If Rorschach hadn’t learnt magic and compensated for his magic weakness, the Man of Steel’s physical defense attribute might not have been able to block Hela’s strike.

Hela found Rorschach’s admiration for her to be incredibly unkind. It was almost as though she had been insulted.

“So, you choose to die.” Hela’s face was icy, and with a flick of her wrist, she swung the two long, thorn swords she had in each hand, striking Rorschach in the vital areas.

Rorschach remained motionless while Hela repeatedly struck out with both hands and the long sword slashed on his torso, nearly slicing the sparks. He had a small smile on his face as he watched Hela attempt to strike him.

“Your blade could actually be able to cut past my defense. As long as you multiply your strength by more than 10,000, yet taking into account the fact that you are a woman, there is a congenital weakness. Assuming that your strength stays constant, according to the kinetic energy equation. This is rather simple, have you mastered it? As long as your speed is enhanced to a hundred times the speed of sound.”

“Mongrel!” Hela was enraged. She spent her entire life fighting alongside Odin in the Nine Realms and killing numerous formidable foes. The razor-sharp blade she holds in her hand has never been met with resistance.

But even though it was a long, powerful sword, it couldn’t even shave a hair off of his body. Hela began to question life as a result of this. Hela used her blade to stab Rorschach in the face once more.

This time, Rorschach reached up and deflected Hela’s sword away from his face.

“You are too impolite and hitting people is not the same as slapping them in the face. By the way, have you finished your attack? Is it my turn now?”

The moment the voice ceased, Rorschach flicked his fingers, shattering the long sword in Hela’s hand in an instant and filling her with an incredibly dreadful sense of oppression.

She was going to hit Hela when she saw Rorschach advance while raising his fist.

When Hela prepared to block Rorschach’s strike, the ground beneath Rorschach’s feet suddenly erupted with innumerable pitch-black spikes. Hela swung her hands from bottom to top toward the ground.

Rorschach’s figure carried on moving. The spikes disintegrated as soon as they made contact with Rorschach’s body, as if they had been struck by a large armored car.

“Ugh!” Hela’s face turned sour. In an effort to stop Rorschach, her heavenly might wildly poured forth, causing thorns of enormous size and hardness to appear one after another.

But no matter how hard she tried, she was utterly powerless to stop Rorschach.

Hela had a savage look on his face when Rorschach’s fist was less than a hundred meters from him. Hela’s right arm was coated in many thorns and prickly swords, and she punched Rorschach from a distance.

Together with Rorschach’s fist, the enormous spikes made of ground thorns and thorny swords grew, and there was a loud bang.

A tremendous force that was terrible passed by.

Hela didn’t understand Rorschach’s incredible and desperate power until this point.

Hela’s slim body was immediately covered in cracks created by the ground thorns and the long sword’s thorns. Her body split in half like a porcelain doll.

Hela’s body was simply broken, but she didn’t spill a drop of blood. She abruptly transformed back into the previous shape at the time she was injured.

“You cannot kill me, and I cannot kill you. I am the goddess of death, and I am immortal!”

Hela smiled once more to hide the fact that she was indeed scared by Rorschach’s aura at this moment after her body took on its former shape.

Hela herself states that she will never pass away as long as Asgard is not wiped out. No matter how severe the pain, she can rapidly recover.

“Am I?” Rorschach smiled.

A Reality Stone materialized on the back of his hand as he raised it and snapped his fingers.

Hela’s recently recovered corpse unexpectedly took on the appearance of being half-shattered as a brilliant light blazed. This time, crimson blood spurted from Hela’s wound, and she felt an agonizing ache in her chest.

Rorschach’s reminder of the soul-torn sorrow caused Hela to appear to have forgotten what it was like to be in pain. Hela’s connection to Asgard is weakened by the Reality Stone’s power, which is what it does.

Although this connection is based on the reality level, Asgard provides Hela with her strength. Rorschach can only lessen this connection to the fullest extent as it cannot be fully severed.

Hela can no longer disregard life and death in the absence of Asgard’s power supply. Rorschach grinned as he made his way slowly approaching Hela. She cried out in agony and continued to move away. Blood spilled out and was spread throughout the surface.

“Kill the man immediately!” Hela moved away while directing the undead.

Hela’s blood incited the nearby undead, causing them to turn violent. Hela doesn’t have a living person’s breath, despite the fact that she flows out blood.

Perhaps this is Hela’s power; since her soul is united with Asgard, she will not perish as long as Asgard is not obliterated.

Naturally, this is only Rorschach’s speculation. Rorschach has figured out the secrets of magic in this world, but he knows very little about divine abilities.

The army of the dead around them hesitated for a while, then rushed towards Rorschach, the only human present.

When Rorschach lifted his hand once more, the energy in the area above the apex of the fist increased. The entire region was devastated when he slammed his fist forward.

A space crack extending thousands of meters in front of the area was created by its breaking. The pitch-black hole had a powerful suction force that sucked in the entire army of the undead that had been charging Rorschach.

Even Hela found it difficult to conjure the ground thorns, barely holding her body up to avoid falling into the black hole herself.

“Odin claimed that you have lofty goals and strive to rule the entire universe, but I want to know. Can a little universe satisfy you? You’re like a frog trapped in a well.”

The only emotion on Hela’s face at the time was one of horror as Rorschach approached her, the Mind Stone on the back of his hand glowing with yellow light.

Rorschach presented Hela to him, “You should experience the multiverse’s size. What does it mean to rule an entire universe? If you truly want to rule the multiverse, that should be your goal. Become death’s supreme goddess, the one who is above all.”

“This is known as ambition.” Rorschach opened a window for Hela to view the multiverse as he spoke by using the Mind Stone.

The multiverse is so enormous that it is unfathomable.

Anyone is just a drop in the ocean in front of the vast multiverse.

Hela’s thoughts flashed to those multiverse-level powerful beings as her gaze sank into a slow-moving multiverse sight. Even though Rorschach only revealed a little portion of the multiverse, it also caused Hela’s mind to almost completely overwhelm and shut down.

Rorschach eventually reclaimed the Mind Stone’s strength. Hela was still on the ground, her face was completely pale, and no blood was coming from the wound on her body.

She had tears streaming down her cheeks at one point, as if she had just been through the most terrible event of her life and was still reeling from it today.

“Tell me, are you going to stay in this tiny universe and rule it like a house, or are you going to enter the multiverse and become a true goddess of death who transcends everything?” Hela’s heart trembled at Rorschach’s voice, which was like thunder sweeping through the sky.

She should dedicate her entire life to achieving the dream of becoming the sole goddess of death in the multiverse.

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Published On: April 28, 2023

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