Compared to the people praying for Rorschach’s return.

The high-ranking officials who had taken part in the fight against Rorschach prayed to the gods and wished in their hearts that the Sentry would win over Rorschach. Although the sky’s silence didn’t last long, it seemed centuries to everyone on Earth watching this fight.

A ray of golden light sprang out of nowhere and, in an instant, wiped away the clouds in the sky.

The high-ranking officials who opposed Rorschach believed that the golden hero in their hearts had won and were about to rise up and cheer. They then gave the order to their subordinates to open a bottle of wine that had been preserved for a long time to commemorate this victory.

The figure of Rorschach emerged from the glowing light.

Rorschach’s figure is obviously quite small at a height of 10,000 meters, but with the use of satellite imagery, high-altitude Terminator robots, and other techniques. All people who are following the war have seen the imposing figure in the sky.

Rorschach appeared to be floating in the skies in the image as he softly opened his hands.

The cloak behind him billowed in the wind, and he was dressed in a black battle outfit. The crowd yelled Rorschach’s name and continued to applaud.

At the White House.

The president’s personal guard moved forward instantly and stated, “The champagne in the President’s hand dropped silently, fell to the ground, and shattered.” “What should we do at this point, Mr. President? Should we immediately call in the military to stop Rorschach’s retaliation?”


President Matthew slumped back on the throne with a forlorn expression; he appeared to have aged rapidly, “Look at General Ross’s super warriors; they are all too frightened to approach Rorschach. Do you believe mobilizing the military would be beneficial?”

Even with the aid of a fleet, the Kree Empire is unable to stop Rorschach. Let alone the military on Earth.

Rorschach might not be able to be stopped even if every superhero on Earth were united in one place.

“What should we do next, Mr. President?” the personal guard enquired.

“God will save us all, and God will bless us.” He murmured.

High-ranking officials who were present at the covert meeting against Rorschach now experienced complete despair. Some even committed suicide, like General Ross, because they couldn’t stand the pain and fear inside their hearts.

Rorschach struck several positions for the camera before ascending to a height in the sky.

The live broadcast screen finishes here since it is sufficient to inform viewers that Rorschach has won and the remaining material is no longer appropriate for live broadcast.

Rorschach’s figure fell quickly and landed on the Osborn Group’s lawn.

There is still Nick Fury.

Of course, it is hard to let him escape when he is surrounded by super soldiers and Terminator robots that have submitted to Rorschach. With such a tight siege, it is difficult to escape, even if Nick Fury has been injected physical enhancement drugs.

“Nick Fury, you’ve let the world down. You call me a dictator, but the actual dictatorship is what you just did.” Nick Fury was being observed by Rorschach, who was hovering over his head.

After turning to face Rorschach, Nick Fury retorted, “All I do is wholly for the benefit of humanity. Rorschach, even though you won, you can consider it and put yourself in your position. Would you allow a person who can destroy the earth to live freely on this planet?”

“Isn’t freedom the legal right that the United States grants to every human being who steps foot on this land?” Rorschach smiled and questioned.

Nick Fury was at a loss for words.

Rorschach said, “I can understand you, but I will not forgive you, just because you honestly examine it from the standpoint of all human beings.”

Rorschach waved his hand as he spoke, causing the gun General Ross had used to shoot himself to move to Nick Fury’s feet. He quickly glanced at Rorschach before looking on the pistol and bending over to pick it up. He took a moment to study the gun, then gently raised it to aim at his head after loading the round.


Nick Fury swore, abruptly raised his hand, aimed the gun at Rorschach, and then released the trigger.


Rorschach was frozen in mid-air when the bullet was fired. As the bullet was going to strike Rorschach, it hit him but nothing happened to him. The bullet’s kinetic energy and speed stay same after striking him, but its direction changes.

In a split second, Nick Fury was struck between the eyebrows by the bullet as it quickly traveled back in the opposite way.

Rorschach looked up to the sky. He had no concerns about Carol Danvers committing revenge on Nick Fury. In fact, he intended to take Nick Fury away after Carol Danvers left.

She already knew what might occur later at that point. This is speculation rather than the capacity to predict the future.

She intended to remove Nick Fury from the situation to save his life. But Nick Fury declined. So, she is not even motivated to defend Nick Fury.

Rorschach lifted his hand after Nick Fury passed away and snapped his fingers. Rorschach threw all the bodies on the lawn beside the lake of the Osborn Group into the solar dimension.

With all of this, Rorschach chose not to put a halt to the killing. On the contrary, the killing has just begun.

Rorschach’s figure appeared in a flash and flew over the White House. With blood-red eyes, looking down at the nation’s most powerful man.


Half a year later. On the S.W.O.R.D. Helicarrier.

The S.W.O.R.D. director’s office witnessed the appearance of Rorschach. He was seated at the top, and 40 to 50 members of parliament from around the world were crammed closely together below him.

Norman Osborn is the leader.

“We have established interstellar commerce routes with the Nine Realms thanks to the batch of interstellar fleets sent by the Kree Empire. The next step is to explore the depths of space and make contact with more extraterrestrial civilizations.” Norman gave a report on his most recent work.

The high-ranking officials and congressmen who opposed Rorschach vanished from this planet after the purging over the previous six months.

For instance, the S.W.O.R.D. councilors who are still in office now, like Norman Osborn, wholeheartedly support Rorschach.

While an alliance of nations that make up the Earth’s interior represent the planet and engage in diplomatic relations with extraterrestrial civilizations, the S.W.O.R.D. is in charge of representing the Earth.

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Published On: April 21, 2023

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