Rorschach returned to Asgard after previously leaving it in search of the Power Stone. Earth-shattering changes have occurred in this fabled kingdom. A new appearance has emerged for the old Asgard city, with tall structures emerging like from earth.

Many fairy trees and grasses grown in myths and stories surround the spacious road. Modern cars, Asgard chariots, and some elves from the elf kingdom riding the legendary unicorn are among the many types of vehicles that pass through the busy streets.

Asgard offers everything that can be found on Earth, and the streets are lined with contemporary stores.

Over Asgard City, a tiny shuttle belonging to Rorschach appeared. Rorschach’s shuttle was promptly scanned by the automated anti-aircraft turret array, which also finished data transfer with that shuttle.

The automated anti-aircraft turret array was immediately discharged, permitted to pass, and informed the reigning king of Asgard, Thor, of Rorschach’s arrival.

Thor was waiting at the Golden Palace in Asgard when Rorschach’s shuttle arrived. The Warriors Three of Asgard, which included Sif, Hogun, Fandral, and Volstagg, were also present, standing behind Thor.

“Rorschach, my friend. What brought you here?”

Thor appears to have grown considerably since ascending to the position of King of Asgard, and his body armor appears to have undergone an upgrade.

“I heard that Asgard has grown to be the most prosperous kingdom in the Nine Realms. Of course I want to see whether it is true.” Rorschach joked as he followed Thor into the Golden Palace and gave him a hug.

Thor occasionally laughed, “It’s true, of course. But I have to thank you for it all. If not for the delegation from Earth you brought, Asgard may still be in the distant past. There is a new pub on the 14th block of the city’s closest Earth Street, how about a drink later?”

When he was saying so, Thor inexplicably walked up to Rorschach and said, “I heard there are many gorgeous girls from all across the universe at that pub. There must be one you like type.”

“Forget about it, those supposedly gorgeous beauties from all across the universe are all simulated robots.” Rorschach said with a blank expression.

“How do you know, then? I realize that you must have visited that location a long time ago, as was anticipated of you.” Thor gave Rorschach an odd-eyed glance.

Sif, who was trailing behind, coughed a several times in an attempt to remind Thor that he was now the king and should use caution in his speech.

Nonetheless, it was clear that this King lacked self-awareness because he continued to talk with Rorschach about the lovely woman.

“Because the tavern is located on Earth Street, the Osborn Group must have contributed financially and technically. Every one of the girls has used bio-simulation technology, so no matter how they are touched or what they go through, they are identical to actual humans.” Rorschach explained.

When Thor heard that, his eyes glowed, “Really?””

“For real.”

“Do you want me to create a batch of maids specifically for you? I don’t even need to know your preferences because I can use big data to directly input your past experiences and, with a single click, to determine the goddess of your dreams. Would you like to go through it?” He continued.

Thor subconsciously nodded, but he coughed dryly as he immediately realized something. “No, I’m now a King.”

Rorschach only waved his hand, “All right, then.”

“But I do lack a… servant to help me clean up the house.” Thor kept talking earnestly.

Thor is currently in an emotional void since, despite the fact that he once had a relationship with Sif in this realm, it has long ago ended and he hasn’t gotten to know Jane Foster.

“I get it. I’ll set everything up for you when I get back.” Promised by Rorschach.

Only Sif appears embarrassed and irritated and is confined to a silent sigh.

Rorschach had entered the Golden Palace alongside Thor as they were discussing.

Rorschach disclosed the reason for coming promptly after exchanging a few words, “Thor, aside from coming to see you this time, there is actually something else. You already know that there is a Celestial on earth. I’m getting ready to get rid of that one right now, but the Celestials will undoubtedly get revenge. I need your father and you to assist me when the time comes.”

“No problem, I will without a doubt permit the Celestials group to come and go if they dare to enter the Nine Realms that day.” Thor joyfully said while waving the Strombreaker in his palm.

Rorschach reminded Thor, “You should be very careful not to underestimate the Celestials’ strength. Is your father Odin here? I’d like to talk to him.”

“Father and mother are observing flowers in the backyard garden.”

He led Rorschach to the backyard garden as Thor had said. Before, when the dark elves attacked, Queen Frigga nearly died at their hands. Odin knew it at that point as well, having nearly lost his wife.

As a result, Odin stepped down, gave Thor control of the kingdom, and then lived the rest of his life with his wife.

Odin’s face lit up when he saw Rorschach arrive, and he took Frigga’s hand to welcome him warmly. Odin instantly indicated his willingness to use all of his resources to protect the stability of the Nine Realms after discovering that the earth was going to experience the entrance of the Celestials.

“I’ve been wary about the arrival of the Celestials for a while. If they do arrive, I will do everything I can to keep the Nine Realms safe.” Odin asserted sternly.

“Odin, you must be completely ready. The Celestials are incredibly powerful.” Frigga the Queen stroked Odin’s face. She was fully aware of the Celestials’ power, but she was even more cognizant of Odin and Thor’s obligations.

“Fear not, Frigga. I am really familiar with that.” Odin spoke as he gently encircled Frigga in his arms.

“This is the armor that King Odin gave me when we were on Earth. It was brought up to you, and it has now been given back to its rightful owner.” A space channel connecting his dimension was opened by Rorschach with a wave of his hand, and Uru metal then began to fly out of it.

The edges of Thor and Odin’s jaws twitched at the sight of this mass of Uru metal.

‘What the hell happened to the armor?’

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Published On: April 26, 2023

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