Celestials Life Research Group, Osborn Group.

Dr. Helen Cho was carefully guiding the mechanical arm within the glass chamber with both hands as she sat in front of the glass chamber, moving a dark substance up near to the golden stone in front. The golden stone is a unique type of rock.

It was the study team’s experts that ventured far down the ground to locate the Tiamut’s body and cut a small portion of body tissue from Tiamut.

“Tiamut’s body tissue was used in an experiment on transmitting and absorbing life energy. The experiment starts for the 106th time.” Dr. Helen Cho oversaw the experiment’s operation, while Tony Stark was in charge of documenting the photographs and other data.

For the safety of the entire Earth. The Osborn Group, its partners, and all notable scientists were thus invited to participate by the S.W.O.R.D. Research Group.

One of them is Tony Stark. There are also Bruce Banner, Dr. Pym, and Dr. Octavius. Everyone in the room was tense as they all focused on the mysterious substance on Dr. Helen Cho’s mechanical arm.

This entails using the Deviant traits to absorb the Eternals’ life energy and their mechanical bodies’ biological likenesses in order to create a biomimetic material that combines biological and metal.

This substance resembles Uru metal in several ways. This technological creation, which resembles the Celestials and the Eternals, is more compatible with life energy since Uru metal is compatible with magic.

This biomimetic material shares several structural similarities with Tiamut’s bodily tissue. This biomimetic material and the fundamental elements of body tissue are therefore collectively referred to as the Celestials substance following research and discussion by contemporary scientists.

Tiamut’s bodily tissue came into contact with the artificial Celestials substance. The life energy that was still present in this portion of Tiamut’s body tissue flickered lightly.

As soon as the Celestials substance and the tissue of Tiamut made contact, this touch of golden life force transformed into a stream and moved through it.

“Life energy transmission is connected and working… Life energy transmission…”

Tony Stark always kept an eye on transmitting information for life energy. Tony commanded Helen Cho to disconnect as soon as the artificial Celestial substance began to drain Tiamut’s life energy drastically.

“Quickly disconnect. Life energy transmission has reached an extreme state!”

Helen Cho observed this and, without saying a word, began to move the mechanical arm in an effort to break the link between the Celestials substance and Tiamut’s body tissue.

But the two are inseparable no matter how much she boosts the mechanical arm’s power. A frightening life force erupted and began to release a brilliant light steadily.

Tony put the Arc Reactor on his chest right away. Tony Stark used nanotechnology earlier than in the original plot since he had access to a lot of alien technology, creating a nano suit.

The nano suit instantly enveloped his entire body, transforming into a set of steel armor, and moved forward to defend Dr. Helen Cho as soon as he placed the Arc Reactor against his chest.

Dr. Octavius raised several specialized metal covers and covered the front glass chamber housing the Celestials substance as Bruce Banner pulled Dr. Pym behind him while simultaneously waving his enormous robotic arm.

These individuals are obviously not the first to face such an outburst. A recognizable figure suddenly materialized in front of the glass warehouse out of nowhere as it was ready to explode and stretched forward to grab it through a layer of tempered glass.

The figure that arrived out of nowhere held the Celestials substance. In a second, the horrific energy fluctuations subsided, and a gentle light appeared.

“Celestials’ substance’s energy storage is unstable. In fact, you may try adding some vibranium to the substance. Vibranium performs very well in terms of compatibility with biological energy and has good energy storage properties.”

Rorschach quickly assessed the issue by using his eyes to inspect the Celestials substance’s interior structure.

The vital force of the gods is unimaginably powerful. Even gods manufactured with modern technology are unable to precisely convey the gods’ life essence.

The crowd was aware of Rorschach’s abrupt presence and appeared to be considering his suggestion in depth. Tony Stark even lifted the nanosuit while simulating data using supercomputers.

“I must say, Rorschach, that what you said makes a lot of sense. But from where will we obtain so much vibranium?”

The data simulation produced excellent theoretical results. The only problem is that it needs a lot of vibranium resources.

The issue is that vibranium is truly not something that can be purchased with money, and for Rorschach or Tony Stark, problems that can be handled with money are not problems.

“Resource for vibranium, huh.” Rorschach smiled. He was waiting for a chance to visit Wakanda so he could speak with King T’Challa about the vibranium deal.

Before, Rorschach lacked a negotiating tool that could be exchanged for vibranium at a comparable price. The earth has created an interplanetary commerce platform with numerous planetary civilizations, including Asgard and Nidavellir, as a result of the advent of a new era.

Uru metal, dark matter-energy, and other resources found in other civilizations can significantly speed up Wakanda’s technological advancement, and it is not impossible to trade them for some vibranium.

In the end, Wakanda’s vibranium-based technology is more advanced than Earth’s by more than 50 years. There are some drawbacks when compared to those alien civilizations that created the Star Fleet.

If they don’t adapt to the times, keep your country isolated, refuse to accept foreign technology, and raise your own technological proficiency. Wakanda might be fallen behind with the recent Earth’s development.

“I’ll give you a hint. There are many vibranium mines in the African nation of Wakanda. We can utilize Uru Metal and other extraterrestrial technologies as leverage when negotiating with them regarding vibranium deals.” Tony was told by Rorschach.

“Wakanda? It seems unlikely that a little African nation would possess a vibranium mine. Even if they had a vibranium mine, their technology would not have allowed them to extract it.”

It is unknown how many individuals concur with this assertion. Tony instantly looked up facts about Wakanda while he was speaking.

But there won’t be any online reports about Wakanda’s vibranium possession. Tony can gather some information if he discovers it on the black market. Only the vibranium that traded on the black market can be found, which is still lower than needed.

“If you think you can’t manage Wakanda, wait till I return from Asgard. I’ll go there by myself then. I urge you don’t underestimate Wakanda.” Rorschach reminded Tony.

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Published On: April 25, 2023

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