In Rorschach’s dimension, ten suns are seen.

There are a total of eleven suns, including the sun on the Earth side, which perpetually supply Rorschach with the power and light of the stars, keeping Rorschach always operating at its best.

On the other side, The Sentry’s condition deteriorated. After all, the Sentry Serum is what gives the Sentry its power.

Although he is unaware of the serum’s workings. His body was accidently connected to another energy realm after ingesting the Sentry Serum, allowing him to absorb energy.

In the end he is not using his own power. As soon as the Sentry Serum’s effects wear off, Robert Reynolds will revert to be a drug addict.

The Sentry suddenly moved his hands and crashed at Rorschach with the force. This time, Rorschach used his hand to deflect The Sentry’s blow as his body barely retreated, causing The Sentry to come to a stop.

“What is it? Does your serum have about to expire? Why are your fists so weak, like a bitch?” Rorschach laughed while grabbing The Sentry’s wrist.

“Nonsense!” With a violent look on his face, the Sentry swiftly removed his hand before howling and continuing to punch Rorschach.

Rorschach struck repeatedly, deflected all of The Sentry’s blows, took a long breath, the magic energy pooled on his hand, and he slammed one palm into The Sentry’s chest. A muffled “bang” could be heard.

The Sentry had an incredible expression on his face as time appeared to slow down multiple times in an instant. His entire body gently arched backward. A transparent gray-white soul floated out of The Sentry’s body.

“What happened…”

The Sentry’s tall and powerful spirit was a man wearing ragged clothing. This man reminded him a lot like The Sentry standing in front of him.

The soul has hollowed eye sockets, like a decaying bone, but The Sentry is full of flesh and blood.

“Robert Reynolds, this is the real you. A scumbag and a junkie. The golden hero of glory and justice is only a figment of your imagination.”

With a palm, Rorschach expelled his spirit from his body. Rorschach learned up this magic technique from The Ancient One in Kamar Taj.

The Ancient One struck Professor Hulk and Doctor Strange with a similar palm strike to strike the soul. In the case of Professor Hulk, the soul shot out by The Ancient One is the soul of Bruce Banner.

Therefore, Rorschach’s palm also hit the soul of Robert Reynolds.

It’s actually not the safest course of action to wait for the effects of the Sentry Serum to gradually wear off because in the comics, the Sentry attacked Asgard. Thor engaged him in combat using the whole might of the Aesir clan.

But even if Robert Reynolds transforms back into a regular human, the link he made possible by ingesting Sentry Serum will continue to exist.

The likelihood of the Void personality and Robert Reynolds personality fusing together is extremely small. The Void personality, which is considerably easier to handle, will be left alone while Rorschach deals with Robert Reynolds’ soul first.

“No, you’re lying. You’re a liar.”

Robert Reynolds had been resisting the idea that he was anything other than the golden hero he had always imagined. He slipped his hands swiftly, hoping to let his soul re-enter The Sentry’s body while he sobbed and hissed at Rorschach.

He couldn’t control his weak soul to return to his own body.

“You are a disgrace to the planet, Robert Reynolds. If you have another life, please live it to the fullest and refrain from doing drugs.” Rorschach said.

When he was done, he raised his hand, and Rorschach once more held Gungnir in his grasp. The spear erupted into a bright light as the energy from the four Infinity Stones flowed in.

The following instant, Rorschach flung the Gungnir he was holding while aiming it for Robert Reynolds’ soul. The Gungnir once more changed into a stream of light and aimed its arrow at Robert Reynolds.

“Am I dying?”

Robert Reynolds had terrified eyes. He put up a hand to attempt and deflect this attack, but how could a weak soul stand a chance against such a force that closely resembles the law of cause and effect?

But just as Robert Reynolds’ soul was going to be approached by Gungnir. The Sentry’s body abruptly shifted, he raised his head, his eyes were scarlet, and many dark crimson tentacles extended from his body towards the direction the Gungnir was traveling.


Nevertheless, as soon as they made contact with the Gungnir, they all disintegrated. In this manner, Robert Reynolds’ soul was wounded by the Gungnir. When Robert Reynolds’ soul was split apart and disintegrated, there was a sound akin to glass shattering.

The Sentry’s body-occupying Void personality likewise howled in agony. It appeared as though a monster from the abyss was going to emerge from The Sentry’s body as countless dark red tentacles flowed forth from him.

The power of the Void personality that were Robert Reynolds’ body is at most equal to a one universe entity level.

“It’s over.” Rorschach raised his hand and summoned Gungnir.

Then he raised Gungnir and swung it at the devouring Void personality while aiming it at a sun in the sky. The world was in danger of melting due to the sun’s sudden descent and intense heat.

The abominable and terrible appeared under the blazing sun. The Void personality simply vanished, vanishing like a moth drawn to a flame. Rorschach exhaled a sigh of relief after learning that Robert Reynolds and The Void had both been reduced to ashes and that there was no chance of a resurrection.

The fight with The Sentry today was a lot of fun. When Rorschach waved his hand, Gungnir vanished along with the overlap between the sun dimension and the real world.

He turned back and headed for Queens, New York, as he returned to Earth. Many people stood above the earth and gazed up at the sky.

Rorschach and The Sentry had ceased battling at this point, and the sky had descended into utter silence. But, the more silent it is, the more uneasy everyone feels.

“Who won?”

“Who won?”

“Nonsense, of course, it’s Rorschach!”

“That’s right, Rorschach is the greatest superhero on Earth. He is invincible!”

“What if The Sentry wins?”

The Osborn Group’s communications department clearly stated the current situation. The general population was aware of some of the reality and the existence of a criminal who believed himself to be a superhero and who were assisting the army in their efforts to deal with Rorschach.

Everyone can see The Sentry’s strength. Worriedly looking to the sky, they prayed for a miracle.

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Published On: April 21, 2023

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