The scientific study team was informed by Asgard of Rorschach’s recent conquest of the Kree Empire.

No matter how the Earth changes, it will always be a planet of resources, and the Kree Empire’s soldiers will always govern the Great Magellanic Cloud Galaxy. Within the Kree Empire’s borders alone are innumerable colonies and thousands of resource planets.

Rorschach glanced over Dr. Pym, Bruce Banner, Helen Cho, and the others. After giving some thought, he replied in a grave voice, “I am aware of your concerns, but I do hope you can accept my explanation. Everything I do is to make this world a better place.”

“Really, there is no need for you to worry at this time. I had the ability to conquer the globe long before the Chitauri army arrived, but I didn’t do that, did I?”

Everyone gave it some thinking and agreed that Rorschach’s assertion made sense. Particularly Eric Selvig, Jane Foster, and Darcy Lewis, who had a very early acquaintance with Rorschach. Rorschach revealed the power beyond king Odin. He may perhaps dominate the world at that moment.

“What about capturing extraterrestrial empires, then?” Tony Stark also appeared in the conference room after hearing the news and hurried over.

Rorschach nodded, “You might find that hard to believe, but I intervened to protect a stronghold I had built on a planet from the Kree Empire’s fleet. They gave up the entire kingdom, and I swear I never tried to take the Kree Empire.”

This is reality. Rorschach had intended to come back after obtaining the Power Stone. As a response, Thanos urged the Kree Empire, which later became a weapon for others.

As Tony Stark heard Rorschach’s story, he took off his iron suit, approached him, and whispered, “You are being pursued by someone who demands your armor. Similar to when they demanded that I turn over the iron suit’s technology. To be completely honest, I’m not sure if I should believe you, but I have even less faith in those individuals.”

“Tony, you are correct. Anyone who tries to deal with me will not be successful.” said Rorschach.

“Someone will trouble you at the press conference tomorrow. I will be there whenever you need me.” Tony gave Rorschach a shoulder pat.

“Well, I’ll definitely locate you if I need help.” Rorschach nodded.

Tony Stark must also be on Doctor Doom’s recruiting list. Tony made the decision to come over and tell Rorschach that it wasn’t easy to switch sides.

High-ranking representatives from many nations naturally lead those who wish to deal with Rorschach. Moreover, Doctor Doom, Nick Fury, and members of the Anti-Rorschach Alliance are included.

For the past month, Riverie has been observing how these individuals interact with one another.

Rorschach might be more aware of the composition of the anti-Rorschach alliance than its constituents.

Rorschach then led everyone to see the technical artifacts that had been brought back from the alien planet and discussed with them the things he had seen there.

Some scientists prefer these alien technologies, which are hundreds or thousands of years ahead of earthly technology, to the power struggle on Earth. All researchers soon discovered a topic of interest and started studying it.

Rorschach went to see Peter Parker on the same day. Although Peter has recently been accepted to MIT, he has always been passionate about acting as a vigilante and devotes most of his time and efforts to carrying out good deeds.

Peter enthusiastically hugged Rorschach when he saw him.

He also discussed with Rorschach a recent approach from a person who suggested that Rorschach might take over the world and establish himself as a dictator. But, given Peter’s comprehension of and trust in Rorschach, it is naturally impossible to believe what that person said.

The Osborn Group’s news conference was convened promptly at nine the following morning. The Osborn Group’s garden lawn next to the man-made lake was chosen as the venue.

Rorschach put on the Destroyer Armor to work with the anti-Rorschach coalition members who might emerge right now.

He has become accustomed to donning the new Dimension Suit. The Destroyer suit was becoming a little unpleasant to wear.

Rorschach still had to endure this discomfort though, so he employed a superhero-like landing, dropping from the skies with a superhero-like grin on his face and appearing in front of the public.

The audience on the Internet and live news media cheered in unison.

After briefly introducing himself, Rorschach began to joke about what he had observed and heard during the previous two years in the alien world.

He has brought a lot of alien technology. Along with other biological research and technology, it can treat every disease known to mankind and potentially extend human life. The general public favors this type of biotechnology over starships.

The number of people on Earth will significantly increase as diseases are cured, and lifespans are extended, but Rorschach revealed that because of a good partnership between Earth and other alien civilizations, human footprints will no longer be restricted to our solar system.

Many of the super soldiers and accompanying scientists elected to stay and continue their work on the alien planet during the two years of contact with the alien civilizations.

People on Earth will have more jobs when the Earth enters the new era, and people from other worlds may even immigrate.

Rorschach powerfully depicted a brand-new world to the audience. Several people were enthralled by hearing it both in person and online, and they started to anticipate their future lives in the new world.

A voice suddenly disrupted the natural flow of the scene.

“You’re lying when you say that the super soldiers and scientists stayed on the alien planet. They are obviously dead, having perished as a result of your desire to rule the universe.”

Rorschach turned to face the speaker, whom he recognized as Nick Fury, the former director of S.H.I.E.L.D. he hadn’t seen in a while.

While Nick Fury was the leader of a group of special agents wearing black uniforms who burst into this press conference, everyone stared at him. But, the Terminator robot that usually kept everything in check appeared to be out of control and was still standing still.

Hackers from Nick Fury and his team could not breach Riverie’s firewall.

However, Riverie created the impression that the opponent had successfully invaded him, making it appear as though he was in charge of all the terminator robots and automatic defense weapons.

Rorschach observed that a woman accompanied Nick Fury. That woman doesn’t resemble Peggy or Sharon Carter. Instead, she has a faint supernova-like aura.

She is Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel.

“We have gathered sufficient proof. After getting your hands on it, you utilized Asgard’s weapon to conquer the civilizations on other planets, and many of the soldiers you sent across perished in the universe.”

Nick Fury, who was dressed in a long, black trench coat, gave Rorschach an icy glare as if he were reading Rorschach’s sins, “You are a total tyrant and hypocrite. You invaded other civilizations. King Odin should not have granted you the Destroyer Armor.”

The news media workers there swiftly snapped images to document the shocking news after hearing what Nick Fury said.

Rorschach questioned Nick Fury, “If you declared that I am not worthy of wearing the armor placed upon me by King Odin, then who is the worthy one?”

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Published On: April 20, 2023

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