“Odin.” Hela turned her head and peered at her father from below.

“Hela, my daughter.” Odin said while feigning a grin.

The moment he finished speaking, the mood changed to awkward.

“I am Thor Odinson, God of Thunder, King of Asgard, and Lord of the Nine Realms.” he announced in a deep, cheerful voice as he turned to face his sister, who he had never met before.

“Odin, you surrendered the throne to a fool, and you’re not willing to hand it over to me. I’m truly sorry about you.”

“I have obeyed what you advised and did not fight Odin, but these people shouldn’t mess with me.” Hela stated as she stopped Thor’s self-introduction, reflexively glancing back at Rorschach.

Hela walked in the direction of the Palace after she was done speaking. Even though Thor was a little irate, Odin held his shoulder.

The recent events in Niflheim were relayed live to Odin and the others by Heimdall, and everyone discovered that Rorschach’s strategy for convincing Hela was to stoke her desire to rule the multiverse.

Odin was aware that an even stronger Gods existed, especially after knowing the truth about their existence.

In actuality, the Celestials might be thought of as a type of gods. Star systems, planets, and life can all be produced by the Celestials. They act as gods of creation in a way.

Overall, it’s enough to help Hela become a little less agitated. Don’t start a war and consider taking over the entire planet. Odin believes he is powerless to control it because he has the capacity to do so.

“Again, I thank you, Rorschach. We were able to resolve a significant issue thanks to you.” Odin is content with the outcome.

There will not need to be a sibling conflict following his passing, at least not in light of the current circumstances. Moreover, a significant divine power returned to Odin itself after Hela’s seal was broken, enhancing Odin’s might even further.

Rorschach nodded to Odin, letting him know that all it takes is some effort.

“Additionally, I believe your problems may have just started.” Rorschach muttered to Odin as he turned to face the Palace.

“I don’t understand what you mean.” Odin inquired while frowning.

Prior to Rorschach having a chance to clarify what he had said, an Asgardian guard arrived on a single-soldier aircraft, bowed before Odin and Thor, and announced, “Your Majesty, just now a woman broke into your treasure home.”

That woman must be Hela, the goddess of death, it goes without saying.

The looks on Odin and Thor’s faces instantly froze. The two of them sped up their approach to Odin’s treasure trove as Rorschach was about to start speaking. Rorschach’s voice merely fell after Odin and Thor had already taken to the skies.

“I can just open a portal, though.”

Queen Frigga shrugged and said in agreement, “I’ve probably did the same.”

Hela journeyed to Odin’s treasure room in search of the Eternal Flame rather than the treasures hidden there. Her intention was to get Fenrir and her army to life. These undead army are not random Niflheim soldiers.

The undead here are all elite soldiers of Asgard.  Although their combat prowess and reaction speed have decreased since becoming undead, they now possess the Hela-bestowed undead attribute. Hela can always resurrect these troops as long as she is still alive.

Hela had already used the Eternal Flame to revive her army of the undead by the time the others arrived.

“What are you doing, Hela?” Odin was frightened that Hela might abruptly turn her back on him.

However, Hela simply revived her entire army of the undead before turning around and mounting Fenrir without even turning to face Odin and replied, “I just want to send my army back, is that something I can’t do? Fenrir must remain, but I can assure you that I will send the army back to Niflheim.”

Odin regarded Thor. He must make a decision now that he is the ruler of Asgard.

Seeing that his older sister was now a follower of Rorschach, Thor was a little miffed that she didn’t take him seriously at all, but he didn’t dare to act arrogantly in Asgard, so he accepted Hela’s terms.

Hela gained control of the army, crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and went back to Niflheim.

“I also intend to assemble a new Hall of Asgard and choose the most valiant and proficient warriors from the Nine Realms. I won’t object if you want to rearrange the Valkyrie and assist me in selecting brave spirits to induct into the Hall of Asgard.” Hela quickly grew accustomed to the position and started to rule Thor.

Thor immediately intended to refuse Hela’s request, but it was clear that Hela wasn’t talking to him but rather issuing a straight notice.

This is a family matter of Odin’s family. It is said that it is challenging for an official to make family-related decisions. Rorschach can’t say much because he is an outsider, of course. Hela can govern the kingdom as a monarch as long as she doesn’t wish to murder Odin and Thor.

After all, Thor wouldn’t consider allowing Surtur to combine with the Eternal Flame to destroy Asgard as long as Hela doesn’t cause any difficulty.

This will prevent the Ragnarok from the original story from appearing.


A meteorite from a far-off galaxy hit the earth just as Odin’s family was having fun.

The global satellite of the Osborn Group captured this meteorite as it came toward the planet. According to calculations based on the meteorite’s size, flight speed, and landing site, a minor meteorite’s landing won’t result in any catastrophe.

It can, at most, start a few small fires in the nearby forest.

In this regard, the neighboring base of the Terminator Legion sent over twenty Terminator robots to be in charge of additional sample and investigation of the meteorite’s composition, as well as putting out the fire started by the meteorite’s fall after it fell.

The meteorite crashed in Massachusetts, in a forested park outside of Boston, three hours later.

Twenty terminators that were already waiting there early were sent from the Terminator Legion base in the Boston region. They proceeded quickly and cleanly, extinguished the fire started by the meteorite plummeting to Earth, and then got close to the meteorite.

An expert researcher used a remote control to operate the leading Terminator robot. He took control of the robot, approached the meteorite, extended the mechanical arm, changed it into a tool for cutting it, and began collecting samples and doing analyses on the meteorite.

A cloud of gray liquid fluid spewed out as the laser knife sliced the meteorite’s surface, quickly enveloping the Terminator robot.

“What the hell is this? Command, a goop is keeping my robot immobile!”

The researcher shouted angrily. He made an effort to regain control of the Terminator robot to get rid of the mucus that was coating his body.

But despite his best efforts, the researcher was unable to maintain the Terminator robot’s data link.

Faced with this unforeseen circumstance, other research team members linked with more Terminator robots one by one as soon as they learned about it and simultaneously transmitted the scene to the headquarters’ big screen.

A vicious humanoid creature with gray skin appeared on everyone’s projection screen. I noticed that the creature completely encircled the Terminator robot, and its entire body had a faint metallic glitter. A mouthful of metal fangs emits a menacing light, with five razor-sharp claws like steel thorns.

The command center instantly gave the order to assault when they heard this horrific creature growl. As soon as the remaining Terminator robots on the site turned on their weapons, thick hail of bullets descended into the horrifying creature.

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