Dane Whitman took the initiative, mounted the Pegasus once more, swung the Ebony Sword, and sliced at Rorschach. His eyes were bloodshot. Yellowjacket shrunk and The Abomination leaped in front of Rorschach.

After a brief moment of hesitation, Black Bolt joined the other members of the Anti-Rorschach Coalition to take on Rorschach.

facing the crowd’s siege. The Ebony Sword was slammed out by Rorschach when he raised his right hand and grabbed it. Using his sword, Dane Whitman was launched into the air.

Rorschach then advanced and pinched the Yellowjacket in his left hand with a squeeze. Rorschach brutally pinched and rubbed the shrinking Yellowjacket’s body, causing him to be crushed.

When The Abomination leaped in front of him and stepped on it, Rorschach struck the sky with one force, crushing The Abomination’s entire foot.

Black Bolt recognized the opportunity, opened his mouth, and directed waves of loud noises at Rorschach.

The Osborn Group building is located behind Rorschach. He glances at Black Bolt’s mouth and shouted, “Shut up!” because, of course, he won’t let Black Bolt ruin his company.

Black Bolt’s mouth, which was exploding with terrible sound waves, vanished into thin air under the power of the Reality Gem. He can literally “shut up” forever without a mouth.

His mouth is currently closed, but the sound waves are still coming out.


Black Bolt’s skull suddenly exploded, like a watermelon that has been exploded, and pieces of it were spread across the ground because he was unable to handle  the sound waves from the subsequent deafening explosion.

Nick Fury’s face became pale as he watched this scene.

He hesitantly yanked General Ross, “Let Sentry out quickly. Otherwise, Rorschach will murder us all!”

General Ross was shaken when he heard the name “Sentry,” so he hurriedly retrieved the communication phone from the driver’s cab of the armored vehicle that The Abomination had torn apart and dialed the RAFT prison.


Lake Island, New York. RAFT Prison.

After receiving an encrypted call, the prison’s administrator promptly made arrangements to bring a man with messy hair out of the most hazardous cell.

“Hey superhero, Earth is in need of your assistance.” A prison overseer named him in jest in front of Robert Reynolds in an effort to allay his fear of this man.

It appears the Sentry hasn’t cared for his appearance in a while. His eyes, however, immediately blazed a bright light as if his entire body were emanating a divine golden light when he learned that the Earth was in trouble.

“I see.” After speaking, a golden light shot into the sky.

He immediately vanished from the jail guards’ line of sight after piercing the raft prison’s ceiling. Doctor Doom uses Sentry as his last-ditch effort to forge the anti-Rorschach alliance.

Even Carol Danvers, who was summoned by Nick Fury, can only serve as a backup and cannot serve as the main power. But Robert Reynolds, who possesses the strength of a million star explosions, is sufficient to meet the requirements.

Reynolds, who was in the air at great speed, cast a cheery smile in the general direction of Queens, New York.

Doctor Doom has heard a lot about Rorschach, but he still has some unanswered questions about the guy who can destroy space battleships and overthrow alien empires.


Group Osborn.

Rorschach shattered The Abomination. It is impossible to survive under this circumstance, despite The Abomination’s formidable tenacity and energy. As the Abomination was destroyed, Rorschach approached the Black Knight slowly.

The Black Knight’s Pegasus was covered in blood, the horse’s wings were severed from its back, and he collapsed into a pool of blood and was unable to stand back up. With his sword, the Black Knight was attempting to stand.

“While I can excuse your ignorance, I won’t put up with your constant attacks on me. Your girlfriend Sersi is an Eternal and an enemy of this world, as I already stated. I’ll also share with you a sad fact.”

Rorschach allowed the Black Knight to stumble to his feet before swinging his sword once more.

He seized the blade, splitting it in half like a twig, and said, “Sersi has been dating her partner for more than 6,000 years. Ikaris is his name. Sersi wouldn’t have had to die if she hadn’t followed the words of her ex-boyfriend and turned into the antithesis of humans. She had the option to select you and to live a normal life for as long as she wanted, but she ultimately went with her ex-boyfriend since she doesn’t care about you at all.”

“You’re lying…”

“How long can you stay with your girlfriend given that she has a long-life expectancy? You are merely a bystander in her life, a companion to pass the tedious years after she broke up with Ikaris.”

With a pitying expression on his face, Rorschach said, “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”

Rorschach stabbed him in the heart while holding the other half of the Ebony Sword in his hand before the words could be spoken.

Rorschach turned to face General Ross and Nick Fury.

These two have long ago lost the assurance they once exuded when they thought they had everything under control. Despite this, they continue to present as cool, but their trembling legs already reveal that they are actually terrified.

“I am aware that you are still anticipating the arrival of Sentry, a.k.a. Robert Reynolds, your ultimate weapon. But do you believe that letting the Sentry go will solve my problem?” Rorschach smiled as he addressed Nick Fury.

General Ross finally lost control after hearing Rorschach’s final trick, “So you knew. Who revealed all of this, and did you send someone to spy us?”

“You’re wrong, General Ross. Because I am Rorschach, I don’t need such low-level things as spies.” Rorschach answered.

A golden light pierced the sky as she was speaking. Now in the skies, Robert Reynolds leaned back and looked down without emotion.

He scowled in disapproval as he saw the disorganized corpses below, “It’s over? You should have call me out sooner.”

Rorschach and The Sentry were both gazing at each other as they steadily rose into the air at the same altitude as Rorschach.

“You’re that super-criminal dictator Rorschach, right?” The Sentry gave Rorschach a keen gaze.

“Being referred to as a super criminal and a dictator by someone who had just been freed from prison, I’m afraid I’m the only one.” Rorschach shook his head helplessly.

“Stop talking nonsense, I can think about not taking action against you if you get captured without a fight and vow to remain in prison honestly going forward.” The Sentry exuded an unwavering confidence in his physical prowess.

He was aware that Rorschach was capable of destroying a spacecraft, yet he still didn’t regard Rorschach as a major threat. All star fleets can be destroyed by the explosive force of millions of stars.

“Now a drug addict, a crazy person who depends on narcotics, can take the pinnacles of morality and shout at me?” Rorschach sneered.

He was mortified by Rorschach’s words that he is a drug addict and said, “Let’s go somewhere else. I’m afraid that if I can’t manage my rage, the entire earth will be destroyed.”

“Unnecessary.” Rorschach extended his hand and made a finger snap.

The place looked to have entered another realm, one that overlapped with reality, as a veil of intangible space ripples surrounded it.

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Published On: April 21, 2023

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