassionate, Venom is parasitic on him and is infected by this generosity. Venom is a tremendously dangerous symbiote. Resulting in the current Bully Spider-Man persona.

Tony relaxed and said to Rorschach as he turned to face Peter, who was still stumbling around the dance floor, “Send me a copy of the video later.”

“No problem.” Rorschach was quick to concur.

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Published On: April 30, 2023

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