Nearly every race in the universe has a moniker that also serves as the name of the entire civilization. Asgard and Xandar are two examples of planet-specific civilizations with names that directly refer to their home planet.

Moreover, several civilizations share names, like as Kree, Skrull, Shi’ar, and so on.

The division of nations on Earth actually makes it more difficult for the planet to develop into a star civilization during this new age.

The nations on the Earth are gradually adjusting to the emergence of interplanetary trade lines between the Earth and the Nine Realms.

“Don’t be concerned about reaching out to other civilizations. Give it some time. We have traveled a path that other civilizations have traveled for hundreds or even thousands of years in our short time here on Earth.” Rorschach processed all of the paperwork that had piled up on the table in a split second using super speed.

“The Earth has stepped a foot into the era of the large universe, I will leave the rest of the task to you.” he said as he slowly rose up and peered out the window.

“Lord Rorschach, I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it. Something like the Earth’s civilization stepping into the sea of stars are too important.” Norman Osborn said with some shame.

He was just a businessman for a biotechnology company a few years ago. Due to his connections, Rorschach is now in charge of handling all intergalactic diplomacy involving alien civilizations on behalf of Earth.

For a while, Norman Osborn finds it challenging to adjust to this because the responsibility is too big.

The pressure would be a little bit lessened if Rorschach assisted him in leading the direction. But, based on Rorschach’s present interpretation, it appears that he wants to be the front man and cede control over everything.

“Don’t worry, you can just let go and do it, In the event that something occurs, I will handle it. After all, Earth is one of the three major civilizations in the universe.” Rorschach assured him as he approached Norman’s side and gave him a gentle pat on the shoulder.

“Understood.” Norman answered right away.

Rorschach’s support gave Norman his first small boost of self-assurance. Even if the earth has not yet finished building its own star fleet, as long as Rorschach is alive, the Earth will remain one of the universe’s three superpowers, and no one dares to undervalue it.

Rorschach has no desire to control the interior of the Earth or interact with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Most of the high-level officials are now their own people. Even if there are one or two fools who can’t see well and still want to cause trouble for Rorschach. Sitwell, the current director of S.H.I.E.L.D., will quietly deal with them.

Now, whenever Rorschach has nothing to do, he goes with Wanda to play around or possibly go to Kamar Taj to talk to The Ancient One.


A few days later.

Rorschach once again traveled to Kamar Taj.

“I still need to complete two tasks. I can relax and enjoy life once the final two tasks are taken care of.” Rorschach said while sipping a tea with The Ancient One.

“First one, is it related to Tiamut?” The Ancient questioned while simultaneously savoring a cup of tea.

“According to the present time calculation, it is anticipated that Tiamut will mature and complete his manifestation in a few years. at which point the entire Planet will be blown up by him.” Rorschach nodded.

“You are more than capable of slaying Tiamut with your current power.” The Ancient One is fully cognizant of Rorschach’s present level of power.

“It’s not a problem to kill Tiamut. What to do when the Celestials arrive is the issue.” Rorschach voiced his concerns.

If a multiverse-level entity descends because the Celestials are upset. Rorschach cannot defeat the enemy. The Earth will undoubtedly be destroyed by then.

The Ancient One drank her tea while lowering her head and remaining silent.

When Rorschach noticed that The Ancient One dodged this question, he added, “By the way, when will you pass away?”

The Ancient One rolled her eyes.

Rorschach chuckled sarcastically as he sensed The Ancient One’s glare, “I mean, how long before you are going to travel the multiverse?”

The Ancient One will be killed by her pupil Kaecilius, and she will use her passing to aid Doctor Strange, the next generation of the Sorcerer Supreme, to grow big enough that she can travel the multiverse.

“Maybe not much longer than a year remains.”

The Ancient One estimated it herself because there have been a lot of recent significant events, numerous future variables, and even modifications to The Ancient One’s own retirement plan, so she responded hesitantly, “All in all, it should be soon.”

“Can you not die? In the end, the multiverse is meaningless.”

Rorschach believed he could assist the Ancient One, so he convinced, “Consider the fact that the soul travels to the multiverse at a specific time when The Ancient One appears in every reality. There are infinite multiverses and indefinite versions of you.”

The Ancient One replied, “The multiverse is immensely huge and contains unlimited possibilities, but as far as I know, many universes are dead. No matter how many The Ancient Ones there are in the multiverse, from the perspective of the macro-scale concept of the infinite multiverse, all Ancient Ones are nothing more than a speck of dust in front of the multiverse. Thus, if you’re fortunate, you might run into one or two selves from different realities.”

“Why did you visit the multiverse, then?” Rorschach responded with a question.

“A person’s knowledge and cognition are constrained, like a moth to a flame. No matter how intelligent or strong you are, everything humans do is insignificant and pointless on the grand scale of the multiverse. Perhaps leaving the body and traveling to the endless universe are the only options for finding the solution.” Quitely, the Ancient One spoke.

Now, Rorschach appears to be able to comprehend The Ancient One’s ideas. Rorschach made the Earth one of the three primary civilizations in the universe, even in this one.

In the scale of the multiverse, Rorschach’s universe is just a drop of water in the ocean, a grain of sand in the desert. Even if a drop of water and a grain of sand is conquered, what is the meaning in front of the vast multiverse?

“What if you can’t find the answer?” Rorschach asked again.

“Well, I can’t find it then.” The Ancient One spoke with composure.

Rorschach sighed miserably and carefully set the teacup down, “It appears that I can no longer persuade you. I’ll slay Tiamut before you retire. How about you helping me fight the Celestials if they come?”

As The Ancient One heard Rorschach’s words, she lost her composure and spouted her tea.

“Help you fight them?”

The Ancient One froze in surprise. The Ancient One is eager to retire and leave right away if Doctor Strange hasn’t already been in a car accident and hasn’t joined Karma Taj to train.

This is a little bit problematic, given her situation.

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Published On: April 21, 2023

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