Odin didn’t bother with this issue too much. The first incident has long since passed, and Rorschach returned the pieces of the Destroyer armor, which Odin can also put back together.

Odin reached out and mumbled something to this heap of Uru metal right away. The Destroyer armor that Rorschach had seen was once more created from the mound of Uru metal in the next instant.

“We stand a better chance of defeating the Celestials with the Destroyer Armor. Odin, you are currently without a weapon. Do you require me to deliver the Gungnir back?” Roschach enquired.

Odin wouldn’t be embarrassed, though, if someone asked for something he personally gave.

“No, I have the Odinsword to deal with the Celestials,” he shook his head in defiance.

In the comics, Odin also gave up Gungnir and made a sword called Odinsword specifically for fighting Celestials. It is rumored that the Odinsword can pierce the Celestials’ formidable defense and severely harm it.

This conversation should have finished when the two groups decided to work together to combat the Celestials.

“Odin, there is one more issue I want to talk to you about.” Rorschach continued despite this.

“Do share.” Thor and Odin both paid close attention.

“I don’t need to elaborate on the Celestials’ power. Our chances of victory will increase by one point if we can enlist the assistance of one more powerful person. I thus consider allowing Hela to join our squad.” said Rorschach.

“Hela…” Odin and Frigga didn’t anticipate Rorschach bringing up Hela.

Thor had a vacant gaze. He is completely unaware of who Hela is.

“Oh, certainly not. No matter where you know her from, don’t bring her up because she won’t join us.” Odin’s voice subconsciously rose slightly as a result of his intense emotion.

Thor was confused when he noticed his parents acting strangely, “Can anyone tell me who Hela is?”

Thor’s arm was gently taken by Queen Frigga as she spoke softly, “Don’t bring up this name again, Thor. This issue is resolved.”

Rorschach followed Odin as he was ready to stand up and leave, “Odin, are you really going to keep running away like this? You should be quite certain in your heart that your seal won’t be able to keep her in its grip for very long. Do you have to hold off till then? Allowing Thor who knows nothing to face Hela and Ragnarok alone?”

In the original Thor 2 storyline, Odin didn’t reveal to Thor that he had a sister named Hela until just before he died.

The sudden presence of Hela likewise left Thor and Loki entirely unprepared, and they were defeated by her. Even Asgard was swiftly taken by Hela. Hela’s influence caused countless Asgardian troops to sadly perish while fighting valiantly.

Odin was fully aware that nothing could stop Hela from being born again after his death. Yet, it might be that Odin is demented and never considered reminding Thor, or it could be that he thinks Ragnarok is coming and believes that any effort is pointless.

So the seal might be broken, allowing Hela to return to Asgard.

Rorschach’s remarks caused Odin to halt in his tracks, and Thor, who was standing behind him and appeared perplexed, also pursued him and re-asked, “What else did you withhold from me, Father? And who is Hela? Ragnarok, what about it?”

“Odin, tell Thor the truth. He has the right to know about it.” Said Queen Frigga.

Things have reached this point, Odin sighed helplessly, and Thor also has a sister, the sister who fought alongside Odin to unify the Nine Kingdoms.

Yet as Odin and Hela conquered the Nine Realms, she gradually made her ambitions known.

She appears to be seeking to spread the flames of conflict throughout the entire world in addition to capturing the Nine Realms.

Hela has a unique talent in that she can suck power from Asgard and grow stronger as long as she is in the realm of Asgard. No one can compete with her as long as she remains in Asgard.

“How about I? You must have forgotten about me.” Odin was interrupted by Rorschach who explained Hela’s history.

Hela can get stronger even when she is in Asgard, but Asgard is only a small country, thus there is a limit to how much Hela can grow.

Odin was somewhat startled when Rorschach interrupted him, but he was unable to respond to Rorschach’s assertions.

Odin has no idea how powerful Rorschach is at this point.

“Hela cannot be freed, even if you are right. Ragnarok will occur once her appearance becomes a reality.” Odin voiced his concerns.

But, in Rorschach’s opinion, such speech is equivalent to an ostrich with its head in the sand. If you want to rely on sealing Hela to stop Ragnarok from happening, kneeling immediately beneath the World Tree and pleading for the protection of the World Tree would be more effective.

“Ragnarok may not be what you think.” Rorschach said.

In the storyline of the film, Ragnarok refers to Surtur’s birth in the eternal fire of Odin’s treasure chamber, transforming into a mountain-like behemoth, and eventual destruction of Asgard.

Ragnarok, however, refers to the endless cycle of the Norse gods’ death and rebirth in the comic book plot. Asgard is destroyed at the conclusion of one cycle, while Asgard is rebuilt at the start of the other.

In the comics, Odin gave his right eye to the World Tree and then hung himself there for nine days in order to gain the power of the runes and learn the real meaning of Ragnarok. Manipulated by the gods that lurk in the shadows, they take tremendous energy from Ragnarok to make themselves stronger and greater.

“Do you mean to say that the Ragnarok we will experience is only a play that the gods have written? Whose goal is to use our demise to give authority to us low-level gods?”

Odin and his father Bor even risked their lives to slay Surtur, who was predicted to destroy Asgard, and take Surtur’s power away in order to stop the Ragnarok prophecy from coming true. The Eternal Fire is the power source of Surtur.

Odin was unaware that Surtur was alive, or that he had been dead previously but had been brought back to life in order to carry out the Ragnarok prophecy.

“Indeed, Ragnarok is a force that can be defeated. All predictions are fake, and the source of everything is your own strength, so long as you are more powerful than those gods.” Rorschach smiled as he spoke.

As they hear Rorschach’s purported remedy, Thor and Odin can only smirk wryly because they still feel troubled over the manipulation of their fate.

“I’ll make an effort to persuade Hela. Whether it’s for the latter Ragnarok or the entrance of the Celestials. said Rorschach.

“What if you can’t persuade her? Odin sighed helplessly.

“Then, I can only murder her.” Rorschach answered.

“Hela rules death, killing her requires the annihilation of Asgard.”

During the speech, Odin appeared to have noticed it as well, “When you get to that point, obliterate Asgard. After all, Asgard is not a place, it’s a people.”

In the original story, Odin also warned Thor that the only way to defeat Hela is to obliterate her source of power and render her incapable of increasing indefinitely.

“Isn’t this entering the Ragnarok cycle once more? Don’t be so negative, Odin. Perhaps I can persuade her.” Odin was consoled by Rorschach.

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Published On: April 27, 2023

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