The soldiers dispersed the press conference attendees and media representatives, and numerous disparaging comments against Rorschach were posted on the Internet. The government’s meaning is already very clear.

Carol Danvers gave a headshake. “Nick, before things become serious, let’s just go.”

Carol Danvers expressed her regret at being here in a deep voice.

Nick Fury was unimpressed, “Carol, you don’t understand. Although I couldn’t have spotted the threat and instead pretended it didn’t exist, I must be ready for the worst.”

Like in the original story, Nick Fury considered forging a superpower alliance after the Secret Invasion of the Skrulls in order to fend off outside threats. It’s the same as resuming study on cosmic magic’s weapons of mass destruction after witnessing Thor’s strength.

Nick Fury suffers from a serious anxiety of insufficient firepower. Nick Fury is constantly on edge because he’s facing a man who has the power to destroy the Planet at any moment.

“I respect your decision, though.”

Carol Danvers was surrounded by golden energy clusters when she had finished speaking. After giving Rorschach a quick glance, she stood up and started flying toward the area. Carol Danvers was leaving, and Rorschach felt a bit bad.

It’s unfortunate that the Anti-Rorschach Alliance’s second-best player just left like that.

As General Ross saw her go, he intended to organize an intercept, but Nick Fury told said, “Let her go.”

Nick Fury is aware that Carol Danvers might not show up the following time until the Earth truly approaches a crucial point of life or death.

Nick Fury and General Ross were standing side by side. The two stared at him as if issuing an ultimatum, “Rorschach, as long as you obediently hand over the armor on your body, we will not make things difficult for you.”

Rorschach took a peek at the two individuals below. The two always concealed next to the armored vehicle that General Ross was operating even though they were directly facing Rorschach. Because there is someone inside of that armored car. They seem to feel more secure when they are near that car.

Looking around, Rorschach noticed the tightly clustered Terminator robots, the military super soldiers, and numerous members of the anti-Rorschach alliance lurking in the shadows.

“If you want my armor, you can come up and get it yourself.” He remarked while standing on stage with a smile on his face and his palms open.

The armored car suddenly exploded. The armored car was torn apart from the interior by a dark green giant with a gigantic physique and an exceptionally hideous appearance. The giant then abruptly stood up and leaped over several hundred meters in the direction of Rorschach.

The Abomination is the first individual to show up. The first generation’s injector of the super soldier serum, Emil Blonsky.

The Abomination leaped into the air and launched a number of metal disc grenades in the direction of Rorschach. He didn’t evade and allowed the metal grenades to land at his feet.

Bam, Bam, Bam!

Bundles of restraining lightning sprang from the earth and wrapped around Rorschach’s wrists and feet as the metal bombs detonated.

The next second, The Abomination also fell in front of Rorschach, reaching out to grab the nuclear fusion reactor on Rorschach’s chest.

Naturally, Rorschach couldn’t allow the enemy get it so easy, so without moving his hands or feet, two heat visions erupted from his crimson eyes and shot into The Abomination’s chest.

The Abomination growled before fiercely retreating and evading with his body. But the hot rays were still burning through his chest, dark green blood was gushing out of his mouth in fits of shrieking.

As General Ross and Nick Fury felt a tingling sensation in their scalps, they instinctively moved to the back. Two more attackers struck simultaneously from Rorschach’s left and right sides.

One was riding a winged horse while wearing black armor created by elves, wielding a dark sword, and heading toward Rorschach. The other was wearing black tights and had a fork-shaped metal helmet on his helmet.

The former is Blackagar Boltagon, the Inhumans’ leader.

The latter is Dane Whitman, who fiercely took up the Ebony Blade and later assumed the identity of the Black Knight after learning that Sersi had been murdered by Rorschach.

Rorschach immediately let forth a loud howl as Black Bolt drew near. The terrible sound wave instantly destroyed everything in front of him and sounded like a nuclear explosion.

After the Black Bolt roar stopped, the Black Knight moved up to Rorschach and fired. Rorschach was swiftly approached by the Pegasus beneath him, who then swung the Ebony Blade in his grasp.

Two thermal vision rays continued to greet Rorschach as he raised his hand. The intense impact of the thermal vision striking the Ebony Blade nearly caused it to slip from Black Knight’s grasp.

A tiny black spot in front of Rorschach suddenly became large in the next instant.

Someone seized the nuclear fusion reactor on Rorschach’s chest and ripped it off just before the confinement of his hands was about to expire.

“Got it!”

As Dr. Pym, who was surrounded by several super soldiers on the tall Osborn Group skyscraper, witnessed this sight, his expression grew furious.

“Darren Cross, you bastard.”

This man, Darren Cross, is Dr. Pym’s pupil. He used Dr. Pym’s daughter for military and business gain and fired Dr. Pym from the organization.

Darren Cross then acquired the Pym particles and changed into the Yellowjacket.

The Hornet fighter Darren Krause observed the moment and focused on Rorschach thanks to Dr. Doom’s plan. He finally tore off the reactor on Rorschach’s chest as planned when Rorschach’s hands and feet were trapped.

The Destroyer Armor began to disintegrate off Rorschach’s body piece by piece when the nuclear fusion reactor’s power source was lost.

Rorschach appeared to have lost his strength as he stood there helplessly. Doctor Doom chuckled a little as he saw this scene, as if he had complete control.

General Ross and Nick Fury both expressed their relief.

Nevertheless, they still have the last remaining plan. They try not to employ the plan as much as they can because they can’t be so sure about it and it’s too dangerous. It might be more dangerous than Rorschach if it spirals out of control.

Judging from the results now, everything is going very well.

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Published On: April 21, 2023

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