Odin ultimately consented to send Rorschach to Hela’s sealed location, Niflheim, after being persuaded by Rorschach.

Despite having nine stars each, the Nine Realms are not ordered galaxies like the stars in the cosmos because of the interaction between the world tree and the nine stars that make up each realm. It resembles another dimensional space more.

Niflheim is utterly beyond the reach of planets and cannot be found or reached using regular navigational techniques. There are only two ways to go to Niflheim: one is to die in one of the Nine Realms because Niflheim is the soul’s final resting place, and the other is to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Rorschach first turned down Odin and his son’s requests to accompany him to Niflheim. Hela had been sealed for so long that he was concerned that once he saw Odin and his son, Hela would undoubtedly go up and stab the two of them to death.

Put on a heartwarming play about a father’s goodness and a daughter’s filial piety. Rorschach decided to travel alone in order to prevent any unnecessary difficulties.

On the summit of the world tree, Asgard’s Rainbow Bridge burst into blinding light before collapsing violently into a foreboding and dark realm.

Niflheim’s darkness, as opposed to the actual darkness of Svartalfheim, is brought on by a strong sense of terror and despair.

Rorschach was standing on the desolate ground, and everywhere he turned, he could only find quiet. The breath of the living is comparable to a brilliant light at night.

Many ghosts and malevolent spirits emerged from the darkness and one by one raced towards Rorschach. One by withered lifeless corpse crawled out from behind the burnt ground. They advanced on Rorschach while bearing teeth and claws, their eyes burning with green soul fire.

“Do a bunch of lone ghosts have the audacity to behave dangerously in my presence?”

The four Infinity Stones’ energy transformed into a surge of magical energy when Rorschach waved his hands, which then condensed into magical runes in front of him.

As Rorschach finished building the magic rune, he slammed the earth with his hand, causing the rune to erupt and convert into a shock wave of pure white that instantly swept across the entire landscape.

In a split second, light engulfed the entire earth, bringing with it holy light and banishing all bad spirits and darkness.

The grievances of the ghosts around Rorschach were vanquished and transformed into pure souls under the illumination of this divine light, and the withered bodies of the deceased spirits on the ground likewise vanished in an instant.

A figure of a woman stepped out of the thick black mist.

The light on Rorschach’s side instantly collapsed when that figure appeared. They felt incredibly depressed as they watched the woman, who appeared to be in charge of the entire planet, stroll along a dark street while being pursued by innumerable zombies.

“Who are you? Did Odin send you to see how I’m doing?” Hela, the goddess of death who Odin trapped in Niflheim, is the person in question.

It was possible for Rorschach to cross the Rainbow Bridge. The seal must have been broken for him by Odin. Hela, however, has distinctly sensed that Odin’s seal is waning in recent years. Maybe in a little while she’ll be able to remove Odin’s seal and return to the Nine Realms.

Hela assumed that Rorschach was unquestionably sent by Odin to look over her situation.

“Hela, I’m Rorschach, and I’m here to bargain with you.” Rorschach regarded Hela fearlessly.

Rorschach was unafraid and kept his composure despite being surrounded by tens of thousands of undead soldiers.

“You wanted to make a deal with me?”

She also appeared intrigued in the man who had materialized out of nowhere in Niflheim. Hela cast an inquisitive glance Rorschach’s way. She placed her hands on her chest and softly questioned, “So… what terms do you want to deal with me?”

“I’ll present you with two options. I’ll first let you out, but only if you are loyal to me.”

Hela laughed aloud before Rorschach finished speaking. She couldn’t help but laugh aloud because she appeared to have heard the funniest joke.

“I apologize, I should not have interrupted. You should just say the second choice.” Hela said to Rorschach while grinning. Although she appeared to be smiling, her eyes reveal otherwise.

“The second choice is that I will beat you until you are willing to serve me.” Rorschach continued, ignoring Hela’s remarks.

“I know that your soul is extraordinary, and as the goddess of death who rules the Niflheim. I have a technique to make you feel something worse than death despite the fact that your soul has already been categorized as the dead and the dead cannot die again.” Rorschach said.

“Really? that’s really exciting.”

Hela reached up and massaged her head with her hands. Her long, black hair abruptly sprouted spikes that resembled elk antlers. This indicates that Hela has transitioned into a fighting mode.

Two prickly long swords materialized in Hella’s palms as she clapped her hands. She turned them toward Rorschach. Rorschach let Hela’s two jagged long swords fly in his direction while remaining still and acting as though he had not responded.

The two long swords of thorns seemed to strike an invisible force field as they were about to strike Rorschach, radically altering their trajectory and sending them flying past the man’s torso.

“Space magic, you certainly seem to be a skilled magician.”

Hela’s eyes were a little taken aback by this scene. After all, she recalled that Asgard supported using force. Magicians existed, but few of them were as strong as Rorschach. There are very few magicians that use magic in battle.

Hela shook her hands once more as she spoke, and the two long thorny swords reappeared in her hands. She put her legs down on the floor, suddenly leapt up, and dashed over to Rorschach.

Dealing with powerful magicians is not simple. Magicians typically have powerful assault abilities, but their bodies are very vulnerable. Even the weakest zombie can kill a powerful magician if they can get near them and engage in combat with them.

Rorschach still stood there, immobile, as Hela approached. Hela was there in a flash, standing in front of Rorschach. She sliced at Rorschach’s head while raising the large sword she was holding high.

There was a crisp sound of metal collision.

The long blade of thorns in Hela’s hand almost slid out as she experienced numbness in her wrist. In addition to not feeling the sharp sword pierce the skin as she severed Rorschach’s head, it seemed more like she was cutting through invincible steel.

She gave Rorschach a confused glance as he gave Hela a friendly smile.

“Your sword exudes an evil aura. It makes sense that you would murder gods, just as you would kill dogs and chickens. It turns out, you’re pretty strong.” Rorschach gave her his honest praise.

In the original plot of Thor 3, when Hela slaughtered the entire Asgard alone, the so-called elite fighters of Asgard were almost killed by Hela with a single sword. It was easier to kill than cutting melons and vegetables.

It’s not that they are too weak, but that Hela’s attack has a breath of death, which can easily pierce the defense of an Asgardian warrior and kill them with a single blow.

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Published On: April 27, 2023

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