“Are you certain? Considering this, can I assume that my error won’t result in the destruction of the earth?” The Sentry, annoyed by Rorschach, appeared to have lost control over his inner rage.

Sentry used to be a drug user. At the start of his drug addiction, he unintentionally broke into a lab and ingested a Sentry serum, giving him the strength of a million-star explosions.

Nevertheless, a drug user unexpectedly developed such horrifying power that his heart split into two distinct identities. The other personality stands for evil and destruction, whereas the Sentry personality represents light.

They are actually one, whether they are The Sentry or The Void. When the Sentry’s true identity was revealed by Rorschach, the heroic superhero lead was unwilling to embrace the villainous background.

The Sentry shouted, charged up a punch like plucking a bowstring, and hit Rorschach from hundreds of meters away before he had a chance to respond. This hit caused a small shake in the area.

The horrifying power present on the fist equals an explosion of a nuclear weapon.

The punch caused Rorschach’s head to be slightly pushed back after striking him in the face. Instead of being enraged by the opponent’s punch, Rorschach smiled.

When was the last time he got hurt?

Rorschach doesn’t remember.

Rorschach appeared to gradually lose the emotions he ought to experience as a human being as his strength grew.

His emotions are continuously worn out, yet his brain manages to keep him completely tranquil at all times. Without even trying, many things can be achieved instantly, and life feels less and less enjoyable.

He finally felt his actual emotions again after being punched by the Sentry. Rorschach excitedly tightened his fist and struck The Sentry in the same manner.

The sound of another blast resembling a nuclear explosion can be heard. Rorschach punched The Sentry, sending him flying, and then struck the Osborn Group building behind him with a golden arc.

The Sentry struck the Osborn Group building, but it was a fake one that was destroyed. The real Osborn Building remained unharmed.

The Sentry slowly rose from the ruins. His long, golden hair gradually covered his face, while the robe behind him drooped to the ground. He raised his head and blood streamed from his eyes.

Understanding that taking action here won’t destroy the planet, understanding that Rorschach is strong enough to enjoy himself. The Sentry’s Void personality is progressively taking over.

The earth was surrounded by an atmosphere of great wicked threat.

The Sentry instantly broke the sound barrier and flashed up in front of Rorschach.

Another punch was thrown out.

Rorschach delivered a counterpunch while raising his hand to block. The two engaged in combat at a breakneck pace, and each time they did so, they erupted with the force of a nuclear blast.

People in the real world can witness the scene as Rorschach battles the Sentry in the dimension and can hear the horrible cracking sound, but they cannot feel it since Rorschach’s dimension is overlapping with the real world.

After all, even the smallest leak of the events leading up to the altercation between these two persons is sufficient to destroy all of New York.

The fight between Rorschach and the Sentry was obviously destroyed, but the real world was unaffected in the least.

Nick Fury and General Ross’s countenance progressively shifted from alarm to perplexity before sinking into despair.

“We’re going to lose…” General Ross is like a deflated ball at the moment.

They are unaware of Rorschach’s solar dimension, but anyone with eyes can see that he is winning the conflict with The Sentry.

In front of Rorschach, The Sentry is unable to gain even the smallest advantage.

Surpassing the opponent by a level of strength, not to mention making The Sentry helpless. This battle is clear that Rorschach is on the upper hand.

Nick Fury stated that he was unwilling to concede defeat in this manner, “You should know what I mean when I say that The Sentry is still just The Sentry right now. Everything will change as long as the Void personality is in charge.”

“The Void…”

Ross laughed, “Nick Fury, you’ve already lost your mind. When you claim that Sentry’s Void personality takes over, you ought to be completely insane. How many will survive after that, huh?”

“It’s preferable if they both lose.” Nick Fury spoke softly.

General Ross laughed desperately, “Everything has come to an end. Nick Fury, I’ve gone completely insane. It’s insane to believe what you and Victor say.”

He pulls a gun out of his holster. Nick Fury thought that General Ross was going to kill him so that he could beg for mercy from Rorschach. General Ross, however, pointed the gun at himself instead of Nick Fury and pulled the trigger.


A shot was fired, striking General Ross in the temple, and Nick Fury was splashed in hot blood.

General Ross decided to end his life, knowing he would eventually pass away rather than face judgment.

When Nick Fury turned to face him, he briefly felt his heart tremble once more. Yet it barely lasted a split second. He gathered himself and turned back to the two engaged in combat in the sky.

“As long as the Sentry wins, everything’s gonna be okay. Rorschach is less controllable than The Sentry. You can control him as long as you have the Sentry serum.” said Nick Fury.

According to the comic book plot, Norman Osborn created the Dark Avengers by using the Sentry serum to control the Sentry.

Without the Sentry serum, Robert Reynolds would be a drug addict. The Sentry has the potential to become a hero with unparalleled power and worldwide appeal.

Reynolds, however, was unaware of this and ascribed all of his transgressions to The Void. He was unaware that The Void represented the dark part of his heart.

In the comics, Norman Osborn is aware of this and rewards the Sentry with a bottle of Sentry serum whenever he instills something good into him in order to feed the addiction of the Sentry’s dark side.

Because of this, The Sentry is simpler to control. To put it simply, the Sentry will carry out “justice” for you so long as you can supply him with the serum.

The Sentry and Rorschach are engaged in intense hand-to-hand combat in the sky.

Rorschach’s own strength, defense, and other qualities have improved since the Kryptonian bloodline was upgraded to LV5.

The Sentry may even be stronger than Rorschach’s when The Sentry and The Void are united into one.


The Sentry then let out a loud roar, and a few dark tentacles started to protrude from his chest and shoulders. His eyes had also entirely lost all human brilliance.

That is the power of The Void.

“It’s quite challenging to deal with… Unfortunately, I don’t possess a Soul Stone right now.” When Rorschach made a call, a golden spear materialized in his palm. King Odin gave it to Rorschach as a token of appreciation for standing up to the dark elves and rescuing Queen Frigga.

The Sentry is tough to kill with a straightforward physical assault. Rorschach will therefore attempt to combine magic and physics.

“Gungnir!” The four Infinity Stones’ energy flooded into the spear as Rorschach elevated it, giving it an unparalleled blast of brilliance.

When the Gungnir’s light accumulated, with all his might, Rorschach flung the spear toward The Sentry.

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Published On: April 21, 2023

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