Dr. Pym brought up Asgard once more and posed the following question, “Did you travel to Asgard to engage prepare for the Celestials? Have you made up your mind to fight?”

It’s not shocking that Dr. Pym has this thought. They are after all investigating the life forms and flaws of the Celestials as a whole under their Celestial Life Research Group.

“Well, I had intended to visit Asgard this time to speak with Odin and the other gods about battling the Celestials.” Rorschach did not conceal this information because dealing with the Celestials’ issue could no longer be put off.

Several of the current scientists were pleased to learn that the battle with the Celestials was about to begin, while others were concerned.

Tony frowned, “Is a battle about to break out? How long do we have to get ready? I’m still designing my Anti-God armor.”

“At the worst, one year will be needed to prepare for our battle with the Celestials, but it is better to finish in six months.”

Rorschach responded to Tony’s question, took a moment, and then said, “Tony, can you change the name of the Anti-God Armor you mentioned? The name doesn’t sound good.”

Rorschach considered dropping the name after hearing about the Godkiller armor.

His armor’s ability to combat the gods will be considerably improved once this technology is applied. Utilizing the gods’ life force in an effort to battle the Celestials.

“Is the Anti-God Armor’s name nbad? What do you consider to be a better name then?” Tony enquired as he surveyed everyone in the lab.

“How do you feel about the name Godkiller?” The idea was first put forth by Bruce Banner.

While Drs. Pym and Octopus are not interested in naming, Dr. Helen Cho has endorsed Banner’s idea.

Everybody turned to face Rorschach.

“If you want to make it sound better than Anti-God Armor, call it the Godkiller Armor.” In Rorschach’s opinion. As long as it isn’t referred to as the “Anti-God Armor”, it doesn’t matter.

“All right, I’ll go along with your suggestion and title it the Mark 51 – Godkiller Armor.”

The Mark series’ No. 51 Godkiller armor, which is one behind the Mark 50 nano suit armor Tony is now wearing, was routinely assembled by Tony.

“Estimate the substance of the gods, vibranium, and Uru metal as the main components of the Godkiller Armor. They can undoubtedly support the armor’s own enormous body and be used in actual warfare. In the next 48 hours, I’ll try to incorporate my trip to Wakanda into my research for the Mark 51 Godslayer Armor.” Tony devised a schedule for his workday.

Even if it is not larger than a planet, the battle armor against the Celestials must at least equal the size of a Fortress-class starship.

Talk about the gods absorbing the life force of the gods, regardless of the body type and level of strength of any battle gear. The armor could burst as a result of overload if it couldn’t bear the energy.

Thus, the Godkiller armor needs to be at least as large as a space carrier.

The time left for Tony to create the Godkiller Armor is too short when combined with what Rorschach said about the Celestials’ war, which he estimated would come in six months at the earliest and one year at most.

It would take a long time to construct and assemble the massive Godkiller armor, even with the aid of Pym particles. Additionally, the basis for everything is that Wakanda is prepared to exchange enough vibranium.

Just when everyone was talking about the Godkiller Armor and the Celestials substance in the lab, a red portal materialized.

A person emerged from the portal. It was Wanda in a uniform.

After viewing Rorschach, she reported, “Steve Rogers won the election, and he invites you all to come to our inaugural speech next Monday.”

“I’m headed to Asgard on Monday. If everything works out, I should arrive in time.” Rorschach answered.

Rorschach’s main goal was to convince Odin to release Hela beforehand. Hela, the Aesir people’s goddess of death, is also a very potent individual. Even Odin feared her when she was at her most powerful state.

In the original plot, Hela destroyed Thor’s Hammer with her own hands, and even when Thor unleashed all of his might, Hela was still unbeatable. There are also claims that Hela’s power will keep growing as long as she is near Asgard, and that if she stays there, no one will be able to stop her.

Although Rorschach’s attempt to enlist Hela will undoubtedly fail, Odin’s time on Asgard is running out, and eventually Hela will destroy his seal and return.

Rorschach concluded that it would be best to meet Hela beforehand because he would eventually have to see Hela.

When she learned that Rorschach was about to depart from the Earth once more. Wanda exclaimed, “What about the retired life you promised earlier?”

She had a lot to deal with every day because the Osborne Group now controls the whole Earth economic system as well as extraterrestrial trade.

Despite Riverie’s assistance, she is only able to examine and draw conclusions from data and offer solutions to issues. Executives or senior management must decide on the specific course of action.

Wanda can only go take care of it on her own because Rorschach doesn’t directly manage it and she can’t find someone who can assist her in taking the initiative.

“The Kree Empire has sent the appropriate specialists to assist our planet’s establishment and development of the extraterrestrial trading system. You’re also aware of the Kree Empire’s extensive expertise in this field. Workload will be significantly reduced as long as the Earth’s economic system is fully incorporated into the Galaxy Credits monetary system.

Wanda was instantly reassured by Rorschach, who grasped her hand and said, “I know you’ve been working hard lately, how about this? I’ll raise your pay.”

“A raise?” Wanda shook Rorschach’s hand and shot him a direct glance.

Everyone in the area turned to look at the sky as these two engaged in an argument.

It took Rorschach a long time to make Wanda happy. Everyone in the lab pretended they were still working when Wanda left, as if they hadn’t even noticed her presence.

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Published On: April 26, 2023

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