The Gungnir changed into a golden spear, flew toward the Sentry in front with all the force of a little meteor.

The Sentry, who had been under The Void’s control, swiftly avoided danger.

Gungnir, on the other hand, is a weapon that defies physics and is powered by the power of four Infinity Stones. It will hit the enemy without a doubt once it locks on the target.

Gungnir abruptly made a turn while still flying in the direction of The Sentry. No matter how The Sentry maneuvers and avoids, the space between them gets smaller and smaller until The Sentry is struck in the chest by the Gungnir.

The entire globe shook at the loud cracking sound. The Sentry’s chest was pierced and his body was penetrated by the golden spear that had been changed from Gungnir. A large crack, resembling a spider web, emerged above the sentry’s chest’s “S,” and it was surrounded by the gap.

The Sentry’s corpse was torn apart like a piece of broken pottery the next instant, shattering into numerous pieces.

Gungnir was retrieved back to Rorschach. It regained its previous appearance after the golden light vanished.

“Is it over?” Everyone witnessing this fight in the Osborn Group building breathed a sigh of relief when they saw the Sentry defeated and vanished.

They were under a lot of pressure as they watched The Sentry and Rorschach’s fight.

“That monster—what kind is it? Steve, if that person punches you, you can’t say that you can do it all day. Even with the vibranium shield you have.” Someone said when patting Steve Rogers on the shoulder.

Wanda frowned and looked up, in contrast to the calm expressions on the other’s faces.

“No, it hasn’t ended yet. The Sentry is still alive.”

Uncountable particles quickly concentrated toward an exceedingly brilliant golden light that abruptly burst forth in the sky, in front of the startled gaze of everyone. They gradually gathered back together to form a tall figure in the brilliant golden light.

That’s The Sentry, Robert Reynolds.

The Sentry is back.

Even though General Ross forcibly stopped Rorschach’s press conference today, the Osborn Group’s news team posted the truth about the anti-Rorschach alliance that the U.S. government and the world’s most powerful people had created right away.

Following such a procedure, the perception on the Internet immediately changed. Several idealistic individuals started criticizing the top American leaders and their adherents.

They are insignificant in the face of strong alien foes like Thanos and even the Chitauri army.

Because of this, they showed absolutely no mercy to their own hero and used every available strategy to plan and frame Rorschach.

The Internet also featured the fight between Rorschach and the Sentry, which was viewed by people worldwide. A conflict of this magnitude is merely a contemporary retelling of the Battle of the Gods.

They anticipated that Rorschach would defeat his foe with unwavering strength as usual, but after a great battle, The Sentry who Rorschach had murdered was revived.

Nick Fury, who was on the verge of desperation, couldn’t help but say “motherfucker” upon seeing The Sentry resurrected. Because he was so thrilled, he believed that God was protecting him and that this was a miracle.

“The ability to reassemble molecules, huh?” Rorschach frowned.

The power of four Infinity Stones was added to the power of Gungnir, which was already powerful enough to destroy The Sentry, in addition to the usage of physics, magic, and other elements.

but still unable to eliminate The Sentry altogether.

On the other hand, the Sentry and the Void personalities appeared to be merging when the Sentry’s body was smashed.

He already possesses the ability to manipulate molecules.

The Sentry was repeatedly wiped to the molecular level by the Molecule Man in the comic books. But in every case, the Sentry rebuilt himself. After a number of “resurrections,” the Sentry was able to directly grasp the ability to control molecules.

The Void will be materialized once the Sentry has achieved molecular control. Moreover, it will hasten the union of The Sentry and The Void.

“I can already feel it. That’s all you are strong for.” The Sentry transformed back into its original state.

He eventually became aware of Rorschach’s ability throughout the fight.

The strength of the Sentry has increased as a result of The Void’s supremacy and this resurrection. It compares favorably to Rorschach’s utilization of four Infinity Stones.

The Sentry punched Rorschach after an abrupt disappearance and rapid appearance in front of him at a speed that was practically teleporting.

Rorschach was knocked upside down by the punch, slamming into many structures as ripples exploded in the vicinity. After his fight with The Sentry, Rorschach has never been knocked to the ground by a foe.

Before, The Sentry was beaten by Rorschach and flew all over the world.

What’s more, even though Rorschach’s solar dimension still shrouds this area, the power of The Sentry seems to have escaped from the solar dimension, causing the real world to tremble violently.

In an instant, great fear shrouded the hearts of the people of the whole world.

Rorschach took off from the ruins, using the Reality Stone to repair the real world that had been harmed by the Sentry’s power and the Space Stone to strengthen the space barriers in the area.

“Do you think you can win?” he retorted as he shook his arm, still sporting a smirk.

“Am I not?”

Once more flickering, the Sentry suddenly materialized in front of Rorschach and delivered a powerful blow.

Rorschach dared not show any arrogance in his heart when facing an opponent on a par with himself. In addition to lifting his left hand to block, he aggressively struck the Sentry’s chest with his right fist.

The fists and feet of the two collided, and each blow caused a shock. The strength and speed of the two sides are almost the same. After going all out, they are evenly matched.

Just like that, the two sides fell into a fierce battle again, fighting from the sky to the ground, and from the ground to the starry sky of the universe.

Fortunately, the dimension of Rorschach’s sun is enough to cover the entire earth so that the Sentry will not fly out of the scope of the dimension and cause serious damage to the real world.

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Published On: April 21, 2023

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