This time, the Green Goblin of Norman Osborn targeted the Stark Expo primarily for two reasons.

One strategy is to remove all shareholders who wish to sell the Osborn Group, and the other is to call out Iron Man before killing him in public. The Green Goblin waited for a weird man wearing spider tights rather than Iron Man.


The Green Goblin nearly fell off the individual aircraft as Peter Parker kicked him in the face using a catapult made of spider silk. Before restoring equilibrium, the Green Goblin flew for a considerable distance upside down.

“You are not Iron Man, who are you?” he narrowed his eyes and demanded, staring at the vigilante in front of him wearing spider tights and sporting a deadly expression.

“I’m your friendly neighbor Spider-Man, sir. Throwing objects from high altitudes is uncivilized, especially if you’re throwing a bomb.”

Spider-Man shoots a shower of spider silk at the Goblin’s face as he speaks. The Green Goblin employs separate planes to dominate the air, takes advantage of being able to fly to dodge Spider-Man’s web and launches counterattacks.

The fair venue is full of structures, and Spider-Man can move throughout the area using spider silk more quickly than the Green Goblin, who owns a single-soldier aircraft.

Spider-Man is stronger than the Green Goblin in every way, yet he must remain distracted in order to save the audience below and keep his struggle with the Green Goblin from inflicting harm on defenseless individuals. In contrast, the Green Goblin has no morals.

The Green Goblin immediately abandoned confronting Spider-Man even after learning that he was defending citizens. Instead, in an effort to have Spider-Man care about one thing while losing another, they hurriedly attacked bystanders and caused pandemonium.

This tactic does have an impact. Spider-Man’s silhouette was always shifting, his hands were constantly shooting out spider strands, and he was sick of protecting everyone.

The Green Goblin quickly took control of the situation. You’re out of it, little spider.

Green Goblin rapidly moved behind Spider-Man, grasped the opening between Spider-Man, pulled a sharp blade from his wrist, and stabbed it toward Spider-back. Man’s A green explosive that was thrown at the crowd is caught in a web that Spider-Man fires.

Even though Spider-Man didn’t turn to look behind him in preparation for the green goblin’s sneak attack, his spider sense had already picked up the goblin’s movement and he had already fired spider silk at the steel frame above.

The green Goblin’s wrist blade advanced toward Spider-back Man’s from behind him.

When Spider-Man notices that the blade is ready to stab him, he firmly pulls on the spider’s silk. With the assistance of the silk’s elasticity, his figure suddenly accelerates and he makes a complete 360-degree turn in the air, narrowly avoiding the attack. Goblin’s Green Blade A green bomb-wrapped spider thread was also hauled over.

“I just instructed you not to do that, and I’m handing it back to you now, Mr. Green.”


The Green Goblin and Spider-Man both plummeted to the ground after the green bomb detonated. He fired spider silk in midair again and Spider-Man quickly lessened the force of the explosion. The Green Goblin was less fortunate.

Even though a metal coat protects the Green Goblin, the close proximity of the explosion nonetheless caused the impact of the bomb to hurt him. Even his own aircraft’s power unit on the right side was destroyed, severely impairing flight performance.

The people had already left, and Stark Industries security guards had surrounded them with live bullets at this point. The Green Goblin had a very sad expression. He intended to defeat Iron Man this time, but a man took him down in spider tights before Iron Man could come.

“Spider-Man, I’ll remember you!”

The Green Goblin realized things were not going well, so he quickly commanded the aircraft with only half of the power unit left before taking off.

Rorschach saw the Green Goblin as he flew the half-blown individual aircraft crookedly across the sky in the distance. Rorschach first intended to act, but after eventually getting rid of the bodyguards, he ran into Agent Sharon again and began to consider how to get rid of her when the fight was finally finished.

“S.H.I.E.L.D is really annoying!”

As the phrase goes, you can do whatever you want and still fuck it up. In the Marvel universe, you can cut the trouble by at least 30% if you get rid of S.H.I.E.L.D. Even Rorschach believed that a Hydra would make a better director of S.H.I.E.L.D than that dark-skinned person.

Osborn Group, President’s Office.

Norman Osborn entered his workplace once more. He removed the Green Goblin costume and proceeded to the wine cabinet, where he poured himself a sizable glass of whiskey, which he downed in one gulp.


Norman Osborne violently shattered the wine glass in his hand as he recalled the incident at the Stark Expo. Even though he was able to kill other Osborn Group shareholders this time, thanks to his Green Goblin personality, the follow-up still has a lot of issues. First, Norman needs to conceal the Green Goblin suit, preferably in the deepest part of the house.

“If you keep leaving it in the business, the police will eventually find it.”

He had to get rid of all the tools, weapons, and information about the Green Goblin in the office as soon as he could.

A short while afterward, Norman’s office door was knocked on.

When the doorbell rang, Norman quickly heard it and sprung to attention. He took out a razor-sharp knife, tucked it behind him, and enquired, “Who? This afternoon, I don’t have any appointments. How did you get here? Please don’t bother me while I’m working.”

“It’s Rorschach, and I’d like to interrupt you for a moment, Mr. Norman.” Outside the door, Rorschach’s voice could be heard.

Rorschach arrived at the Osborn Group right away after sending Agent Sharon to her destination and sending Peter Parker and the others back. He desires to speak with Norman Osborn.

In the plot of Spider-Man “No Way Home,” the three Spider-Man collaborated to create a solution for the Green Goblin personality that could combine the Norman and Green Goblin personalities into a single, whole person once more.

Rorschach searched and discovered this potion from the Points Mall; each bottle costs 5,000 points. The formula is 8,000 points in price.

The Green Goblin will unintentionally perish beneath the blade of his own glider during the main plot’s struggle with Spider-Man. If Rorschach takes the personality fusion potion on Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin, first, he will undoubtedly score some mission points.

Rorschach can also perform the [Overspeed Flight] task. He must jump off ten recognizable structures, including the Statue of Liberty, the Osborn Group Building, the Stark Industries Building, and others, if he wanted to acquire Kryptonians’ ability to fly.

This mission is absolutely absurd; it’s not even that strange. Rorschach discovered that Norman Osborn was absent from his house after sending Harry Osborn there. He arrived at Norman Osborn’s office door after going to the Osborn Group.

“Rorschach, teacher—what brings you here? I’m sorry, but I can’t make it today. Instead, let’s adjust the time so I can see you.”

Norman’s hard eyes warmed a little as he realized it was Rorschach who had rapped on the door. He has high hopes for Rorschach. Several times before, he extended an invitation to Rorschach to join the Osborn Group, promising to pay anything he desired.

Rorschach, who was standing outside the door, appeared determined to enter and said, “Mr. Norman, I have something extremely essential to talk to you about. It’s quite vital, and it won’t take too much of your time.”

When Norman Osborn noticed Rorschach’s insistence, he walked to the door and his eyes turned pitiful. He wasn’t planning on killing Rorschach at first, but he had the thought to do so simply to be safe in case he kept driving away and Rorschach started to get suspicious.

Thinking of this, Norman Osborn opened the door of the office.

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Published On: February 2, 2023

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