Yellowjacket approached Nick Fury while holding the nuclear fusion reactor in his hand and gave it to him. “I fulfilled my pledge to you. Don’t forget to send me Pym particle technology in its entirety.”

Black Bolt ceased speaking, and the Black Knight stood up, brandishing the Ebony Blade once again while gazing angrily at Rorschach. “Your murder of Sersi. I vowed to exact revenge on Sersi.”

“Rorschach must turn himself in to the court for trial before you can kill him, Dane. Trust me, your lady will receive justice from the law.” Nick Fury took up his sat position once more.

He instructed the nearby Terminator robots to arrest Rorschach in place of the Black Knight, who was attempting to kill him with a sword.

All of the existing Terminator robots, were immobile like statues.

“Do you realize that your girlfriend is an alien, Dane Whitman? She is an Eternal, and her mission is to aid Tiamut using human life. Countless numbers of people will die after Tiamut is born.” The Black Knight caught Rorschach’s attention.

Since Rorschach never kills any innocent individuals, he stands for absolute justice. This type of issue needs to be described in detail.

However, he did not believe it.

“Nick Fury is right, you are lying. A girl as sweet as Sersi, how could she be an alien? You are a conspirator, she would not kill someone on Earth.” She has Dane Whitman’s undying love.

“Let’s stop here. Starting today, the Osborn Group will be thoroughly investigated.”

Nick Fury was a little troubled in his heart when he noticed that the Terminator robot had not carried out the order, but he was unable to pinpoint the source of his unease. He only wanted to obtain the Destroyer armor and lock Rorschach up as quickly as possible.

Nick Fury believes that nothing can endanger the security of the planet any longer as long as he has the Armor in his hands.

“This metal is definitely not from the Earth, and it is even more fascinating than vibranium.” said Doctor Doom as he suddenly arrived. He raised his hand and used the magic beam to collect the armor parts on the ground into his hand.

Uru Metal, which is used to make Destroyer Armor, may be fused with magic. Doctor Doom infused magic energy into the Destroyer Armor after realizing this. The Destroyer Armor was reassembled automatically.

“King Odin made some very potent armor.” Doctor Doom had flaming eyes that glowed.

He can definitely sense that this set of armor is filled with strength, but it is still unable to exert the might that it should.

“What are you doing, Victor? This armor belong to the humanity and you wanted to keep it for yourself?” When Nick Fury saw this, he instantly reprimanded.

He was ignored by Doctor Doom, who scoffed, “How about you? Don’t you also desire to possess this armor?”

Half of the Abomination’s wounds had healed by the time he joined Nick Fury holding the Yellowjacket. Black Bolt and Black Knight exchanged blank glances as they struggled to make sense of the situation.

It was as though the Great Demon King had been defeated, but the uneven distribution of rewards caused internal dissension in the side of the good guys.

“You guys are actually starting to argue with each other. I expect the Anti-Rorschach Alliance’s members to be fair and unified.”

In front of him, the scene caught Rorschach’s attention. He had intended to tell them to experience true dread after the reactor on his chest was removed, but in the end, they chose to ignore him in this manner.

“You’re nothing but a clown.” Without even turning to face Rorschach, Doctor Doom reached out and firmly seized him.

Rorschach was immediately affected by a supernatural force that had the power to destroy everything, creating a dull sonic boom.

When applied to Rorschach, Doctor Doom’s grip could easily crush a heavily armored tank, yet it didn’t even smash the ordinary suit he was wearing. Everyone froze in silence seeing this scenario.

With an incredible expression on his face, Nick Fury abruptly and stiffly moved his neck slightly in the direction of Rorschach.

Seeing a problem as well, Doctor Doom glared icily at Rorschach and asked, “How…how is it possible? you…why didn’t you die?”

This time he lifted his hands and waved them simultaneously as he talked. From both hands, two green energy beams were released, and they struck Rorschach’s chest directly.

These two energy beams were designed to destroy Rorschach, but instead he remained still. Even with a smirk on his lips, he was looking at Doctor Doom’s hands with interest, as if he were analyzing his attacks.

“I’m not sure why you’re so joyful, and I don’t understand about all of this. Despite the fact that I have done nothing wrong to Earth, a lot of people want to kill me.” Rorschach extended his hand and made a finger snap.

Doctor Doom’s hands had a magic beam on them, but it vanished right away. He panicked when he realized this. In an attempt to restore the magical connection and release the magic power, he waved his hands, but there was nothing.

It seems that he lost his magic.

Rorschach regarded Doctor Doom and muttered, “Maybe I have been too covert this time, so covert that you all believe I am easily defeated. You must therefore re-get to know me starting today.”

Rorschach gently floated into the air before the words were spoken, and the new suit gradually enveloped his entire body. A soft golden glow emanated from his body as he stood in the air with his palms wide.

Looking down on the regular people like a god.

“You are a disgrace to the planet, Victor von Doom.” The voice of Rorschach sounded like the thunder of judgment.

The entire body of Doctor Doom transformed into a cloud of floating blood mist that abruptly began to burn and slowly turned to ash.

“What should we do…”

“We were sent to kill a god…”

“Please forgive my sins, God…”

When those military super soldiers noticed the divine brilliance surrounding Rorschach, their inner shields completely broke down and they went insane.

This is the Mind Stone’s power. Rorschach will now start to appear in front of these people as a god.

“Kneel.” Even though Rorschach spoke inaudibly, everyone in the area heard his voice soared like a thunder.

One by one, the super soldiers and even the Terminator Legion kneeled and faced Rorschach.

“He is not a god, get up! Don’t fall for his tricks!” General Ross and Nick Fury both frantically shouting at them.

They weren’t affected by Rorschach’s brilliance because they had powerful minds, but rather because Rorschach didn’t want shone this brilliance upon them.

Because they are not worthy.

Rorschach intended for these two individuals to go through the most harrowing situation in this world.

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Published On: April 21, 2023

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