The vicious creature waved its hands and easily crushed a Terminator robot into bits as it faced the siege of the Terminator robots. A leader of the research team was viewing the image on the screen in the command room when he appeared to have made an unexpected discovery.

“That creature doesn’t seem to be terrified of bullets, but the energy weapon looks to be able to hurt it when used in an attack badly.”

Conventional bullets couldn’t affect the monster at all, but the energy weapon’s explosion’s extremely high temperature seemed to be able to hurt the monster badly.

When the person in command spoke, other researchers in control of the Terminator robot made a series of successive weapon switches that turned conventional firearms into more destructive energy weapons.

However, as they are just regular Terminator robots, they must be defeated swiftly because the Arc reactor that is equipped with them cannot withstand intense combat.

Superheroes would soon arrive to help them after the base rapidly informed them of the monster information at the same moment. Prior to it, they had to severely harm or postpone the monster as much as they could.

Right as this creature was engaged in combat with the nearby Terminator robots. Other creatures made of black liquid poured out of the meteorite behind him.

“Watch out for what’s behind you, Mark!” Unexpectedly, a researcher shouted, raised his energy cannon, and fired at Mark’s controlled Terminator robot.

An energy bomb was launched towards the Terminator robot in front of them, but it brushed up against the neck and struck the flying black liquid thing.

The black liquid substance was instantly burned up by the extremely high temperature once the energy bomb unexpectedly detonated.

However, more and more creatures made of black liquid poured out and pounced one by one on the Terminator robots.

The original gray monster attacked the Terminator robot from all sides, killing it instantly. Using its enormous hands, it seized two unpossessed Terminator robots and sent them to its mouth while clutching one of the robots like a chicken leg.

The two Terminator robots’ heads were severed by the vicious fangs. The monster produced a spooky noise while chewing a few times, coughing violently, and expelling the chewed robot head from its mouth.

“This thing is inedible, it’s truly unpleasant!”

In disgust, he hurled the two headless robots he was holding in his hands in the direction of the other Terminator robots.

“There are currently six monsters and twenty Terminator robots have been wiped out. There is a chance that there will be further extraterrestrial monsters. Send additional armed Terminator legions of stronger models right away!”

“Activate satellite surveillance, request authorization to deploy satellite weapons, and if things spiral out of control. Be ready for widespread bombing at any time. You must stop those creatures from approaching the city!”

Anyone else who is a superhero nearby should dial for superhero assistance right now. The person in charge is now standing in front of the screen and screaming angrily down.

After these creatures came to the metropolitan area to wreak havoc, this tragedy took place in his neighborhood. His situation is thought to be at its conclusion.

“Spider-Man has recently been active in Boston’s downtown, sir.”

“Spider-Man is my favorite, but I’m not sure. Isn’t Spider-Man in Queens, New York? Why did he come to our area?”

“There are top-secret details involved here. He may have traveled here to attend college, but we don’t have the power to confirm this, according to Internet rumors.”

“College? MIT?”


“Can you provide a list of all Queens, New York, high schools that received admission to MIT?”

“We ought to take care of these creatures first!”

“Right, right!” The person in charge finally chose between work and gossip.

A stronger Terminator robot army was sent under emergency orders and besieged Forest Park west of Boston. The mystery monster was captured simultaneously by ground satellite tracking as it fled toward a city.

“The quantity is incorrect, sir.”

“What did you say?”

The researcher displayed the image previously captured by the Terminator robot’s electronic eye and added, “There were a total of six monsters on the previous screen, with the monster they were leading being the most potent of them. But, there are now only three on the satellite-locked screen, and the gray-white one…has vanished!”


The supervisor took hold of his hair with both hands, “A first-level alert has been issued for Boston’s downtown due to an extraterrestrial invasion. Increase the blockade area, send out additional satellites, and dig three feet under to find all those monsters.”

Boston’s downtown area went on first-level alert that same day.

More than 2,000 Terminator robots were sent by the neighborhood Terminator base to search the wooded park where the meteorite landed. Peter Parker walked into the forest. The trees didn’t restrict him, they actually made him more mobile.

With the addition of Spider-Man and a more powerful Terminator robot model. The three monsters locked by the satellite were destroyed by the flames.

The Terminator uncovered three other alien monsters trying to escape after three hours of searching.

“The gray-white leader has been apprehended.”

“The black one has been apprehended!”

A slew of colleagues were heard killing the final two alien monsters in the communicator. Against the final alien monster controlled by a black liquid was Peter Parker.

“This thing is terrified of fire, isn’t it? I can handle it. See my flame-powered spiderweb!”

The Osborn Group’s division of scientific research is behind Spider-Man. His spider suit has more than a hundred useful spider webs, including one that can withstand flames for more than an hour.

In order to obstruct the black alien monster’s escape, Spider-Man sprays spider silk at it.

Although a sizable part of the woods was set ablaze, the leader insisted that the alien monsters must be eliminated at any costs. A professional team will handle any damage that occurs during this time.

Thus, Peter will not take responsibility and used all available tools to stop the alien creature from charging into the city.

“Got him!” The burning spider web Peter used to block the road and kicked the black alien creature by rebounding off the trees.

The black monster and the possessed Terminator robot were almost separated by this kick. The black monster cried out in agony and smacked Spider-Man in the face with a claw.

But Peter shoot the spider silk backward, pulled it firmly, and dodged it fast. He also fired the flame spider silk towards the monster’s back with his other hand while circling it to create more flame webs that were wrapped around the black monster.

The flame-engulfed black monster didn’t stop roaring. It started to repeatedly contract before turning back into a liquid life form and slowly peeled off the Terminator robot that was leaning against it.

“What the hell are you? It’s disgusting. Can someone assist me in looking for this item in the Encyclopedia of Alien Species?” Peter stepped back and watched with interest as the black liquid monster furiously tried to escape the flame spider web.

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Published On: April 29, 2023

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