“Mr. Rorschach, please come in!” Norman Osborn welcomed Rorschach into his office by opening the door and instantly putting on a kind face.

Rorschach happily grinned as well and walked into it.

The office door was then secured, and Norman simultaneously questioned Mr. Rorschach, “Mr. Rorschach, what specifically are you seeking me for?”

“Of course, for your Green Goblin personality.”

Rorschach casually peered at the Green Goblin suit that Norman was packing up before settling into the Osborn Group president’s office chair. According to Norman, Rorschach was expected to be surprised by Norman’s Green Goblin costume.

Rorschach didn’t care and even mentioned his Green Goblin nature. As soon as he realized what was happening, Norman’s face quickly turned chilly. He also kept the razor-sharp blade in his hand while keeping a wary eye on Rorschach.

“How do you know? what is your identity? Police… or the FBI…?”

“As you can see, I’m just a regular high school teacher, and besides, there are a lot of researchers in the world.”

“I didn’t want to join the Osborn Group before because I thought the physical enhancement potion you researched was defective, and it turns out that it is true, and a problem has been found,” Rorschach said as he casually glanced at the razor-sharp blade in Norman’s hand.

“Defects? No, the potion for physical improvement is not defective. I feel better than ever right now!”

Step by step, Norman approached Rorschach, maintaining an unsettling grin on his face, “Mr. Rorschach, I’ve given you a chance before, but you didn’t take it it. You can just die!”

Before he could continue, Norman drew the razor-sharp blade from his middle hand and pierced Rorschach’s chest with a powerful stab. The metal, razor-sharp blade abruptly came to a stop and bent as it pierced Rorschach’s chest. Norman had the impression that he was stabbing a thick steel plate rather than a living, breathing person.

“This… what’s going on?”

“Mr. Norman, you know nothing about power.”

Rorschach has an SSS+ physical defense rating and a “steel body.” He couldn’t possibly have been hurt by this common, sharp razor. He raised his hand slowly, snatched the sharp blade out of Norman’s grasp, stretched out two fingers, pinched the sharp blade’s handle at the bottom, and gently dragged the blade out.

There was a metallic sound, similar to the sharp sound of a knife cutting across metal. The initially bent blade went back to its normal shape after Rorschach wiped it. The Green Goblin Norman took a few steps back when he noticed that his scalp was numb.

“I wanted to get along with you like a normal person, but what I got were your assassination and deceit.”

“I’ll stop pretending, then.”

“I ought to be a god to you little mortals!”

A commoner may be in awe of another commoner, but they will never see that as showing trust. Only gods are believed by mortals. Rorschach needs to utilize his position as a “god” to inspire respect and even faith in mortals.

Make yourself a god among men.

Rorschach moved forward, grabbed Norman by the neck, and gently raised him. “You have failed this city, Norman Osborn. “


Fear of suffocation gripped Norman’s entire body as he was pulled into the air by Rorschach’s throat. In an effort to separate Rorschach’s fingers and allow his throat to breathe freely once again, his legs kicked erratically.

Rorschach’s hands, though, were like iron clamps, securely encircling Norman’s throat and preventing him from breathing.

Rorschach hauled Norman Osborn up in front of him, disregarded his agonizing struggle, and stated, “Norman, I hope this is the first and only time you hit me since this time you wanted to murder me. Do you understand that I would completely eliminate you from this world if you dared to employ any tricks again?”

“Uh uh uh…”

Norman’s face was flushed, and the congestion had made his eyes bloodshot and nearly bulged from their sockets. Even though he wanted to respond to Rorschach’s statements, he was unable to do so in Rorschach’s hands.

Rorschach released Norman Osborn’s hand just as he was about to pass out from cerebral ischemia.


Norman collapsed to the ground helplessly. He continued to scrape his neck with his nails, taking in the fresh air like a fish that had been out of the water for a few days and returned.

“Norman, cherish for your life!”

Entering the system mall, Rorschach’s consciousness paid 5,000 points for a bottle of personality fusion potion. Norman watched this scenario in shock as a green potion materialized in Rorschach’s palm the next instant.

Norman’s neck was once more seized by Rorschach, who gently elevated it before pointing the green liquid at Norman’s neck and piercing it. After a while, Norman Osborn’s eyes started to show signs of sanity. He bred the Green Goblin personality a few days after injecting the physical enhancement potion.

The Green Goblin personality was responsible for all of Norman’s crimes, including the murder of his lab assistant in the beginning, the fabrication of an accident, the attack on the Stark Industrial Expo today, and the massacre of the Osborn Group shareholders. However, after the two personalities fused, Norman’s heart was suddenly filled with unending guilt and regret.

“God, what did I do? What the hell did I do…”

“Instead of acting like a bitch and feeling sorry for yourself, you may as well consider what to do next!” Rorschach crossed his legs while reclining in the president’s chair.

“How did you do it? who are you? and what do you want to do, Teacher Rorschach?

Norman regained consciousness and turned to face Rorschach with troubled eyes. He was overwhelmed with inquiries but had no idea where to begin.

“Allow me to reintroduce myself. Rorschach is how I go by. Norman, you might find what I intend to accomplish hard to believe. Aliens will begin to colonize this planet in the coming years. I don’t want to watch over this world like a nanny. I thus hope you have the necessary skills to handle those risks on your own.” Rorschach spoke inaudibly.

While Rorschach also enjoys superhero movies, the term “superhero” itself is a romantic cultural artifact. Perhaps there will be a significant influx of talented and competent people at some point in the future. They can take a stand and assist in turning the tide when the globe is under a serious threat.

But given the lengthy history of humanity, can you really expect superheroes to save the day in every situation? In the Marvel Universe, superheroes unexpectedly pass away in a variety of realms, and the result is a world filled with unending death and hopelessness.

What is depicted in the Marvel film universe is merely a singular instance of romance and beauty, much like in a fairy tale. Despite the fact that his universe is quite similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Rorschach dares not pin all of his expectations on a small group of superheroes.

There are still a lot of distinctions from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though, if you pay close attention to the details. Only the Avengers from the Marvel Cinematic Universe were able to stop Thanos from snapping his fingers despite trying in innumerable parallel universes.

The Marvel universe has always been dominated by themes of devastation and catastrophe.

Rorschach desires to create his own dominance and, if necessary, to dominate the entire world and to pool the might of all nations to fend off potential disasters in the future. Of course, if there were foes outside the scope of this planet, Rorschach would still be prepared to act.

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Published On: February 2, 2023

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