“You ought to give the nation, the entire Planet, and even people this armor. You are not allowed to wear it at all if you employ force without authorization to overthrow extraterrestrial civilizations and abrogate the harmony and order of the universe.” Said Nick Fury righteously.

Even more so than Rorschach, Tony Stark has little faith in those avaricious businessmen and politicians. Contrarily, Nick Fury is the opposite.

He might not understand Rorschach, or he might believe that a questionable person should not have it. He places greater faith in himself or the things he can control. Rorschach in particular overthrew an entire civilization without receiving any formal permission from a higher authority.

This minimizes Nick Fury’s trust in Rorschach.

As he turned to face Carol Danvers and Nick Fury, who were standing next to him. Rorschach smiled and asked, “Give to the nation or the human race as a whole? Both the nation and people are quite broad concepts. Do you really believe that you or the woman sitting next to you can speak for the whole human species on Earth in the absence of a representative?”

As Rorschach turned to stare at her, Carol Danvers remarked, “You don’t know me at all,”

“Then, do you know me, Carol Danvers? Or should I call you, Captain Marvel?”

Carol Danvers was in view while Rorschach stood on the elevated platform and said, “Do you believe you can represent justice? Where were you when the army of the Chitauri invaded Earth? Where were you when the dark elves attacked Asgard? Where were you when Ronan the Accuser assaulted Xandar? When the Kree Empire fleet struck back at me for defending Xandar and thwarting Ronan’s fleet?”

Rorschach’s questions rendered Carol Danver’s dumbfounded. In the network, she discovered information about the Kree Empire, Ronan, and Xandar. She didn’t find out about the Chitauri army until she was back on Earth.

“Other planets also require my assistance.” This is what Carol Danvers said about her absence from various crises on Earth.

Rorschach sneered, “Then why did you come to Earth? Ask yourself, do people on Earth need your help, or are your friends needing your help?”

Unconsciously, Carol Danvers cast a brief glance at Nick Fury standing next to him and he whispered, “Don’t take his comments to heart. The Kree Empire’s fall is the best illustration of it.”

“What a joke, isn’t your entire discourse right now focused on power?”

Rorschach scowled as he regarded Nick Fury “Why do you claim that I am unworthy to receive the armor from King Odin? You are the leader of the Planet, the representative of justice, or are you just a hypocritic guy who lies about morality and goodness?”

Nick Fury’s expression changed as he heard this.

Rorschach kept staring at Carol Danvers, “You were once a mortal, but something caused you to change. You suddenly had the ability to destroy a whole planet. Would you consent to having other entities or people exercise power over you? Demonstrate your commitment to upholding justice at all times and will not be corrupted by wealth or influence?”

“You are always welcome to supervise me.” Carol Danvers gave a brief response.

Currently, her face is not as imposing as it once was. She thought that Rorschach might be correct.

The fact that Rorschach overthrew the Kree Empire but never declared himself to be its ruler or hurt any innocent Krees is the strongest piece of proof.

“You can also supervise me at any time.” The same was said by Rorschach.

Carol Danvers sighed as she took another glance at Nick Fury, “Nick, I won’t be against Mr. Rorschach until he is actually prepared to take over the world and impose himself as dictator. Let’s call it a day.”

“Carol, I can clearly see through all of his lies.”

Nick Fury wasn’t anticipating Rorschach to get rid of his ace card so quickly. Prior to today, Nick Fury believed Carol Danvers could manage Rorschach on her own, but he didn’t anticipate things to turn out this way.

In reality, Carol Danvers is just Nick Fury’s pal throughout the entire film. She does not belong to any one person or group, but will appear when Earth needs her.

No one on Earth can control Captain Marvel.

The observers and reporters in the area were in disbelief. They weren’t expecting to hear any major news today, and the Internet was shocked. So many rumors about Rorschach circulated in a matter of minutes.

The most absurd claim is that Rorschach is an alien spy who has been lurking on Earth to become a superhero in order to win King Odin’s trust and procure a set of armor with remarkable powers.

Rorschach was given labels like conspirator and dictator. There is no doubt that someone is actively influencing public opinion.

Nick Fury and other agents were about to be driven out by the Osborn Group’s special forces when all of a sudden, Terminator robots and super troops appeared.

They ringed the entire area and were dressed in US Federal Army uniforms. A large armored vehicle arrived at the location of the conference, and a thin elderly guy with gray hair and a beard got out of it.

General Ross, a longtime client of the Osborn Group, was immediately recognized by Rorschach.

“The Osborn Group is suspected of preparing terrorist strikes, establishing a terrorist group, and jeopardizing international peace. The others should go right away.”

As the troops arrived, the situation immediately got worse. Whether they are present on-site or not, the Osborn Group has restricted and targeted the superhero groups.

Peter Parker was halted by numerous Terminator soldiers who were flying in the skies after he had just put on the spider suit and arrived in the metropolitan area after returning from Boston, Massachusetts, yesterday.

Due to their collaboration with the Osborn Group, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Iron Fist, and other Defenders were also surrounded by military super soldiers and Terminator robots. Letting them know that if they commit a crime, they would be put to death right away.

Despite the fact that Luke Cage’s skin is impervious to injury, Doctor Doom gave the military vibrating bullets that can pierce his defense.


Osborne Group Headquarters.

Wanda and Pietro were located by Doctor Doom, who personally came forward.

“I advise you not to act rashly. I’ve heard that one of you twins is an expert magician, and the other moves at a very fast speed. I also happen to be familiar with magic. Maybe we can play together.”

Doctor Doom approached Wanda and Pietro alone, stopping in front of them while donning gray metal armor and emitting green light from his hands.

Wanda simply grinned and kept standing on the top floor of the Osborn Building, peering out the glass window at the lawn next to the lake.

“I won’t harm you, so don’t be concerned.”

“Rorschach said that today is his home game, and all of you are his prey.” Wanda continued.

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