As Hela listened to Rorschach’s comments, Rorschach once more sparked her intense ambition.

She was astonished at the multiverse’s size and the sheer number of multiverse-level beings that she had never imagined. Instead of feeling helpless and afraid, Hela started to feel eager and anticipatory.

“Is there a stronger god outside the universe?” Hela questioned as he turned to face Rorschach.

“You can only be regarded as the lowest-level god in this universe, Rorschach nodded. There are gods from higher dimensions above you, like The Living Tribunal, The Beyonder, and others.”

“You’re right. My previous so-called ambition was completely ludicrous. I’m like a frog in a well.”

While Hela’s body trembled a little, her face was beaming with anticipation as she asked, “So what about you? are you a god?”

The power of Rorschach left Hela feeling helpless. Hela tried her hardest to overcome Rorschach’s defense, but she was unable to do so because of Rorschach’s strategies and superior knowledge. She therefore believed that the only explanation was that Rorschach was a divine being.

“I certainly qualify as a god from the standpoint of power. But I am different from you in that I do not come from a line of gods.” said Rorschach.

Although it is illusory, godlike bloodline is real. For instance, the majority of the Nordic deities are descended from the Aesir. Rorschach believed that in order to examine such things, it was required to capture a few gods.

Rorschach like to describe to himself as a scientist since he enjoys learning about new things. The magic system he previously encountered is still in place. Rorschach will understand it eventually.

“You can really make me achieve everything and rule the multiverse as the goddess of death?” Hela questioned cautiously.

Rorschach waved his hand, “No, I can free you from God’s sway and pave the way for you to travel to the multiverse. Whether you can evolve into the all-pervasive goddess of death rests entirely on you.”

Rorschach doesn’t mind assisting the talented individuals, but it is impossible to expect Rorschach to take them to a position above the multiverse. After all, they still have to work on their own.

After a moment, Hela’s gaze landed on Rorschach’s face and she bowed her head gently, saying, “Rorschach, I, Goddess of Death, Hela, may follow you to rule the multiverse.”

Hela respects Rorschach despite he is not a god but rather a powerful being.

A mysterious power collected around Rorschach’s body as Hela bowed her head in his direction and vanished in an instant. Rorschach experienced an odd sensation.

His eyes narrowed slightly, his vision broke through the emptiness, and he quickly lifted his head to stare in that direction, revealing the concealed World Tree below the level of reality.

The brief appearance of that unseen energy was followed by its swift return to the World Tree.

Many ideas came to Rorschach’s head in a split second. There was no way to confirm his suspicions regarding the godlike abilities, which he had previously made. Yet after Hela vowed to follow him, Rorschach perceived a power he had never experienced before.

“Hela, I have a question for you.” Rorschach turned to face Hela in front of him after pulling back his eyes.

When Hela heard Rorschach say those things, she said, “Please speak.”

“Is faith a factor in your gods’ strength? Because I’ve heard certain myths that claim that mortals’ beliefs in the gods are what gives them their power. Is this a fact?” Roschach enquired.

Hela pondered it for some time, “While it is connected, it is not a major deal. It varies. We Aesir don’t believe in the efficacy of faith. I desire to absorb certain mortal belief in order to increase my strength as opposed to the people in Vanaheim.”

Hela clarified, “Mortals, however, are too weak. The power of faith might not be as strong even if the mortals of several kingdoms are added together.”

“The power of faith in mortals is weak, but what if it’s the power of faith in gods?” Rorschach nodded and asked once again.

“The strength of belief in the gods will undoubtedly be greater. Do you mean that the beliefs of the lower gods will be absorbed by the higher gods?”

Rorschach’s question was clear to Hela, who gave it some careful thought before responding, “The power of faith will increase in proportion to how powerful the believer is. The father of the gods will be the most powerful in Aesir, just as the gods trust in the father of the gods.”

“Thus, the lower-level gods must have faith in the gods above them. Of course, it need not be faith-based power. The beliefs of both gods and humans are absorbed by the father of the gods, who in turn passes them on to the gods above.”

Rorschach believed that his speculation regarding faith was consistent with God’s plan for producing Ragnarok. This reasoning suggests that those gods may be able to command the lesser gods.

Rorschach once considered asking Odin to follow him in this manner, but ultimately decided against it.

He wasn’t doing it because he was ashamed of this. Rorschach merely thought the Aesir were too frail at the time.

A general-level Kryptonian bloodline has the power of a really powerful entity in the universe, while an elite Kryptonian warrior who receives sunlight has the might of the twelve primary gods of the Aesir species.

For the time being, Rorschach waved his hand to release Hela from his influence and set aside the speculation regarding that. In an instant, Hela’s soul once again formed a certain link with the faraway Asgard, and her power returned to her body.

Hela regained her power, her wounds disappeared right away, and she once more assumed the role of the goddess of death. At this point, the space crack that Rorschach previously caused likewise went back to its former state.

“Hela, it’s time to head back. Do nothing if you subsequently run into your father Odin. Understand?” Rorschach instructed to err on the side of caution.

Hela smiled, “Of course, I won’t take any action. Odin sealed me here at first to stifle my desire to rule the world. I truly no longer want to rule this small world. Instead, I want to rule a larger one.”

Rorschach finished speaking and Hela joined him in a standing position. He shouted to the sky, “Odin, take us back.”

A brilliant rainbow light descended from the sky and dropped heavily on the area where Rorschach and Hela were after a short period of time.

Rorschach and Hela also travelled into the boundless starry sky at this moment and returned to Asgard as the rainbow light of the Rainbow Bridge slowly faded.

Step back onto Asgard’s territory.

Hela had a tremendous surge in heavenly force that almost made her want to scream loudly. Hela could feel this divine strength emanating from her body.

There were several persons in front.

There were Odin, Thor, and Queen Frigga, and Hela fixed her attention on them.

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Published On: April 28, 2023

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