“At most, I can manage one universe-level and one dimension-level entity. I can’t fight them all.” The Ancient One took a long time before she spoke.


The Ancient One on the other side felt even furious when he observed Rorschach’s face as he sighed.

“Is anyone else available? Or is it just the two of us that will handle the Celestials? The Ancient One questioned while continuing to sip her tea.

After giving some thought, Rorschach concluded, “Wanda should be able to defeat a single universe-level enemy at this point. After that, I want to go ask King Odin and the others. They might be able to help me.”

He could be useful in dealing with the Celestials if Nick Fury and the others do not deploy The Sentry.

Carol Danvers exists. She has a considerable amount of strength, although The Sentry may be stronger. But she is difficult to reach and Nick Fury’s dead already.

Hela can be regarded as a highly strong person and is currently a little stronger than Thor. If Odin don’t mind about setting her free.

About Star Lord. Although he is an Ego offspring, he has doubts that he will be of any use.

“There is no one else.” Rorschach sighed again.

After careful consideration, there aren’t enough powerful players in the S.W.O.R.D. who can deal with them because there aren’t enough high-end combat powers on Earth. The likelihood of Rorschach succeeding could be higher if he had a few more years, but he is running out of time.

In a little under a year, The Ancient One will retire.

Odin is on the verge of passing away.

After these two noble retirements, if you don’t let the old comrades shine, it will be too much pressure to rely on Rorschach and Wanda to battle the Celestials.

The Ancient One sulkily drank her tea while remaining silent.

With a small smile of embarrassment, Rorschach said, “Well, dealing with the Celestials is just the first thing, and there is another thing, can you guess what that is?”

The Ancient One shook her head. There are still two things to do, according to Rorschach. He can then step away and resume living his own life after finishing the second task.

The Ancient One made a guess regarding Tiamut as the first assumption, but she didn’t guess the second one.

“The second task is to gather six Infinity Stones. Four are already in my possession, and Thanos will probably discover the Soul Stone. Then there was just one stone left.”

Rorschach took a glance at The Ancient One’s chest, where the Eye of Agamotto was hanging. The Eye of Agamotto is an ancient relic that contains the Time Stone.

“The Sorcerer Supreme is responsible for guarding the Eye of Agamotto.”

“And if I give you the Eye of Agamotto, how do you want me to deal with a multiversal threat?” The Ancient One asked, heavily knocking on the teacup.

As powerful The Ancient One may be, she is still merely a mortal. She is a regular type of mage like any other, despite the fact that she can absorb energy from the dark dimension.

Even The Old One’s physique cannot compare to Odin’s in power.

Since that Odin is descended from the Aesir, there is little need to discuss his bodily condition. Thor’s bare-handed battle with the Hulk serves as sufficient evidence of how terrible the Aesir people are.

Even the mighty Odin had to construct a set of Destroyer Armor for himself to increase his defense against the Celestials. Let alone The Ancient One.

No matter how powerful the attack power is without the influence of the Time Stone, a deity can still be hit if a little error is made. In the end, there won’t be anything left.

I didn’t give it much thought. The sigh of Rorschach.

“It’s okay, you are also thinking about the protection of the land,” the Ancient One waved her hand.

Yes, Rorschach would not have issues with the Celestials if it weren’t for the earth. Even if the earth explodes, Rorschach can still live happily if he travels to Knowhere because of his current power in the universe.

After some consideration, The Ancient One said, “I’m still watching over the Eye of Agamotto before I went into the multiverse. You or Wanda can take over as Sorcerer Supreme once I depart from this world.”


Rorschach asked The Ancient One, “What made you change your mind so suddenly?”

“I recently observed several potential outcomes. Stephen Strange is still too young and may be susceptible to… something.” The Ancient One considered her words carefully.

The probability of Doctor Strange becoming evil in the future is not much lower than Wanda. Particularly after encountering the Darkhold.

In the Multiverse of Madness plot. As he journeys through other multiverses, Doctor Strange meets Doctor Strange from alternate realities—the one that has turned to the dark side.

Rorschach’s magic system is obviously a lot more solid than Doctor Strange’s, who is prone to veer toward the dark side.

The power of the Infinity Stones is transformed into a source of magic as Rorschach uses them to open up his own dimension. This type of magic is purer and can significantly lower the likelihood of succumbing to the influence of evil powers.

“I’ll be grateful for that.”

But there have never been only black and white sides to the universe. When confronted with challenging circumstances, excessive moral purity frequently leads to catastrophic failures.

The Ancient One might think about giving the Time Stone to Rorschach to guard after she retires precisely because of this.

Rorschach eventually left and went back to the Osborn Group. Rorschach must get ready now that he has made up his mind to address the Tiamut problem.

The Deviants’ leader provided Rorschach a means of slaying Tiamut after they previously killed the Eternals. It entails using the Deviants’ leader to absorb the Eternals in order to absorb Tiamut’s life force.

Rorschach assigned Dr. Helen Cho to head the science group studying and absorbing the Tiamut-handling technology. Rorschach was made aware of the advancements in this technology’s study before he traveled to Asgard and discussed how to deal with the Celestials with Odin.

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